Learn 20 Proven Ways To Make Better Decisions

Learn 20 Proven Ways To Make Better Decisions

Learn 20 Proven Ways To Make Better Decisions

Ways To Make Better Decisions – All of us have to make some kind of decision every day; Whatever we say and whatever we do, it is always the result of that decision, even if we have taken it very carefully or not. No matter your every single choice, whether it is big or small, no easy formula has been made to make the right decision. If you can do something to do it, then it is that you find the maximum number of points you have with yourself and then choose a task that you feel is right and right according to that time.

If you have to make a big decision, then it is natural to fear you. But there are some simple things that can make you a little less scary, in which to identify the worst case scenario, make a spreadsheet and listen to your mind’s voice. Read further to Learn 20 Proven Ways To Make Better Decisions.

Method 1 – Understanding The Cause Of Your Fear

  1. Write About Your Fear To Make Better Decisions:

Writing about your fear will help you start getting an understanding about them and as a result, you will be able to take a better decision. Start by writing about what you have to decide, writing about it. Describe all of your worries about this decision, or list them. Let yourself exclude these fears without judging yourself.

For example, you can start your journal by asking yourself, “What is this decision, what I have to do, and if I make a wrong decision by mistake, then what is the reason for that?

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  1. Identify The Worst Case Scenario To Make Better Decisions:

Once you write about the decision you take and what you fear about that decision, then take it a step further. Think about Worst Case Scenarios about each possible option in front of you. The process of taking your decisions can be frightening by keeping your decision, if everything went wrong, then what could be wrong.

For example, if you have to take a decision in front of your full-time job or a part-time job to spend more time with your children, then you have to make a decision about the possible decision Think about the Worst Case Scenario that might be coming together.

If you want to choose full-time job, then the Worst Case Scenario will be that you will miss such important moments of your children’s growing age and when your children grow up, they are angry with you for this.

If you choose a part-time job, then in Worst Case Scenario, you will not be able to fulfill your month-long expenses.

Decide whether this Worst Case Scenario is actually going to happen or not. It is easy for us to think about “things that are already predictable” or to think about anything, regardless of the worst possible possibility. Think of the worst case you thought and then think, Is that the case? what is going to happen to you to reach there?

  1. Think, That The Decision You Make Is Going To Be Permanent:

Once you think about all the things that can be wrong after you decide, then think again that whether the better decisions taken can be changed back or not. Most decisions are possible to be changed, so you can relax by thinking at least that, if you go back later and you start hating your decision, then you can always change your situation later too.

For example, suppose that you have taken a firm decision to spend more time with your children. After this, if you go ahead and face the trouble of not getting your bill back again, then you can still search for a full-time job for yourself.

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  1. Talk To Your Friends And Family Members To Make Better Decisions:

Do not hesitate to, that all the hard decisions you have to make yourself alone. Choose some of your trusted friends and family members who can help you or at least listen to your thoughts. Share all the details about your decision, and also share your fears about what could be wrong after taking it. It will only make you feel better about speaking about all your fears related to your decision, as well as you can also get good advice from your friends and family members.

You can also talk to any person who suffered from this situation can give you a good genuine advice. In such circumstances, a therapist can often be considered a helpful source.

If you want to go online, you can also look for people trapped in similar circumstances. If you are trying to make better decisions between a full-time job and a part-time job to spend more time with your children, then you can put your problem online on any parenting forum. Then you are likely to get suggestions from some people, who are trapped in the situation just like you, some people will tell you, what would they do if they were stuck in a situation like yours?

Method 2 – Think About Your Decision

  1. Stay Calm To Make Better Decisions:

Having too many emotions, whether it is positive or negative, it can affect your ability to do logical decisions. When you have to make a decision, then the first step to do it is to try to be as calm as possible. If you are not able to calm down, then keep holding your decision till that time, unless you are clearly thinking about it.

Try to take some deep breaths to calm yourself. If you have more time, then move to a quiet place and try practicing deep breathing for about 10 minutes.

To perform deep breathing exercises, first start by putting one hand on your stomach, under the rib-cage and the other on your chest. When you breathe, you should understand your growing belly and chest.

Slowly breathe through your nose. Make a 4-count target to keep breathing. As you grow your lungs, focus on feeling your breaths.

Hold the breath for 1-2 seconds.

Now release your breaths very comfortably through your nose. Target to Exhale up to 4-Count. Now repeat the process 6-10 times per minute.

  1. Try To Gather As Much Information As Possible To Make Better Decisions:

Most of the decisions are only made in the right way, while you have all the necessary information to make that decision. Making decisions, especially when it is linked to any urgent topic, then it should be dependent on logic. Try to collect as much information you can do about your decision.

For example, if you are trying to continue with a full-time job and, trying to spend more time with your children, trying to make a decision between choosing a part-time job, You have to know, how much money you are going to lose every month, by doing this. With this, you have to think, how much time you are going to spend with your children. Keep this information ready, along with it, and any information can also help you to take the right decision.

With this, you have to think about some other options and also have to collect all the information about them. For example, you can ask your employer, can it be right for at least a few days that some of your work can be done only by talking to the phone.

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  1. To Understand Your Problem, Use “Five Why / Five Whys” Technique To Make Better Decisions:

Ask yourself “why?” Five times, you can help to understand the source of your problem and also it can help you to understand whether you are deciding for the right reason or not. For example, if you want to keep your full-time job and spend more time with your children. If you are trying to take a decision between choosing a part-time job, then you ask yourself this question five times, something like this would be:

“Why am I thinking about the part-time job?” Because I can not take care of my children anytime. “Why cannot I ever take care of my children?” Because I work mostly till late at night. “Why do I work till late in the night?” Because we have a new account, which has to work a lot. “Why are you giving so much time in it?” Because I want to work well, and because of this, maybe I can get promotions too. “Why do you want to get promotions?” To make the most money and to give all the facilities to my family.

In this case, these five questions show that you are thinking about reducing the time in your work while still trying to get the promotion. There is a conflict in your thoughts here, for which you need to investigate a lot before you make your decision.

These five reasons also show that the problem is temporal – you are working for a long time just because you have a new account. Think: Even when you become comfortable with your new account, will you still spend the same time or not?

  1. Think About It, Which Will Affect It:

First of all, you have to think about how your decision affects you. In particular, how does your decision impact a perspective you have made for yourself? What are your values ​​and your goals? Making a decision that is not favorable to your “importance” (that is, they do not match your beliefs) may make you feel unhappy and dissatisfied.

For example, if you have basic assumptions, they play an important role in your identity, these are your ambitions, then choosing a part-time job in such a way, one can show a misalignment between them, that’s why, Because now you are not running behind the passion to get your promotion and get a good position in the company.

Your beliefs can also occasionally not interact with each other. For example, maybe running behind your passion and caring for your family can be your basic beliefs. In such a situation, you have to choose one of these to come up to a decision. Keeping in mind about your belief that your decision will affect you.

You have to think over this also, how your problem or your decision can affect someone else. Could any of these possible outcomes result in your adversity badly? Think of others in the process of decision-making, especially if you are a married or your child, then it becomes more important for you.

For example, deciding to take a part-time job means that you have more time left, which can have a positive effect on your children, but because you are now leaving the goal of getting your promotion, So it can make a negative impact on you. With this, due to the decrease in your income, you may have negative effects on your entire family.

  1. Think About All The Options Available In Front Of You:

At a glance, you will feel like there is no other way before you, but it does not really happen. Even if you are not limited to your situation, try to make a list of some options for yourself. Until you find a complete list, do not start thinking over them. If you are having trouble finding options for yourself, then work with your family or friends.

Of course, it is not necessary that a physical list of its own be prepared. You can keep them in your mind too!

You can also remove some things from this list later, but with some crazy ideas, you can get some more creative solutions that you have not thought of before.

For example, you might find a full-time job in another company where you do not even need to do too much overtime. You can also hire someone to help you in your household chores so that you can save some spare time to spend with your family. If you wish, you can also set up a “family work” in the evening for your family, in which all people, living in a room, do their work together and also help you to feel connected to them.

It has also been learned from research that due to the many options, people become confused and make it even more difficult for them to come to any decision. Once you make your list, Then you can remove a few things from it, which are obviously looking unnatural. Try to save up to five options in your list.

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  1. Create A Spreadsheet To Compare Between The Potential Benefits And Drawbacks Of Your Decision:

If your problem is too complex and you are very upset about some potential things that may be due to you, then make your decision. To get help in the process, consider making a spreadsheet. If you want, you can use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet or even make it on a paper.

To create a spreadsheet, create a column for each potential choice you are thinking. To compare the advantages and disadvantages of all possible outcomes, within each one column, create two more sub-columns. For any items that positively use a + sign and for the item that is negative – use the sign.

You can also assign one point value to each item in your list. For example, you can assign +5 points to items of “Your dinner with your children” because of the “Selecting part-time job” of your list. On the other hand, you can assign -20 points to another item in your list, “There will be a reduction of $ 300 per month income”.

After completing the spreadsheet, you can add these points and then decide which decision get the highest score. Just keep in mind, that you cannot take any decision on the basis of this strategy only.

  1. Let Some Place Among Ideas To Make Better Decisions:

Most creative people probably will not know this thing, but it is true that most of their decisions and solutions often come out on time when they do not think of anything or you are thinking too slow. Which means that most creative and intelligent solutions or ideas come from an inexplicable state of mind. That’s why people do meditation.

Before making any decision, gathering information or knowledge is very important, but if you really want to take a creative and intelligent decision, then you have to stop thinking about it for some time or slow down your thinking. Meditation of breaths is also a structural way of bringing an obstacle between your thoughts, which helps you to bring creativity and knowledge of the world around you. Because you do not have to spend too much time on it, it is called structure-less, in which you can connect with your breath even while cooking, brushing teeth and walking.

Consider An Example:

A musician has knowledge and information to create music, playing instruments, writing songs, singing etc., but it is his creative intelligence, which he has to do over the tools provokes something new. Yes, knowledge about music instruments, singing a song is also important, but creative intelligence is also important for the song.

  1. Learn To Differentiate Between Impulse And Decision-Making Decisions:

Impulse, usually, disappears after some time:

For example The desire for food, shopping, roaming etc. However, an intelligent decision is often kept in the mind for a long time. It can last for a few days, weeks or even months.

An intelligent decision can also come in your mind like an impulse, but if you decide to do the same way above your decision, then be careful. That is why, after collecting all the information, taking a few minutes in the middle while asking questions yourself can help you to make an intelligent decision.


After taking some deep breaths, compare the work you have decided to do, at the time when it first came to your mind.

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Method 3 – Make A Decision

  1. Give Yourself Some Advice In Such A Way As If You Are Your Friend:

Sometimes even after stepping on your decision, you can help identify the right decision. Think about what you suggest to your friend, who is going through your own situation. What will you advise him to make? What would you like them to show about their decision? Why are you giving them such advice? “

To use this strategy, try playing the role. Sit in the side of an empty chair and think so, that you are talking to yourself in such a way as if you are someone else.

If you do not want to sit and talk to yourself, then in such a way, you can also write a letter giving advice to yourself. Start your letter like this, “Dear ___, I have considered a lot above your situation and thought that ____ would be best for you.” Your thoughts in your letter (come from someone else’s side) Continue to write).

  1. Play Devil’s Advocate To Make Better Decisions:

(Personally, this is a very interesting point)

Playing Devil’s Advocate will help you to decide what you think about your decision, it will be because you will have an opposite view on it and something like this as if it is your viewpoint now. If the debate you are making seems to be right for you on that opposite point, then now you have another new information to think about.

To play Devil’s Advocate, try to argue for every right reason for the choice you have made. If this is easy enough, then you should understand that you need to think about a different option.

For example, if your mind is going to decide to spend part-time because of your desire to spend more time with your children, then in such a way, you can spend a lot of time with your children on weekends and vacations. The quality time is spent, think the paradox for your decision thinking.

If you want, you can also think that the money you lost and your promotion is worth more attention than to miss dinner with your family because it allows you to have more time with your children. Along with this, you are also benefiting from your own passion, which is also worth considering.

  1. Think, That Somewhere You Are Not Guilty Of Guilt:

It’s very common to make a decision because of guilt, but guilt’s are never the reason behind any right decision. Often, because of the gilt, our attitude on the work and its consequence is changed in such a way that we leave them (and their presence in it). Working women feel much, those who are pressured to balance their work and their family life.

It is also harmful to us to do any work due to the complication of guilt because we also make some better decisions that do not match our beliefs.

Finding such statements as “must” or “have to be done” in your decision, is a way of recognizing such guilt. For example, “you might think that those good parents have their own time which they spend with their children “or” a parent who works for so many hours is a bad parent. “Such statements often depend on your views and not on your own.

Therefore, to test the decision being taken by you based on the guilt, take a step back and try to investigate the real situation and with your own beliefs (your basic ideology, which is important in your life) who tells the correct, but pay attention. Are your children really worried about working day and night? Or are you just making such a difference because someone has said to you that you should “do this”?

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  1. Think About Your Future To Make Better Decisions:

In the end, think about what you will think about your decision after a few years, this will be the best way to decide for you. Think about what you think of yourself when you see yourself in the mirror. How do you tell your grandchildren about it? If you do not like its long-term effects, then you may have to reconsider your view.

For example, do you think that after 10 years you are about to regret your part-time job decision? If so, then why? What is it, that you can find a full-time job for 10 years and cannot get a part-time job for 10 years?

  1. Trust Your Mind’s Voice To Make Better Decisions:

You too will probably get the guesswork from yourself that what is going to be right for you, so if you do not see any work, then just listen to your inner voice. Choose the same better decision for yourself, which seems right to you, even if you do not see anything else in your spreadsheet. It has been shown in the research that such people, who decide to listen to the voice of their heart, make more than the taxpayer’s decision compared to people who make toll-value decisions.

Ask yourself what you want to do. The probability is that you will get an idea from yourself, which decision is going to be right for you, and you yourself will be inclined towards your decision. That’s the unnamed change and that is the dispute, which is making your decision difficult.

Spending some time in a quiet environment and that can help you to get in touch with your mind.

  1. Keep A Backup Plan Ready To Make Better Decisions:

Thinking ahead can help save you from the trouble caused by any potential negative result. Keep a backup plan ready for how you deal with any bad results. Even if you do not need your plan anymore, but even after having a backup plan with you, it helps you deal better with any bad situation. Those people who are in a higher position, they are always likely to have some mess, so they often carry a backup plan with them. These strategies can also be helpful in making small and better decisions.

Having a backup plan increases the ability to deal with any of your failures or unwanted results. Your ability to deal with any failure often affects your ability to succeed in your decisions.

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  1. Make A Selection To Make Better Decisions:

Be sure to accept what you decide, no matter what, the responsibility of each result. If something is not happening right then it is always better to make conscious decisions instead of being careless. By doing so, at least you will be able to tell your children that you have tried your best. Take your decisions, and always stand with your decisions.

Advice/ Suggestions

No decision is perfect. Once you make a decision, then try to do it as hard as you can, without having to worry about any other option you have not chosen.

If you come later and have any idea about your decision, then start thinking that any option you choose works in the same way. In this case, all the options you have can have some of your specialty and flaws. If any of them had proved to be better than any other option, then you would have chosen it only then.

Remember, that you may not have enough information to make any decision. If you are having trouble reducing the options you are facing, then take a little more investigation into this. Understand this, that it may be that the information you need is available to you. After considering all the information present in you, you have to move forward and make a decision.

After your decision, you can also get a new information that completely changes the real decision taken by you. If this happens, then get ready to complete the decision once again. Having flexibility, it is a very good skill.

If you have to make a decision soon or if your decision is not so important then give yourself a time limit for the decision. “The risk of being confused with too much thinking” is real. If you are trying to decide on watching a movie this weekend, then do not lose time in writing titles in such a way.

If you try too much then you can leave a very small and obvious thing too. Do not think too much.

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Do not find too many options for yourself. Research has shown that the feeling of no hope of seeing a ray from every side affects our ability to make better decisions.

Make a list of goodies and shortcomings! If you wish, you can also create lists of options, and continue to reduce them until you see any possibility. Then, to reach a final decision, discuss it along with others.

Remember, that in some places you may not even think of making a decision in the mind, which can be the worst decision.

Treat every experience as a learning experience. By making the necessary decisions, you will always learn the ways to pass through difficult times and even use the failures you have received as a learning experience for yourself, with which you will move forward and accept it.


Avoid too much stress in yourself. These will only make things even worse.

Stay away from people who show that whatever they are thinking will be the best for you, but show them in front of you that you are working from your own mind. Their advice may be right, but if they are not ready to listen to your failings and your concerns, then they may be too much wrong for you. Also, stay away from people who always deny your trust.

So, friends, these were the tips which can help you to make better decisions in life.

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