13 Benefits of French Kisses - Good and Bad Effects of Kissing on Lips

13 Benefits of French Kisses – Good and Bad Effects of Kissing on Lips

13 Benefits of French Kisses – Good and Bad Effects of Kissing on Lips

Kissing is undoubtly one of the most erotic, passionate and physically stimulating part of the relationship. In addition to this, most of the people are aware of the way by which they can increase their couple intimacy. Today I am going to share good and bad effects of kissing a loving one.

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  1. An Uplifted Mood

While doing fitness program or exercise, there are various chemicals that are released which improve both an individual’s mood and energy levels. Few of the chemicals which are released during kissing includes:-

Oxytocin – Hormone named oxytocin helps to promote the feeling of well-being and calm which can be helpful in counter acting the anxiety and encouraging the relaxation. It is also known as love hormone, oxytocin is also releasing during the meditation and responsible for a heightened sense of intimacy.

Serotonin- Serotonin hormone promotes a good feeling overall.

In addition to increasing the production of these happy hormones, kissing also decreases the quantity of stress hormone cortisol in the body.

  1. Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

Kissing , especially when it tongue kissing comes into play uses so many types of muscles which would be used rarely otherwise. It helps to tone up the area like neckline and jaws, which would be tend to sag. Huge amount of blood rushes to the face of both persons while doing kissing, which helps to stimuale the production of collagen which is a key fundamental of skin elasticity.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure kissing couple

During a long lip lock kiss sometimes it is possbile to not feeling the pressure of your partner lips, but to also feel and hear the heavy heart beat of their heart. This healthy increase helping to dilate the blood vessels which helps to boost the way in which the blood pumps throughtout the body. Pressure on the blood vessels and on the lips also causing the blood to rush from face to different parts which includes the several vital organs in it.

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  1. Boosts Oral Hygiene

One of the main reasons for our body’s production of saliva is to remove the food particles from within the mouth as well as decrease the production of plaque. Kissing also releases the salaiva from both the partners and these exchanges can double the body’s natural oral hygiene.

  1. Boosts Immunity

Immune system of humans getting more strong based on the numbers of the bacteria’s which it is exposed to. There are several types of various bacteria’s that can be found in every person’s saliva. More saliva more bacteria’s, which is exchanged with the kisses, it means that both the partners will beginning to build up the resistance to the same types of infection.

  1. Determines Compatibility

Whenever you start kissing your partner then both the kissers senses become heightened and their bodies to into overdrive to determine whether they are genetically compatible with partner. Even this is their first kiss might be an exception, as unfamiliarity and nerves may play a factor, if there are no sparks flying on the second time when you kiss then there is a possible that this may be a good indication that both of you just remain friends.

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  1. Lowers Anxiety

Lip Kissing helps in decreasing the stress hormones cortisol and it increases the serotonin which is a responsible chemical for maintaining the brain level.

Kissing also give similar benefits like meditation, mainly because of its ability to release oxytocin which is also known as love hormone.

Chemical name oxytocin acts like psychological buffer which induces a sense of bonding and calm in humans.

Experts, Doctors and scientists says that surge of the hormones during the orgasm but kind of a word or a gentle touch can also increase and drive the oxytocin level. This is what they found while doing their research which identifies the love and trust.

  1. Kissing Fights Cavities

Long lip kissing or smooch getting all your fluids flowing which includes your saliva. When you are kissing your partner, by intentionally you are getting more saliva in your mouth. This is the mechanism which washed away all the plaque from your teeth which leads the cavities. Kissing is more fun than gargling.

  1. Kissing Boosts Self-esteem

Their was a study done in Germany which says that if men get a nice juice kiss from her wife before leaving for working makes more money that day then normal days. The reason behind is that “if the person leaves his home happily for work, he is getting more productive at his work because at that day specifically he is not feeling emotionally distressed, this is the reason that man makes more money than normal days”. Kissing your partner has so much to do with your self esteem and feeling connected and loved with the partner.

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  1. A kiss a day keeps the dentist away?

The act of kissing stimulates your salivary glands to produce saliva, the fluid that moistens the mouth to make swallowing easier. Saliva also helps in removing the cavity causing particles which stick in your teeth after eating food. So while it might be a stretch to say kissing prevents cavities, it can’t hurt.

  1. Kiss helps in Lose weight?

There is good news for those who want to loose weight, especially those who want to loose their weight without doing any hard work.now what you have to di start kissing your partner, simple kissing looses 5-6 calories per minute while lip kiss or french kiss burns 15-17 calories per minute. You need to know that your lips are 200 times more sensitive then your fingertips. Ageless, because your kiss moves 29 muscles in your face.

  1. Healthy Heart

Kissing can low down your cholesterol and blood pressure level. Research shows that increasing the frequency of kissing put good impact on increasing satisfaction, stress reduction and decrease the cholesterol levels. Stress is the major factor of the emergence of heart disease. That’s why, a kiss can make your heart healthier by lowering down your cholesterol level, blood pressured also stablize your cardiovascular system.

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  1. Healthy Lungs

After kissing your partner, normally the breathing of both the kisser getting faster. After kissing, both the kissers average of in and out of breathing increase upto 60 times in a minute. While in the normal times it is like 20 times per minute. Inhaling and exhaling of oxygen more often prevent a variety of disorder of the lungs.

Bad Effects of Kissing on the Lips

Did you ever hear that kissing can end your love too? Yes, its true, their was a research done in state university of newyork which reveals that kiss is not always add intimacy in life. Research also proves that kiss can put opposite effect too which can make the tenuous relationship. From the research note 60% of men’s and 65% of women’s chose to end their loving relationship because of their partner is not a good kisser.

Kiss is like a drug. A passionate kissing (as per the author of book : The Science of Kissing: by Shergill Kirshenbaum) can be addictive like taking an illegal drugs. This is because while kissing body of the two kissers produce the chemical named dopamine, which can lead them to feel unhappy or happy. Most of the time it make people happy this is why they like to kiss their partner most of the time.

Did you know that a single kiss involves the 278 different types of bacteria’s? This is the reason kissing is also known as filed of bacteria’s. Long kisses can transmit around 10 millions of bacteria’s in your mouth. This is the exact reason you should kiss only one person, the one you really love ans trust.

Regular kissing can cause problem in some part of the brain too. Sometime kissing diseases can also causes in the mouth because of too much kissing, it can also attack in the lining of the brain tissue will wither. It results brain cells dying slowly. Perceived these symptoms normally include difficulty in hearing, paralysis and seeing in disorders.

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Kissing can cause pain in throat and in gums. Kissing regularly on lips can cause pain in throat and in gums. It happens because of attack of bacteria streptococcus when it passes to partner through saliva by licking in mouth and on cheeks.

Kissing brings some other diseases too. You read some of the diseases mentioned above, lip kissing can also transmit other diseases like Tuberculosis (a disease that attacks the lungs usually characterized by coughing up of blood), ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection), Thyroid (a disease that infects the small intestine or typhus) and Hepatitis (jaundice or liver inflammation). Out of some these kissing diseases you should be more aware of hepatitis which causes this type of infection which can occur if the saliva and blood infected directly in contact with the mucous membranes of another person’s bloodstream.

Any how, you can still prevent yourself from happening any of the above written disease:

If you maintain your oral hygiene you can easily avoid the danger and risk of lip kissing. You should brush your teeth regularly in the morning and in the night before going to sleep. You can tell this same to your partner for the healthier of you both.

If you are suffering from cough or cold, then you should do not want anyone else to eat or drink from the same crockery of equipment you are using for yourself. This rule is also applied for kissing your partner too. So that would be great for you if avoid to kiss your partner when he or she is suffering from some type of illness or injury on lips or on face.

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If you are honest towards your partner and love him/ her a lot than you should tell about your health issues or some type of diseases from which you are suffering currently. By this you cannot put your partner in danger and can also help each other regarding gaining any health issue.

You can also take vaccination to reduce the risk of getting bacteria’s or viruses. Injecting the immune to virus of the diseases is highly recommended, especially to those who never got when you are kids before.

You can consult your doctor about which type syringe and vaccine can be obtained to prevent the infected body with a bacteria or virus from kissing.

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