22 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent

22 Easy Ways To Be a Fantastic Parent

22 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent

Fantastic Parent – Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of our lives, but this does not mean that it is easy. Whatever your child/ children’s age, your liability never ends. To be a good parent, you have to be an expert in this art, by teaching you the difference between right and wrong for your children, you can make them feel special and lovable.

In the end, the most important thing is that we give children such a nutritious and positive environment to come so that they can develop into an independent, successful, self-confident and vicious person. If you want to know what to do to become a good parent, then take a look at the instructions below where you can read 22 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent.

Method 1 – Love The children

  1. Love And Affection For Children:

Sometimes love and affection is the best things you can give to your children. The loving embrace full of touch and care is enough to tell your children how valuable they really are to you. When children come, never overlook the importance of physical contact. In the following ways, you can show your love for children.

A gentle smile, a little encouragement, appreciation, approval, even a slight smile can prove to be very helpful for the growth of your children’s well-being and self-confidence.

Even if you are so angry with them, tell them every day how much you love them.

Hug her with love and kiss her on the forehead. Make them familiar with love and affection from birth.

Make them love without any condition. Do not force your children to become like this, as soon as they can get your grace. Tell them that whatever happens, your love will never be reduced to them.

  1. Praise Your Children To Be a Fantastic Parent:

Praise your children is an important part of being a good parent. You will always want that children feel proud and good about themselves. If you do not believe in your children that they can get something out of the world on their own, they will never feel empowered to become self-confident and courageous. Whenever they do something good, show them that you have noticed that, and you are proud of their work.

Focus on their accomplishments, talent, and their good behavior by focusing on the mistakes of children. This will show them that you also see their good things in them.

Make a habit of this thing that you give as much negative feedback to your children as they appreciate at least three times more. It is however mandatory to tell the children where they are wrong, it is important for them to awaken positive thoughts for themselves.

If they have not been able to understand all these things, then praise them by giving them lots of applause and love. From proper use of toilets to getting good marks, encouraging all things can help them to lead a happy and successful life.

Avoid upper phrases like “well done!” Appreciate descriptive instead, so that they clearly know what you are truly appreciating. For example, “you did a very good job playing with your sister in the rotation.” Or “after playing toys you have done a lot of work by cleaning your toys.”

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  1. Avoid Comparing Children With Others, Especially Among Siblings:

Every child is different and unique. Celebrate their uniqueness and encourage the child to fulfill his dreams according to his liking. Because failure to do this can inculcate an inferiority complex in the mind of children in whatever they do, but they will never be good in your eyes. If you want to improve their behavior, then sit down, to reach their goal, according to their conditions, instead of explaining them instead of giving them an example of working as their sister or neighbors. This will develop them in the spirit of self rather than inferior.

Comparing children with each other can develop rivalry among their siblings. You would like to cherish the love relationship between your children and not the competition.

Avoid prejudice. Surveys have shown that most parent have a favorite, but according to most children, they are the children of their parents. If the children are quarreling, do not take sides with anyone, make a fair and sound decision.

With each child responsible for himself, recover from the trend of natural birth order. Due to the responsibility of small children on older children, sibling competition rages, while making them responsible for themselves, you encourage their personality and self-sufficiency.

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  1. Listening To Your Children:

It is very important to walk on both sides of the conversation. You should be present not only for the implementation of the rules but also to listen to the problems of your children. And, you should also be able to express interest in children and get involved in their life. You should maintain an environment that children can come to you with your problems, no matter how small or large the problem is.

Put a habit of listening to your children’s whole heart. When they are talking to you, look at them and show them that you are listening to their talk with full attention. You can do this by shaking your head in the middle of the speaking in the best sense, or talking about what happened. When your children are telling you something, do not hurry to talk or give a response. When your child’s talk ends, pick up his own things from the middle and then give your response; Like, well you did not share chocolate with your friend? But this is not a good thing. You should have shared with your friend.

Do not doubt the intelligence of your children. Whenever there is something wrong or right, he has his own view of seeing and understanding. Therefore, try to understand their point of view and listen to their point of view and understand their thinking.

If your children say that they have something to say to you, then take this matter seriously, and leave all the work to listen to them, or ensure a time when you can really listen to their point of view.

  1. Take Time For Your Children:

However, it is a privilege to press or not to stop them. There is a great difference between protecting someone and imprisoning them in their lively demands. You will want them to realize that the time spent with you is very special and clean, not like they are being compelled to spend time with you.

When you are spending time with your child, then away from all the technology for a while. Keep your phone away and give it to the baby all the time instead of checking your whitespace messages, mail or Facebook.

Spend time individually with each child. If you have more than one child, then try to divide your time in a common way between them.

Listen and respect your children. Also, respect the children you want to do with your life. But always remember that you are their parents. Children also need to be bound in borders. Children who are allowed to work according to their minds and those who are willing to work, they struggle in adhering to the rules made by society in their adult lives. If you do not meet your child’s demand, it does not mean that you are a bad parent. You can say absolutely no, but give a reasonable reason to say no to other options. “Because I said that” the reason is inappropriate and invalid.

Join the School Functions. Help them in their homework. Visit the Parents Teacher Meetings (PTM) to be kept in the school to know how children are performing in class.

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  1. Be Present In Special Moments Of Children:

You can be busy in your work, but always take time for special moments of your children’s life, whether it is to recite a poem or even a level of education. Remember that the momentum grows faster and before you know that the children will become independent after growing up. Your boss could not remember that you were not present in a meeting but your children would surely remember that you were not involved in the play in which they participated. Although you do not need to abandon everything for your children, this effort must always be done that you will definitely be able to get involved on the important occasions.

If you are busy on the first day of your child’s school or on other important days, then regret will remain for you. And you would never want it to be that your child remembers the last day of his high school in such a way that his parents were not present on that day.

Method 2 – Good Discipline

  1. Apply Appropriate Rules:

Make rules that move every person towards a happy and productive life – not a model of your ideal person’s rules. The important thing is to direct the rules and direction that will help your child grow without being strict, and not let them feel that they can not take a step without doing anything wrong. Ideally, your children should be loved more than you are afraid of your rules.

Keep your rules clearly in front. Children should realize the consequences of their actions. If you punish them, keep in mind that the reason for both punishment and the mistake of children is understanding; If you clearly do not understand where their fault is, then the penalty will not affect what you want.

Make sure that you not only apply proper rules but that you yourself follow it reasonably. The harsh penalties, the fictitious punishments for minor mischief, or in any way should stay away from the punishment that physically injures children.

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  1. Control Your Anger As Much As Possible:

It is mandatory to be calm and prudent when you are following rules. You would like your children to take you seriously, not fear them and you feel inappropriate. It is obvious that this can prove to be a challenge, especially when your children are pretending or angry with you, but whenever you feel that you will not be able to live without your voice, then a small break. Let your kids feel that you are angry with their reaction.

We all sometimes lose our temper and never get out of control. If you do something or say that you are sorry, ask your children to apologize to the point that they know that you have made a mistake. If you behave normally after your mistake, then they will try to imitate this as an example.

  1. Be Consistent:

It is important to apply the same rules at all times and avoid the temptation to make exceptions in the rules, subject to the child’s stubbornness or opposition. If you allow your child to do only because they are irritated or hurt, then it will mean that the foundation of your rules is weak and any change in them can change. And, if you feel you say more than once to yourself that “good, but only once” then you need to maintain a more consistent rule for your children.

If your children feel that your rules can often be changed, then they will never be reputed to be on the rules.

  1. Husband Wedded Together To Join The United Front:

It is essential that the child feels the unity of his parents – two people who will say “yes” or “no” together for one thing. If the children feel that the mother will always say yes and if the father is not always, then they can understand that someone is better or one can be easily manipulated by one’s hand than the other. They should be seen as you and your spouse unit in order to maintain order in your compliance and you should stay away from difficult situations because it is normal that many times husbands do not agree on the matter of raising children.

This does not mean that you and your spouse agree 100% on things related to children, but this means that instead of standing against each other, find a solution to the problems together.

Husband and wife should not fight against each other in front of children. If kids are asleep, then say abusive debate. Children feel insecure and intimidated by their parent’s quarrel. Apart from this, children will also learn to debate with this process. They showed them that the differences can be erased even after discussing peacefully.

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  1. Keep The Arrangements In The House:

Make your children feel that there are logic and sequence in their home and life. This will make them feel calm and safe so that they can spend a happy life both at home and outside the home. In these ways, you can establish order in children’s life.

Set rules for the sleeping time at night. By doing so, children really feel the love and care of the parents. They may be rebellious on those limits, but from inside they will admire the guidance and concern of their parents.

Encourage responsibility by getting involved in the daily work of children’s, and giving them some reward as a result of doing these things well (such as money, time to play more, etc.) and as a punishment for not working their privileges can be canceled. Even the smallest child can learn the reward and the concept of the result. As your children grow up, assign more responsibility to them, and with them also provide appropriate prizes or penalties for completing or ignoring them.

Teach them the difference of right and wrong. If you are religious then get acquainted with the religious institution in which you have faith. If you are an atheist then explain your reasoning behind adopting this path. No one should be just a hypocrite, otherwise, be prepared for the fact that your children can indicate that “you do not follow your teachings themselves”.

  1. You Criticize The Behavior Of Your Children, Not Your Child:

You would like to teach your child that whatever they do in their life is due to their behavior, rather than that they become the same kind of person in life that sucks. Make them feel that there is a lot of scope for improvement in their behavior.

If your child works harmful and maliciously, then strictly tell them that their “behavior” is unpleasant and unacceptable and tell them the option. Do not use such words like “you are bad.” Instead, you can say something like, “Such a mean behavior with your sister was very wrong.” Tell them the reason why their behavior is wrong.

It is also important for the children to be humble along with their determination while expressing their mistake. It is important to be serious instead of being angry while expressing your hopes.

Avoid public humiliation. If they misbehave with everyone, then take them alone and scold them.

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Method 3 – Helping Your Child In Character Creation

  1. Teach Your Children To Be Self-Reliant:

Tell your children that being isolated is not a bad thing and that it is not always appropriate to walk according to the herd. Tell them the difference between right and wrong from childhood so that they will be able to take their own decisions (not always and often, too), rather than listen to everything else and follow them. Always keep in mind that your child is not your extension. They are a different person who is in your care, not an opportunity to live their life through them.

When your children grow up to make their own decisions, encourage them to choose what they want to participate in extra-curricular activities or which friends they like to play with. As long as you do not feel that the activity is very dangerous or the friend selected by them is unfeeling, let your children understand the consequences of their choice.

The child may be of opposite nature to you, for example, being introverted while you are versatile, in this state, they will not be able to make your style or understanding and would like to make decisions for themselves according to themselves.

Children need to know that they have to suffer the consequences of their own actions (good or bad) on their own. By doing so, they will be able to make good decision and troubleshooters who will prepare them for a free and adult life.

Children should learn to do for themselves, do not teach them regularly. Although drinking a glass of water before sleeping will help them to get good sleep, but by doing so always, they will always start to expect it.

  1. Be A Good Example:

If you expect good behavior from your children, they also show yourself the behavior or personality you want your children to adopt on a regular basis. Apart from oral explanations, explain them with examples. Children usually learn the same way they look and hear around until they break the frame of rules with a conscious and harmonious effort. You do not need to be a perfect person, but you must become a person who wants to see your children becoming. So that you do not feel hypocritical when you are teaching your children to be humble, but you find yourself having a bitter argument in a shop.

It is okay to make a mistake but it is necessary to ask for forgiveness or to show children that the behavior was not proper. You can say, “Mother did not want to shout at you.” It is better to ignore your mistake because otherwise, the children will feel that behavior and they will adopt it.

Want to give charity education to your children? So take your children to a homeless shelter or other needy times and provide them help from the appropriate service. Teach and show your children so that they can understand why to do charity and help needy people.

Make your children aware of the bad works every day by taking small help from children or setting a time for work. Even if the children do not order to do something, but help them with small lessons. The sooner they learn how to help, the more they will be able to move forward.

If you want to promote the feeling of sharing in your children, then give them an example by sharing your own things with them.

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  1. Respect The Privacy Of Your Children:

Respect their privacy because that is what you will want from them for yourself; As an example, if you teach your children that your room is a private place and they should get permission before coming here, then you should also accept the same lesson for their room. Make them feel that if someone enters their room, they will not filter their drawers or will not read their diary. It will also teach them to respect the realm of their own, along with respect to the privacy of others.

If your children see you snooping in their things, then they may have difficulty believing in you again.

  1. Encourage Your Children For A Healthy Lifestyle:

It is important to make sure that your children take a healthy diet, do adequate exercise and a lot of rest during the night. It is compulsory to encourage a positive and healthy life, but it should not be too strict that children feel that you are compelling them to eat or live according to their own needs. Become a consultant and not a dictator. Let them understand the significance and meaning of them by showing them the path of a healthy lifestyle.

One way to encourage them to exercise is to introduce them to a game that is entertaining and as well as beneficial at a young age.

If you seem to “over-explain” children to something that is unhealthy or they should not get it, then they can misinterpret it and feel that you are condemning them. Once this feeling is in their mind, they may not like to eat with you or around you and even hide junk food.

Start a childhood habit with a healthy age. Children can get a bad habit by giving candies to the prize because when they grew up, they give themselves the same thing by which they can give an invitation to obesity. Make them a healthy snack from an early age. Instead of junk oily fast food.

  1. While Emphasizing The Use Of Alcohol And Responsibility:

You can talk to your children at a younger age too. Make it clear to them that to enjoy drinking with their friends, they have to wait for the right age and get them aware of the consequences of driving. Failure to talk about these issues will be a threat too dangerous experiments or concealed activities.

Once they enter the age of drinking, encourage them to talk to you without hesitation. They do not do anything like this with your reaction, after which they are regretted, like drinking and driving because they were feeling reluctant to ask you for help.

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  1. Let The Children Take Their Own Life Experience:

You do not take every decision of their life, they should come to live life with the results of elections made by them. After all, they have to learn to make decisions for themselves. That’s why it would be better to start this work only when you are with them to guide them so that the consequences can be reduced and the children can progress.

Children need to know that they have to suffer the consequences of their own actions (good or bad) on their own. By doing so, they will be able to make good decision-makers and troubleshooters who will prepare them for a free and adult life.

  1. Let The Children Make Mistakes:

Life is a very good teacher. Do not come to protect your child all the time until the results are severely serious. For example, going to the hand cut (small) can cause pain, but it will be taught to them they need to take care while using sharp objects. Remember that you will not always be able to protect your children, that’s why they learn the lesson of life as soon as possible. Although it can be difficult to see your children making a mistake by standing far away, it will prove beneficial for both you and your child in a long time.

When your child is learning something from his mistake, do not diminish his guts by saying, “I had already said it”, but let them expose themselves to the mistake.

  1. Forget Your Weaknesses:

The intoxication of gambling, alcohol, and smoking can dissolve the financial security of your children. For example, smoking always increases the health-related risks in its environment. Breathing in that polluted air of those who live near the smoker can also lead to respiratory diseases. Smoking can also lead to early death. In addition to the health hazards of alcohol and drugs, violence can also be introduced in the environment.

It is obvious that if you ever consume alcohol, it is not wrong, but it is important to be careful that consuming adequate amounts and taking responsibility are behaving.

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  1. Do Not Take The Burden Of Unreasonable Expectations On Your Children:

There is a difference between making your children a responsible, mature person or becoming a human who only treats you accordingly. You do not have to force your children to come first in the class or to come first in any sport, but to motivate them to be a good study person and a cohesive person. Give them an opportunity to try according to their ability.

If you show that you only need the best, then the children will feel that they can never meet your expectations and during this time they can be a rebel.

You do not want your children to be disturbed by your expectations and get away from you. You have to be the one to be encouraged in their life, not the dictator.

  1. Be Aware That Parental Duty Never Ends:

You may find that now your task of putting your children in the framework of life has been completed but that is not the case. Your duty will be going on for a lifetime as a parent, and at every step, they will need your same love, care, and affection.

Your children will continue looking for your guidance and will also be affected by your talk, regardless of their age. That is why, as time goes on, you will not only refine the art of your maternal grandfathers but will also keep thinking about how to make good parents.


  • Encourage introspection in your children through examples of your life.

Love your desires, but keep your children’s needs all around. Do not ignore your children for your ambitions. If you are dating then give priority to your children and do not put them in any kind of danger, by including any person you do not know well in your household. Children need to feel secure and adaptive. If you are busy with your lover or girlfriend, they will start feeling insecure and abandoned if they turn their backs on the needs of their children. Love everyone but not at the cost of the emotional health of your child. And this also applies to older children.

  • Listen to what your child wants to say.

Do not live your life through them, but let them take the decisions of their lives by themselves and live according to them.

Take a look at your childhood again and again. Do not repeat the mistake your parents have made. This will avoid the same mistake going on for generations. Parents/ children of every generation should learn from new success and new mistakes.

A teenager standing on the verge of duality, she needs the leadership of her parents most. Understand that as they have become 18 or 21, they can solve everything themselves. Although you should not do an unnecessary intervention, it is also mandatory to draw a subtle line.

  • Do not try to shorten the choices of his friends. But, keep yourself, friends, as well.

If you want to end a habit, you can get help from those institutions who provide assistance in these works. Get proper help and talk to people who can keep your courage.

Praise them with positive sentences whenever they do something good, instead of punishing them forever. And, do not ever hurt them physically.

Always open with the child’s friends. Children’s friends do not figure out but this will make your kids feel that you dislike their friends.

  • Try to shape your children’s social behavior too.

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Warning/ Suggestions

Do not be afraid of the parent responsibility. Give your best, be your friend, but never forget that you are his parents, not associates.

Whenever you are raising your children, focus on your child’s endeavor, not on the end result.

Due to the increase in children, the parent duty does not end. You have to handle this role throughout life. But remember that whatever decisions children make, they are their own, with their results.

Do not make your children highly involved. This can make them stubborn and irresponsible.

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