23 Ways to Stop Thinking About Sex

23 Ways to Stop Thinking About Sex

23 Ways to Stop Thinking About Sex

Thinking about sex is a normal thing. We are hormonal, sexual creatures, whose genes inspire us to breed. But occasionally, these sexual thoughts seem to come very much, due to which it is difficult to focus and complete the work. However, when you think about your everyday life, such desires and emotions, just like a voice playing in the background in your mind, will remain like that, especially when you are in your career, education, health, hobbies, interests, family, and friends are thinking about money.

Today I am going to share 23 Ways to Stop Thinking About Sex

Method 1 – Avoiding True Reasons

  1. Understand The Reason Behind This And Estimate It:

Although it can be easy to identify the specific reasons or circumstances presented, as mentioned above, but if you can find out about the patterns of these reasons, then you can understand the situation easily, while trying to reduce sexual thoughts, can help you become more active for the types of things to be avoided.

Is your trigger more visual or more verbal? For example, men are more enthusiastic than most of the visuals, whereas women have more difference than what they said.

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  1. Find Out Your Own Special Triggers:

If a particular person, any time of the day, or emotion always disturbs your thoughts about sex, start getting information about triggers, which will make your mind feel like this pulls towards the side. Make a list of your triggers. Maybe, at every moment you just think about sex:

  • The first thing to wake up in the morning
  • During a special class like gym, yoga, etc.
  • When you should read or work.
  • When you are around opposite/ same sex.
  • On the bed
  1. Make It Hard For You To See Pornography:

Although you may find that this is a way to satisfy your sexual desires for a while, but to rely on such pornography, you can wrap in the trap of more sexual ideas, and it will be more difficult for you to get out of its clutches.

Take out pornography videos, magazines, calendars and other things from your home and avoid seeing them as much as you can, according to your ability.

If there is a firewall guard on your computer, try enabling the parental controls and setting the profile to the teen, so that you cannot accidentally access pornography further. Parental controls are not just for children, and you can also set them on all your browsers and on all your other devices.

  1. Prepare A List of Unsexious Topics:

These are basically all things, which you consider to be the opposite of sex. Then whenever your mind starts reaching to the thoughts of sexual thoughts, then you can try to wander from your mind thinking about these unexpected things. All such things that you consider as unsexual mental diversions, they will work for you.

Think about a pleasant topic like Signs, Outdoor Views, Underwater Seas, Puppies, Sports, or Chase Strategy.

You can also think about cold-related topics, like, large clothes, snow or winter

  1. Replace Your In Triggers With Other Ideas And Topics:

By focusing on other things, come on your way and do not let the thoughts of such sexes in your mind come to mind. Before it’s too late, it will be included in your habit.

As A Stray Of The Mind, Immediately Find Something Worth Doing:

Suppose, if you always have thoughts of such sex while traveling on the bus, then do everything possible to find something worth doing in order to wander your mind in such a way, as you complete your homework, read a book, or talk to your friend. Or if you start thinking about sex due to a boring topic in a class, in a meeting or at work, you should start making notes. While running your pen you will have to focus all your attention on the ongoing conversation and you will forget about stupid things going on in your mind.

Keep The Discussion Topics Ready In Your Mind:

If you can not find a certain person without having to think about sex and then feel ashamed of it, then make such teen topic ready in your mind, which you would like to ask if you meet them next time. If you want, you can choose topics such as existing events, global affairs, environmental or politics, and more, which are applicable to most people.

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  1. Make A Promise To Yourself:

Make a few minimum goals to reduce your sexual thoughts, so that they cannot distract you from your work and your college like your other daily activities.

If you need help to remind you of your promise, then wear small jewelry or just tie a small thread on your wrist, so that it keeping you away from any kind of sexual thoughts.

Tell someone about your goals. By talking to your trusted friend about all the efforts you have made or talking to your family member, you will help keep your focus towards your goal. Tell them that they keep watching regularly, whether or not you are moving forward correctly and if you need some advice and also help you.

To fulfill your promise, reward yourself. This should be a very straightforward case. You can reward yourself by giving a favorable sweet, visiting a shopping trip or by doing something you like.

  1. Do Not Blame Yourself For This:

Thinking about sex, walking in adolescence and having a bigger part of adulthood and you do not even need to make bad choices for it. Your sexual thoughts can only create problems for you in the same way, when you stop them from meditating on what you want to think about. Remember, that this is not going to be so difficult every time and your current urgency will pass away.

Method 2 – Keeping Busy

  1. Prepare A Specific Plan:

Prepare some things in advance, try to fill that schedule of your schedule. Everybody needs some time to relax, but because of being busy for a long time, your hand remains empty, and it works and you start thinking too much about sex. Make your whole day busy with some events and activities for your good. In the evenings, save some time to consider yourself and relax, but do not save too much time by meditating, that you start boring, and your mind starts drowning in the thoughts of sex again.

  1. Be Creative:

Turn your sex drive into creative energy. When you think about sex often, choose that time and instead of going to such a thought, you start fulfilling a creative hobby. If it is something that you actually engage in, it can provide an alternative route for your satisfaction by keeping your mind busy and keeping you busy in your work.

    • Writing, which includes creating journals.
    • Singing, playing a musical instrument
    • Painting, drawing or sculpting
    • Weaving, embroidery or sewing.

  1. Grab A Book Or Movie:

A fun book or drowning in a movie will not only be fun for you, but it will also be easy enough to do it, to reduce your sexual ideas, especially for short periods, the least energy consumption is the way.

You should take care when choosing a movie or book, that it does not remind you of anything about sex and that book will be far away from the romance or sexual fantasies.

Most animated, adventure, thriller or mystery films and books will prove to be very helpful for you here.

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The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet
  1. Visit Show or Exhibition:

It will keep your mind stuck on other things, and at the same time, it will be a great experience for you. Going with friends will also prove to be very helpful for you because they can help you to move your mind away from it. Along with that, you can talk about that event later and present your thoughts with them.

  • Consider participating in live performance like a concert, musical play, lecture or reading.
  • Visit a museum, a new exhibition, an aquarium or any zoo near your place.

Method 3 – Staying Healthy

  1. Do Not Forget To Eat:

Such sexual thoughts or feelings of dissatisfaction often arise due to any other dissatisfaction named hunger. So do not miss your food. Try to take a healthy meal at least three times daily, and do not forget to be hydrated especially during the summer season. Eat things such as celery, spinach, walnut, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, beats, and dark chocolate, to make your mind fit just to be taken away from sexual thoughts, so fast!

  1. Exercise:

Of course, exercising is quite good in itself, but it also does some special things that can help your mind get away from such sexual ideas. Exercise is quite enjoyable as well as a lot of attention-giving work, due to which you have to give all your attention to it and when you do any hard work, then all the deviations start to dull.

Due to the exercise, there is a natural endorphin discharge. Endorphins usually produce good values ​​and help in dealing with depression. During sex, endorphins are also released along with other chemicals such as oxytocin hormone. Therefore exercise can be a great option to distract your mind from stupid things.

  1. Sleep Comfortably:

Lack of sleep reduces your alertness and focus and it can also affect your mood. So in this way, you start having trouble getting your mind going to sex and then due to this, you will start having difficulty in applying sex-free ideas. Confirm that your bed is comfortable and you are taking eight hours sleep.

Method 4 – Cultivating a Healthy Sex Life

  1. Talk To Your Partner:

If you are in a relationship, negotiating a happy sex life will play an important role. Along with this, it is the best way to get rid of thoughts of your mind, prevent them from growing further or staying home in your mind and at the same time, it can make your sex life even better.

If you are both sexually active, talk to your partner to maintain a healthy and open sexual relationship, which can keep both of you satisfied. These things are not only done by talking. You can write notes for your partner. As a couple, both of you can read a book or watch a movie that can present your thoughts. And if you are reluctant to talk about sex with your partner, so remember that this is the conversation, which will prove to be helpful for you at the moment.

Even if you are not sexually active, it is very important to talk to you too. If you are not thinking about being sexually active even though you are not sexually active, then this may be because there is any lack or frustration in your sex life. Talk with your partner in frankness and honesty. You also have to confirm your expectations, according to your partner, appropriate. You also need to know, when your partner is ready to start sex with you and she should also know when you are ready for sex.

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  1. Think About Sex In A Romantic Style:

If you are in a relationship, try to present a sexual and caring attitude towards your partner through your sexual drive. Instead of just making a sexual relationship. In this way, you will create an emotional intimacy between you and him.

  1. Develop a Hearty Attitude and Practice for Masturbation:

There is nothing like masturbation, for which you start blaming yourself, especially if it helps you to stop your sexual thoughts and wishes, then not at all. By trying to avoid this, you can make your wishes even worse. If you are simply worried about looking for a sexual partner for you at all times, then you can make a regular date and can self-restrain yourself through masturbation. This can help your mind free to focus on some other important work. Just keep in mind, do not overdo it too, otherwise neither do it allow yourself to become a new addiction.

  1. Remember, That Everything Is Not Just About Sex:

Any topic that you think is too much or very passionate, in times you may feel consensual, and because sex is very important. There is a thing and it also seems omnipresent, but everything in life is not just sex and sexual dessert. You are a contemplated and multi-faceted person. So be proud of your different ideas, interests, and competence.

Method 5 – Seeking External Help

  1. Talk To One Of Your Trusted Family Members:

If you are a teen, you can be able to talk to one of your parents, you can do it, if they cannot even solve your problem, at least talking with them can release some stress from you. Thinking about sex in teenage is a very common problem, and talking about it can help you a lot.

Talk to another family member. If you do not want to talk to your parent, then think about talking to one of your older siblings or any of your cousins. Because they are almost your age, they will be able to connect themselves with this problem very easily.

  1. Tell A Friend You Trust About Your Problem:

Maybe, you may feel anxious to do this, but this can be difficult for you, but this is the most effective way. If you have such a person, who is not over-judicial and will understand you and will also promote your thoughts, then talk about this problem with him. When you feel compelled to think or act in a way, a clear conversation with someone can help you to get support and confidence.

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  1. Talk To A Religious Adviser or Counselor:

If you are struggling with your sexual desires as being a part of your commitment to a particular belief, then your pastor or anyone else can get help from your religious leader. This is a common problem and there is no need to be embarrassed to come in front of it. They will have heard about this many times before, and they will also be able to understand your problem.

  1. Consult A Therapist or Counselor Who Guides You:

It includes psychologists, psychiatrist, social workers or other types of therapists.

Some specialists charge you fees about it, of course, but check once, if your insurance covers all this or not. If you are a student or you work in a large company, then you can consult with a specialist or even without fees. Whether you pay for it or not, the anxiety or discomfort that you have shared with them is always kept a secret and your therapist can also tell you more about this secret. Knowing any obsessive thoughts, whether they are sexually or otherwise, to know about this, there is something they can help you to learn to deal with.

Nowadays people are less hesitant to talk with the therapist and you will be surprised to know about those people who go to visit the regular specialist. So you should not hesitate to go to them with your problem.

If you feel like this, that these sexual thoughts, you are becoming a kind of sexual addiction, then go to a licensed sex therapist and ask for help and treat these symptoms too. Do not let your passion change in any dangerous and deadly behavior.

Advice | Suggestion

Do not be frustrated with these sexual thoughts. Remember, everyone thinks about sex in their minds. If something matters, then it is that you can still go ahead with your daily life without being caught in the trap of these thoughts of sex.

If you are a woman, then your libido can increase as a side effect of your hormonal birth control. Talk to your doctor, if they recommend switching to another androgenic formula (androgen is related to testosterone, which both increase sex libido).


In very obsessive cases, passion for sex is cured through therapy and medicines. Chances are, you are not thinking about sex as much as you need for such treatment, if you feel that it is becoming impossible to control your thoughts, then please talk about this to the doctor.

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