30 Ways To Overcome Alcohol Addiction

30 Ways To Overcome Alcohol Addiction

30 Ways To Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Overcome Alcohol Addiction – You are reading this page, this means that you want to quit alcohol. This is good news but not as good as it is very difficult to quit alcohol. It is sad that this is a fact. Good news is that medical technology, integrated communities, and effective psychologists consultation has made it very easy to quit alcohol.

If you feel that you do not drink too much then it has many advantages: in preventing strokes, reducing weight, prevent anger and prevent diseases of the liver.

Today I am going to share 30 ways to overcome alcohol addiction which will help you to come out of this addiction easily.

Method 1 – Get Started

  1. Talk To Your Doctor:

If you want to get diagnosed with this problem alone, be aware that dropping alcohol can be very fatal. If you have serious symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (such as pain, serious anxiety, dizziness, fast heartbeats, etc.), you should seek immediate medical attention. If left untreated in this condition then it is fatal and can be bad for health.

Do not feel that way you can leave it alone. You are facing a heavy burden, but a lot of people (including people with a medical degree) who want to help you.

Doctors often write benzodiazepines to treat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Within benzodiazepines, there are genes, clonazepam (Klonopin), diazepam (Valium) and lorazepam (itwan) which are used to calm anxiety and nervousness. These medicines are relatively safe and are rarely fatal when overdosed. (Please consult the doctor before taking them).

  1. Change Your Thinking About Dropping Alcohol:

Remember, there is no pressure on you to leave alcohol. Instead, you are finally freeing yourself from an enemy. Adjust your vision so that it will be easy for you to drop. Never leave it half minded, make sure you think to drop 100%.

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  1. To leave, select an important date:

Be ambitious, but be reasonable. If you drink too much and really want to quit, you should first reduce the drinking (the best way to do this is to get help from your doctor and make a date plan about how to leave).

  1. Get Rid of All The Bottles, Boxes Etc.

Do not think there are guests at your home, and you need to offer them beer, wine or cocktail. It is perfectly fine if you offer them tea, lemon, water, coke or some similar drinks.

  1. Feel Your Feelings:

Cry when you need it. Laugh when you can laugh. Eat when you are hungry. Sleep when you are tired. All this will look very strange for the first time because you have not felt your emotions for a long time. This will be a learning curve for you.

  1. Do Not Put Yourself in the Midst of Such People or in a Situation Where You Can Drink:

You may have to leave some friends who drink a lot. It would be very embarrassing that with the friends you were drinking five glasses of wine or beer and now drinking only two glass wine or beer only.

Do nothing if you do not feel ready. If you go to the beach and drink more then do not go beach this year. If you are at a friend’s house and drinks too much at dinner then keeping your patience is the most important thing and you are doing right. Keep your attention! Do not worry about anyone else at this time.

Method 2 – Strategies For Staying in Abstinence

  1. Reduce the amount of alcohol in the beginning:

Eiffel Tower was not built in one day. You probably will not even be able to leave your habit in a week and it is perfectly fine. Only a small win create a big victory. Initially try to reduce the amount of alcohol.

Imagine that due to drinking more alcohol, your body is experiencing a paralyzing headache. If you have felt all this before drinking alcohol then try to meditate on those memories. The pain that you will feel by doing meditation will be good, it is your will to change your habits and it is also a first stair of your success.

If you bring your daily drinking habit to a cup of drink then this it is also a success. There is no short step at this time. Reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. Keep at least one cup of drink alcohol every week. If you are too ambitious, then try to reduce your alcohol drinks every week.

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  1. Eat Before Drinking:

Eating before drinking will reduce the curiosity of your drinking. This will not allow you to drink more alcoholic beverages. If you do this then do not let yourself move and do not drink much before meals. Although it is a cleverness it is called cheating.

  1. Drink More of The Water:

Water will not let loose in your body, it will feel good and it will help to remove the toxic substances from your body. Men are advised to drink 12 glasses (3 liters) and 9 glasses (2.2 liters) of water for women.

  1. Do not try to convince people to Quit alcohol:

Most people do not drink as much as they drink beverages. They are not like us and therefore they cannot understand this truth that we have some problem with alcohol. Of course, there are some people who have this problem too. In any way, people will say, “You have no problem”. When you leave alcohol, always say “Thank you, I will take a diet coke” during any of the liquor propositions – I am taking care of my physical burden. If you go around roaming mostly with such people, then they will understand and they will think that “this is good for him”.

  1. If You Are a Regular Drinker, Then Change Your Routine:

If you start drinking after your work or when you go home then change your routine and apply it in any other work. Go to your parents or any friend’s house. A small change would also help you to quit your addiction.

Buy a planner and plan activities when you drink alcohol: “Empty hands are the devil’s workshop”, right? If you plan activities with the rest of the people, it will be difficult to drunk alcohol. If you put your activities in the planner, then you will be more interested to do them.

  1. Do Not Give Up On Yourself:

Many people will find excuses, “I have been drinking for a very long time, now maybe no difference will happen,” or I have tried many times, I cannot do it. Whatever is going on, but leaving the drink can lead to life. How much it grows is completely dependent on you. There is no justification to prove yourself without giving up alcohol. Leaving alcohol proves itself.

You should remind yourself that you were ready to try to leave many times before, still, there is the ability to try again. There is no limit to age, nor is it too late to leave drinking. Even if you do the last thing to quit, even when it is a win-win and it gives hope to others.

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  1. Do Not Allow Alcohol to Dominate You:

Some people will feel the sense of folly and will be guilty of not doing anything before. Do not blame anyone. Alcohol is an enemy. This is whispering your ears and saying that it is more important than any other thing in your life.

There is nothing more important than you. If you are dead you are not of any use. That is why, “you” must overthrow the oppressive influence of alcohol and start a new beginning, such as a new country after the revolution.

Feeling guilty of itself is only half of the equation. If you are getting restrained and calm because you are feeling guilty, then think that you are calm for the wrong reason. You should remain calm because you take care of yourself, you take care of your home and your friends (those who care about you), and you care about leaving an impact on the world. Guilt is only half the reason for leaving alcohol.

Method 3 – Strategies to Maintain Restraint

  1. Restraint wallet:

Whenever you think about buying alcohol, keep all that money in this wallet. This will give a shock. There are lots of solid benefits to keeping your mind calm, which you cannot see most often. This “restraint wallet” will help to further strengthen the benefits.

Use Restraint Wallet To Reduce The Stress of Health:

Take a massage, go to the spa, go to the yoga class. If you are not interested in all these things, then you buy a second for yourself such as a CD box, a new furniture, or a gift for your friends or something else which can be useful for you or for your family.

  1. Eat vitamin B daily in the first week:

Alcohol affects the body’s ability to absorb these vitamins, especially thiamine. Vitamin C deficiency can cause serious cognitive impairment.

  1. Make a List:

Make a list of ways to help without alcohol, with the help of which you can do all the things that you used to drink. Make a list of ways to celebrate. Also, try a list of ways to relax and relieve yourself. Make a list of ways to make yourself restraint. A lot of people also enjoy life without drinking any liquor, after taking every particle of their body into confidence, everything becomes easier and easier.

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  1. Avoid Deliberate:

If you get scared, try to imagine how you can look after you are completely out of control. Do you want to be like that person back? You will not always be in this kind of mentality. You will always be drunk, but this does not mean that you can not be a happy, calm, restrained and well-adjusted alcoholic. This is your goal.

  1. Adopt The Psychological Benefits of Restraint:

Adopt how good it is to take a good sleep without going into a coma, in the morning at three o’clock with a dry mouth and a headache. Adopt how good it is when you meet people last night and remember about their happiness after meeting you. Adopt yourself that it is so good to love what you are, not to punish yourself, which you have become.

  1. Remember Why You Left:

Enjoy your reasons. There is always no reason to do the way we do it – you cannot have many causes when you were struggling, but when you do, they give you meaning and make them theoretical. This is a good thing. What are your reasons for staying in abstinence?

  • I never want to leave the work because I have a disgusting hangover.
  • I cannot embrace my child again in front of their friends.
  • I never want to be bad for my wife because I have done so many bad times.
  • I do not want to do a senseless act by placing more calls of alcohol to my friends or family members.
  • I do not want to hide the bottles of alcohol in the whole house.
  • If you do not remember anything about what happened last night, I want to remember all this kind of pretense.
  • I do not want to lose this marriage as the previous marriage due to alcoholism.
  • I wonder how it would be to think good again.
  1. Do Not Ignore Every Circumstance Where You Can Drink Normally:

Instead, meet with a good attitude and remember that without alcohol, you can spend a good time. On the other hand, if you are very much interested in alcohol, then do not allow yourself to fall in such a situation. Identify your boundaries – Every human has its limitations.

  1. Remember Inspirational Thoughts:

Remember any prayer, poem or something else; and whenever you distract your attention, repeat it; By doing all this, your attention is concentrated many times.

These are examples of some inspirational ideas that can help you to concentrate your thoughts.

Good health is one of the greatest gifts of God, satisfaction is the biggest wealth, the truth is the best relationship – Lord Buddha

I feel laugh is the best way to end calories. Even when everything seems to be wrong, even then I believe in being strong. I believe that happy girls are the most beautiful. Tomorrow is a new day, I believe in it and I believe in miracles. Audrey Hepburn

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  1. Give Gift To Yourself

Initially, I put a lot more difference than expected. Wrap the gifts well and keep them safe with one of your friends or family members. Whenever you complete an hour or a day or a week of your patience, tell your friend and take your gift. Share the gift with your friends or family according to your desire.

  1. Learn to Meditate:

Meditate Regularly in the Morning:

Do not break the rule of drinking after meditation. Whenever you are thinking about drinking alcohol, do meditation, it with calm your mind. This will separate your mind from drinking alcohol.

Choose Yoga:

It will help you fight the stress and calm your mind. Best of all, yoga can be done between a group where you can take positive energy to do something to other people.

Method 4 – Extend Hand For Support

  1. Ask For Support:

This will be the hardest way to come back, but when you share everything with your family wife and friends, what is going on in you and what you want to achieve is really a great thing. Believe it or not, but only a few people can achieve their self-control and only a few of them succeed. Do not hesitate to tell your family or friends about what you are fighting with.

Decide your guidelines in a way that your family and friends accept. Tell them that if they see you drinking alcohol, then they should take you back. Tell them so that they support the good part of your mind and help you move closer to restraint.

  1. Consider Joining Support Groups (Such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Smart Recovery):

If you do not find a suitable group, do not misunderstand yourself. This is not necessary for everyone. There are a lot of people who leave alcohol without the help of a support group. There are many people who have left alcohol and have left behind those bad moments of life due to their commitment to drunk alcohol and have never seen them again

Although Alcoholics Anonymous is a very “effective and helpful” in keeping you simple and moderate if you have decided in your mind that “I have to live a better life now!”

It has been found in one study that the ability of the patients who are participating in the Alcoholics Anonymous programs while recovering from the disease and their ability to stop themselves, is 81% compared to non participating in the program. According to this study, patients who are not participating in these programs have only 26% of their daily rate. This difference is more than 50%.

Daily appearance is very compulsory, the more you will participate in programs like ‘AA’ which teach you to stay away from alcohol, the less likely you are to start alcohol back and turn back on it will be less. Participating in the program of getting rid of alcohol has become a daily routine of people, they are not included in those who do not have a continuous addiction to alcohol!

This kind of alcohol-free program helps you to get the right combination with your sponsor! The sponsor is likely to be someone who is not your friend and who is with you in your bad and good times and understands your situation as a fool! The sponsor tells you this and explains when you are making a mistake! It is very easy to get intoxicated with the sponsor, which is not a sponsor than that, there are a simplicity and tranquility in your life!

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  1. Conductivity And Such Programs Change Your Life in Front of Your Eyes:

After participating in this 90-day program, there will be a change in your life and you will feel a change in yourself. Your weight will be reduced! You will be very pleased with yourself and will find yourself filled with energy like before! You will find yourself completely changed after this change.

  1. Never Hesitate to Broach Your Experience:

Whenever you feel weakness, sadness or loneliness in yourself, then let some trustworthy person go (this will be a very difficult thing). But you have experienced his experience without fear! A trustworthy person can be anyone, whether they are your sponsor or you have a friend or your own mother, anybody, always ready to fill their emotions, and try to recover from their difficulties, and do not keep in mind.

Once you become as you like and overcome your difficulties, do not forget to ignore your experience and always have your old experiences with those people who need it! It may be that you are dealing with your addiction and bad experiences with the children of a school and telling you what can be done by doing this.

You can also leave online by writing a message about your old experience, which others can afford and understand! Whatever method you use, reach your message to others, but always help those who need it most! If you help only one person by doing so, that too will be a big success and a big deal for you and you will experience this feeling in a contemplation.

  1. Think of Yourself:

As you are just like before and remember that nothing is bad in your life now and you are as healthy as ever before and now there is nothing in your life. Your life depends heavily on your thinking! Share your experiences with all those who love you. You are worth the thing in yourself.

Advice/ Suggestion

Always think about your present and prepare to deal with it, never destroy your time of thinking about the future.

Think of them about whom you love so much, and think of how they may be unhappy with alcohol.

Always remember and learn that by giving less experience of enjoyment (drinking alcohol) how good things (health, good relationship and pure thought) can be lived longer! Abandoning the bad things and adopting good things is the right way to walk right and long in life! This is the most important thing in the end. Imagine how you can stay simple.

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