100 Money Saving Expert Tips Tricks and Treats

100 Money Saving Expert Tips Tricks and Treats

100 Money Saving Expert Tips Tricks and Treats

100 Money Saving Expert Tips Tricks and Treats – It really does not matter right now where you are in your financial journey, you simply need to know that it is possible for any person to change his/her financial life easy ans secure. Sometimes you just need to take your steps in the right direction so the things will come and move in your favor. Yes, there maybe taking first test can be hard for lots of peoples.

This is the reason I had created this list of 100 money saving expert tips so that you can start saving money from today itself.  Any of these 100 tactics is not a life changing on their own, but these tricks can make a difference a lot over time if you implement few of the tricks in your life/ financial life. Let me tell you seriously, these tips are incredibly simple to implement and anyone in the world can easily work on it.

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It is already understood that, all of these tips cannot be apply to everyone. Just go through and check the list and search for 5-10-15 tips which you can easily apply in your life. When you start work on it, you will find the result within few weeks that your are really start saving some money from the tricks which were not possible for you before reading these 100 money saving expert tips.

100 Money Saving Expert Tips Tricks and Treats are written below:-

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 1

Move your bank accounts to take advantage of perks and earn some more interest

That would be great is you research and check what new banks are offering to their customers rather then paying monthly fee for your saving and current accounts. Not just check the sign up bonuses provided by banks for opening new bank accounts and denting up direct cash deposit, but also gives you can attractive offer on interest rates to the news customers too.

It is 100% truth that these days rate of interest given to bank count is not quite attractive then what customer were getting few years back, but still it worth to look at. There are lots of good banks can be search and found online which are giving best savings accounts and also free checking accounts.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 2

Turn Off Your Television

One of the biggest ways to save money is to cut down the time which you spend on watching television/cable TV. You can get lots of financial benefits from this like less exposure to spend- including advertisement, a low bill of electricity and it would be great if you downgrade your cable television monthly subscription too. Now start spending your extra time in other things of your life in family and in creating and developing new business ideas and implement on them.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 3

Stop Collecting And Start Selling

There was a time and still lots of people thinking that collections can make them rich. Yes there are few peoples those are making good money, but it not at all possible for everyone to make big money from collection. There are lots of peoples who spend hundreds and thousand of dollars on collecting things. And, when they try to sell they found like nothing and selling their collection for almost 80% to 90% of discount. By this they don’t even get their initial cost of the collection and sunk thousands of dollars in it.

If you do not want to come in this situation but want to spend and invest money it (I prefer avoid it as much you can) than avoid to buy items which are having a questionable value. If you already spend some money in the collections then it is better to start selling your collection and spend that money in mutual funds and in some other investment plans. They may not give you quick return but in long term you will get some real good money. Choose financial advisor near you and listen him/her carefully and take wise decision.

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Money Saving Expert Tips No. 4

Sign Up For Every Free Customer Rewards Program You Can

It really does not matter in which place you are living in this world, you can easily find several of retailers those are willing to give you reward for doing shopping at their store. Simple and basic plan to get maximum results from these programs are: simply create an e-mail address to receive emails from them of various offers and discount coupons. If you find discount offer or coupon which matches your need, simply use it and save some money from it.

You can also use rewards and discount offers by using your credit card and even credit card companies also giving cash back offers while using your credit in some particular places and by this you can get benefit from both sides. First, from company who gives discount and second cashback by paying money from your credit card.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 5

Make Gifts Yourself Instead Of Buying Stuff From The Store

Learn how to make things easily at home like cookies, candles, soaps, food dishes, bread etc. You just not saving money by making these things at home but you can also gift few of the things to your loving ones. You will get special attention from them as you make their gift yourself and you can also save some good amount of money from it too.

You can include personal written note with the gift which makes you and the other person both special towards each other.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 6

Master In The 30 Day Rule

If you want to buy something which maybe useful for you or not. You should wait for one month time frame before buying the product. After one month if you still think about the necessity of that product than buy it, and if you do not find the necessity of that product then avoid buying it.

By doing this, you can easily save lot of money. Also in the waiting time you may get some good offer on the product which you are willing to buy.

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Money Saving Expert Tips No. 7

Make A List Before You Go For Shopping And Stick To List

Do shopping when you really need something and you already create your shopping list, is one of the easiest ways to save some money. It is because when you do not make a list of the things which you want to buy then you typically buy more things which are not required at that time and so lot of unplanned purchases, and these things really costs good amount of money. Just check and calculate your monthly or annual shopping list you will see roughly 20-30% unplanned purchases in your list. So by making a list you can easily save 20% to 30% of your money.

Also check properly that is their any offer in the products which you are going to buy, as by getting offer or discount on your product you can easily some pennies or few dollars from your shopping.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 8

Invite Your Friends Over Instead Of Going Out

Going out from town for eating with friends or for entertainment is a total wastage of money. Staying and partying is good but why to waste lots of money and time on it when you can easily make food at home with light music in night on fire grill and enjoying sports with them.

Watching movies and TV is wastage of precious time. Make a plan of get together at your home or at your friend’s home and eat home made hygienic food. Spending and enjoy at home is far better than going outside in pubs and bars or in movie theater where you have to pay at least 5 times more money than which you can spend at your home party. Just think…

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 9

Repair Your Clothes Instead Of Tossing It

Do not throw yous shirt or t-shirt because it has broken button, simply saw it with a new closely matched button. Do not throw your old jeans or pants because of hole in it, just place a patch in it (choose trendy patch) and save some money from it too.

Most of the basic sewing work can be done easily at home with a little bit of practice. You can easily learn basic skills of sewing and can save lots of money by not purchasing new clothes for some more time, and by sewing you can also extend the life of your old clothes.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 10

Do Not Spend Big Money On Entertaining Of Your Children

Most of the children’s, especially the young children’s can be easily entertained with less amount of money. Buy a big roll of newspaper for your children’s and tell them to make creative things from the paper. Tell them to play with ball in backyard (you can easily stop breaking home accessories by your children’s) and also playing outside in fresh air and in sun make their immune system stronger. Teach them how to do gardening.

Teaching good things can you saving money and your children’s can be come good person in their life. By not spending excessive money on them you not just can save money but also children’s can learn how valuable is money and use it only on important things. Joy comes from heart not from money.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 11

Negotiate Rates With Credit Card Company Or Complete A Balance Transfer

It is very important for you to know if you are paying a high amount of interest on your credit cards that you do have some power as long as you have been making your credit card payments. You have the right to do negotiate on your credit card rate with your company. You also the right to transfer all the balance amount of your card to your different card company. (Seriously friends, this tip will help you to do bargain with your company).

Call your credit card issuer and explain your situation and ask for to do negotiation. If you did not find any result then it is better to transfer your money to the new credit card with an introductory 0% APR which can easily help you to save hundreds of dollars of interest over time.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 12

Clean Out Those Closets

Just go and checkout your wardrobe, closets and search for the things which you are not using from long time and not interested in using in near future too. Just do not throw the things, collect them and take benefit from your old things.

Collect things and create a yard sale in o around house, you can also sell them on craiglist or on ebay. You can even take those things to consignment shop or also can donate the things and can also get tax deduction from donation. (Make a list of your donated things and take receipt from them). All of these given options can easily help you to come out from your old things and make earn some money from it.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 13

Buy Video Games That Have A Lot Of Replay Value And Do Not Acquire New Games Until You Have Mastered In The Game You Have

I have changed my habit of buying video games on regular basis a bit since my “game of the week”. Now, I am focusing on the video games which can be played several times, and I am trying to master or perfect on these games which I bought. I am targeting quest games, long level, huge level games, and also puzzle games as these games can easily maximize the value of the game.

Once you finish the game and already played lot of time then you can resale the video game in gamestop or you can do exchange the games with other friends or with the store by giving less amount of money.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 14

Drink More Water

You can easily get great health benefits by drinking plenty of water regularly. Drink plenty of water also have financial benefits. Drink one glass of water before taking meal feels you fuller for long time and by doing this you will eat less food. It will not just save money on the food, but you will feel better after you become hydrated properly.

It could be better, if you drink more water daily that may be in restaurant or packed filtered or refiled water. Drinking more water can help you spend less money on beverages like juice, soda, cold drinks, tea and coffee. So drink more water and save money and it also helps in maintaining health.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 15

Avoid Fast Food, Oily And Junk Food

Make your meal at home can be good for your health but also for your wealth too. Make a habit of eating food at home and by this you can avoid eating junk food, oily food, prepacked food and other various types of food available at shop or in market. Making simple and healthier food at home can easily replace this health breaking food. Spend extra few hours for the preparation of home made food and easily help you in saving lots of money by not buying food from market and it also helps you to save money by not going to doctor after eating junk foods at market.

Yes, some food stores, restaurants and hotels are giving bonus on buying food from them on your credit or debit cards, but it is also great if you save whole money by not spending on them. Also, home made food can give you more energy that food which you eat outside. So, take a wise decision and start eating meal at home only.

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Money Saving Expert Tips No. 16

For Sake Of Heaven, Please Quit Smoking

In this modern cyber world where information can be find within seconds or sometimes without searching, when you get message on your facebook, twitter or on whatsapp which is related to you. And, if you still a smoker then you have to know that your this habit is not just expensive for you but also it can give you very painful death. If you want to live longer and healthier life and also want to save some good amount of money then one of the easiest thing for you to quit smoking. You can use anti smoking products available in market or in chemist shop which can easily help you to quit smoking. You can also switch to electronic cigarette smoking if you find difficulties in quitting smoking.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 17

Make A Quadruple Batch Of A Casserole

Everyone knows that casseroles are nice and easy to prepare. So whenever you are going to make casseroles again then do not make a single casserole, try to make 3-4 casseroles together than store rest of the casseroles in the freezer. And after that, whenever you require a quick meal for yourself or for family, just take it out of the freeze give a heat.

Now, you will ask, where is the saving in casseroles making?

So friends, here comes the saving.  Whenever you prepare for 3 or 4 casseroles you need ingredients in bulk and buying ingredients in bulk from market can easily save your few bucks. Also, making it together will save your time for next time, and whenever you feel to eat some junk food, you can easily choose casseroles over junk food. By this you are not just saving from casseroles, but also from your health. (You can choose any food item which you eat mostly and make it in big quantity and save some money and time from it).

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 18

Turn Off The Lights

Keeping lights on in your home without any use is not just expensive as per watt basis, but it also cost you extra money in every bill. You can easily so much money by turning lights and other electronic equipment off, when not required to use. Always try to switch off the light, fan or AC whenever you leave your room. Turn off the lights when there is so much of natural light can easily enters in your room. The bottom line is switch off the electric equipment when not required and save good amount of money each month.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 19

Swap Music, Books, And DVDs At The Library Or On The Internet

You can easily swap off your collection of CDS, DVDS and books from which you are bore now. You can easily trade your collection on websites likes PaperBackSwap. If you living market or some place from you can do trade your collection, than this heart for you as you can easily save few dollars every month. More barter trading and borrowing with other interested person, the more money you will cave over the time.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 20

Maximize Your Yard Sales

You can score awesome deals on items which you need anyways through yard sales. You can easily buy shoes, clothes, books, cds, dvds, house products or even sports equipment. Try to buy only needed things and do not give excuse that you bought this thing (which might not be usable for you) because you found the price very cheap. You should stick to your budget and buy limited things only. You are not visiting the last yard sale of your life or this is not the last yard sale, choose products wisely. You are going to visit yard sales doesn’t means you have to buy. Got it ??

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 21

Install LEDS Or CFLS Wherever It Makes Sense

LEDs and CFLs tubes or bulbs may cost a bit more money when you buying them, but these products are cost saving products and it works for really long time. You can easily save some good amount of money monthly because these LEDs and CFLs bulbs and tube consuming very less amount of energy.

CFLs bulbs can last for years and can be the cheapest option for your bathroom and store room. Only drawback of CFLs is they need some time to warmup to give full brightness. These tubes and bulbs contains small amount of mercury in it too. So choose wisely.

On the other side LEDs are expensive than all, the good thing is these LEDs are getting cheaper day by day and also the best lightening option available for your home or office. They do not need warmup like CFLs and they lighten up directly when you switch on. CFLs can be use for decades without changing them like other after few months or couple of years.

Know the amount of watt required in every room and then choose the bulb or tube wisely. Choosing design maybe difficult but saving money is not.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 22

Install A Programmable Thermostat

If you want to cut your electricity usage when you are not at home or at your office or shop then installing a programmable thermostat is simple and great option available in market. You can easily set it to cool you r home or give heat in winter season. Make sure that you are wasting energy while you sleeping or going outside and save money by using this process.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 23

Buy Quality Appliances That Works Long

Spend time on research before buying any new appliance really worth your time. Reliable and energy saving dryer or washing machine, air conditioner or any other electronic appliance getting expensive day by day, but you can easily save energy by choosing the product wisely which can also last long for 10-15 years at your home or at work place. By doing this, you can easily save some good amount of money in long time.

Spending time on reading customers review about pros and cons of the product can easily save your money. There is one more option for you to save some money when you are going to buy any appliances. Go for a credit card purchase and get credit bonus point (especially when you are using new credit card) on your appliance purchase. It is a simple way to save and earn some money wisely.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 24

Clean Or Change Your Car’s Air Filter

Clean your air filter and easily improve the gas mileage of your vehicle upto 10%.  By doing this you can easily save upto 125$ per 10,000 miles from an average vehicle. You can easily clean air filter within few minutes only. Just follow the instructions written in your vehicles manual and do the cleaning yourself (by doing personally you can also save labour’s money). If you find that repair of filter do not works then you can buy it for only 10$.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 25

Quit Using Credit Cards

If you are addictive to your credit and can’t yourself from purchasing or spending money on things which is not necessary for you, than it would be good for you to keep your credit cards in safe place at your bank locker or in your home locker and not in the wallet. That would be great for you if you use your credit card only in emergency situation. Remember using credit card is fine but you have to pay the money back. So if spending money on unnecessary things, than it can harm your bank balance.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 26

Plan Your Meals Around Your Grocery Store’s Flyer

You can say that how can I save money while buying grocery or other eating products, as everyone spending money on it, I am not alone person. Yes, everyone spending money on meals, but you can also save lots of money from this too. Always check big sales and discount available on grocery items and buy it in bulk. Do this for few months and check the saving you did in this time. You will be amaze to see that you save some serious money by doing this.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 27

Do A Price Comparison And Find A Cheaper Grocery Store

Almost all of us are going for routine shopping at most of the time on same grocery store without even realize that we are not getting deal on the products. Fortunately, there are few simple tricks which can help to find the cheapest grocery products at nearby store. You just need to track 10-20 items which you use in routine and compare the prices in various stores nearby and buy the product at cheaper rate with good quality. You can easily choose 2-3 stores and buy the things from them which you find cheaper than other store. SIMPLE…

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 28

Make Your Own Food, When You Can

Till I did not try and made it myself, I was thinking making bread, chapati and other vegetables at home is a very complicated and time wasting work for me. But, when I start making it at home I found it easy after few tries, cheap and healthy too.

From the day I start making bread, chapati and other stuff at home, it not just help me to save money but I am also feeling more energetic than which help to put more energy in my work and that giving me positive response too. So, you can see that how few things can change life easily.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 29

Avoid Spending On Stress

You say you are in stress and this is the reason you are spending money to release your stress, is not more than an excuse and wastage of money. It is not a wise decision to waste money on the things which you may not require or no necessary. It is better to find some other ways to remove your stress.

You can spend time with your family members and with your friends. Share your feelings, your problems with them. Spend some time in doing exercise and some fitness program which can help you to reduce your stress problem. I am sure it will help you to release stress and they can also give you some suggestions to come out of it.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 30

Share Your Dreams With The People You Love

This is one of the odd ways to save money, but you need to think about it. If you are spending some time with family members and friends or with the peoples you like to talk with. Than do share your future plans and dreams or what you think about your work or business and what are your plannings. So they can also help you, encourage you, motivate you and suggest you with their own experience. It will easily help you to do improvement in your plans without consulting any financial or business planner who charges lots of money for consultation.

By this you are not just saving some good amount of money but by their help you can come closer to achieve your targets of life.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 31

Do A “Maintenance Run” On Your Appliances

Check your appliances and make sure that there is not any dust clog in them and they are clean and working properly. Use vacuum and clean and clear the dust gently. Dryers, refrigerators, cooling and heating unit’s need to be neat and clean them all the time. By doing this you can easily save lots of money on the repair of the product and also plenty of money by saving electricity. As if the machine not working properly than it will consume more electricity and put more pressure on the machine. So, that would be great if you check and clean the machine atleast 1-2 times a month.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 32

Cancel Your Unused Club Memberships

Do you paying monthly or annual dues on your club memberships which you never use or using it very rarely? Like some club membership or gym membership? If you are not using them regularly or not interested in using it any more than do not waste time and go and cancel your membership immediately. If you think you are using it occasionally and going to use after sometime than try to renew your membership always in the last time and moment. It will give you lot of time to think about renewing or cancellation the membership.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 33

Buy Used Products When You Need

It is very difficult to find an exact item you want to buy at used equipment store, consignment shops, used game stores and so on. You can easily make shops likes this a part of your normal routine. First visit and check and if you find some potential in any item and then buy it. Buying things wisely can easily save lot of money.

Clothes, shoes, watches and some other accessories are biggest examples of money saving when you buy it used even if these products used very few times. So, I am sure you understand that you can easily save good amount of money by using this trick.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 34

Always Keep Your Hands Clean

You might be confused about how you can save money from clean hands. But let me tell you clean hand can easily save your tons of money monthly. Thing is very simple, just wash your hand whenever you find them dirty and before eating or drinking. It will help you to kill all bacteria’s and viruses in your hand, by which you can easily save lots of medical bills and can also maintain a healthy life.

I am not saying stop those works which makes your hand or body dirty, as it is not possible to do so. The important thing is always clean your hands whenever you find them dirty. Simple!!!

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 35

Remove Your Credit Card Numbers From All Of Your Online Accounts

Spending money is getting easier when you have plastic money like debit card or credit card. It is too much easier to buy online products when your debit card or credit is attached with the particular shopping website.

Let me share my personal experience first, there is a new online shopping website in India named woops.in and I bought gift for my girlfriend from them and I forget to remove my card and by mistake I spend 20$ which was not necessity for me. And, I got the product at my home, but the good thing is I contact them through their e-mail and tell them I buy this product by mistake as my card was attached with their website and I mistakenly bought the product. They were convinced and I get my money back in few days when they get their product back.

So the thing I want to say is, I get my money back but this may not happened if I bought product by mistake from some other site. So that would be great if I or we remove our card after purchase from the website.

Also if your card is attached with the website then there are more chances that you will buy the product from that particular site easily as you just need to put only your password in it. So it is better to remove card because sometimes spending extra time on buying product can change your mind for buying that product. Try this and you will surely save good amount of money.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 36

Give Gift To Your Wife (Who Become Newly Mother)

This is for those couples who just become parents, give your wife a gift of babysitting in evening and night. You can also do care of pets and spend time in your home lawn or do cooking at your home so that wife can spend more time with new baby.

Spending time with wife and baby is a very special moment and you cannot compare it with money but still they want our time not the gifts or other things you were going to buy for them. Give your family your time and love because they need it more than your money.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 37

Do Holiday Shopping Right After The Holidays

Most of the people doing shopping after Christmas to save huge money by getting so many offers on this occasion, but you know you can save good amount of money every month by working on this strategy on every holidays. Wait for 2 more days after holidays and then go for shopping for the items which you need. You will easily get more discount than what you was looking for. Seriously, try this; I did it myself and get at least 10-20% more discount on the products.

I am giving you an example, like father’s day, mother’s day, halloween and some other cards you can buy after this occasion finish. And you will get lots of discount as no shop want to save those cards for next year and you can buy them on cheap rates and can give next year to your loving ones. So with the clothes, buy when the season goes and get lots of discount.

By this you can easily save tons of money every year.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 38

Join Some Volunteer Programs

You might be spending good amount of money on movies, pubs, bars, discs, tour and trips. But what if you get the entertainment, new friends and some business without investing a single penny?

Join some volunteer program and meet new peoples, make new friends, involves in the positive cause and projects. By this you can also get confidence and can lift your spirit too without spending any money. You can get more entertainment and a day fulfilled with happiness and joy with the positive mindset.

I am personally spending 4-6 days (2-5 hours) every month on volunteer program and I made new friends which are my clients too. So volunteer are one of the best option of making new friends, entertainment without spending any money and also can get some good business from them. Try it and enjoy it.

You volunteer programs will give you respect in your friends, family members and in neighbors eyes.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 39

Declutter To Save Your Sanity And Some Cash

Go to your home or in office and check every single item in the room. Find the items which you do not required or you are not happy from that thing. May be that things creates clutter for you but it has some value for other peoples. Find the things you do not want anymore and sell them in yard sale or create a sale outside your home. You will not just get an empty space but also get some money from them.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 40

Try Using Generic Brands Of Items Which You Buying Regularly

Avoid picking the ordinary brand of items which you buying and now try to buy from branded store or some generic version of that item. You will save few cents but you will discover that store brands are good as the name brand. Normally, the only difference between them is the marketing, and seriously I am not going to pay them for marketing. Once you are on the generic train board, you will find your regular grocery and other items bill is getting smaller and smaller.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 41

Prepare Your Meals At Home

Buy an easy to cook cookbook which is easily accessible for you and try to make delicious dishes at your home for yourself and for your family. I am sure you will find and understand that cooking is much easier than what you were thinking. Cooking at home is healthier and cheaper than having meals outside.  You can easily prepare few things in advance and can make fast food type food at home. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 42

Buy Term Life Insurance

Simply repeat these words after me “insurance is not an investment”. If you are stuck and take an expensive life insurance policy, than that would be better for you to choose some cheaper term insurance policy instead and implement that cost difference to get yourself out from debt and start building wealth for yourself.

Whole life policies and universal policies are more expensive and in almost all of the cases, you will be much better to way off with the cheap term policy and can save more money in your pocket. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 43

Stick To Reliable And Fuel Efficient Cars Only

A fuel efficient and reliable vehicle or car can save thousand of dollars in long time. For example if you drive your car for 75,000 miles and you choose a car which gives and average of 30 miles per gallon over one that give you only 20 miles per gallon. By this you can easily save heavy amount of money, so you can say that reliability on the good car save lots of good money to you which can be a dividend to you.

Do some research and learn simple strategies to improve the fuel efficient of your vehicle. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 44

Avoid The Shopping Malls

Its fun to watch and enjoying with friends and family members at Shopping malls, but malls are packed with full of temptations. That would be great for you to avoid visit shopping malls, till you not get anything which is not available in markets or get some discounts or sale on the products which you need.

Believe me, when you are in limited budget and doing window shopping in that can be a torture. Don’t put unnecessary burden on yourself and find some other way to entertain yourself. Ground, sports, puzzle games, walk or a good movie can easily replace your regular adventure in shopping malls. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 45

Master To Yourself In 10 Second Rule

Whenever you pick any item and add it your shopping cart or going to checkout the product, at that time just stop for 10 seconds, think and ask yourself the thing you are going to buy is actually you need it or not. If you find good answer for the thing than buy it, if not than put that item back. This tip works for both offline shopping and in online shopping. This will help you from making impulse buying on regular basis and you can easily save good money by doing this. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 46

Rent Out Unused Space In Your Home

Do you have an extra room which is not in use? Try to find a good suitable tenant and rent the room.  If your house is near some popular area or some tourist area, than you can easily make the empty rooms a guest’s room and you can easily make some good amount of money from it. Consult a lawyer and make a contract which his suitable as per your requirement and make money every day or every month by making it guest room or give it on rent on monthly basis. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 47

Create A Reminder Of Your Debt

If you take loan or in debt that you should make a big progress chart or bar which starts with debt amount you have which ends with the zero, as it will help you to put your debt into easy to understand terms. Every time you pay or clear some of your debt or loans than fill the progress little more.

Always keep this thing in your mind that put the chart in the place where you can see it regularly and always make your progress chart up to date so that it will help you to know how much you clear and how much of your debt is left. This chart will look to you like a prize and help you to lead straight from the freedom of debt. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 48

Cancel The Magazine Subscriptions

Do you have a bunch of unread magazines around your home? Mostly it is because of your subscriptions which you are not reading anymore. You should not just only stop renewing those magazines, also you should call to your magazines subscription department and tell them to cancel your subscription and also ask for refund. You never know that they may give you your money back, at least give a try.

I am always calling various departments for cancellation of my subscription and also asking for refund and seriously over 50% of them give smile on my face. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 49

Daily Eat Your Breakfast

Eating breakfast not just give you energy for whole day but also curbing your wish and desire for big, expensive and might be unhealthy lunch. On the other side, breakfast can be healthy, inexpensive and quick. Breakfast also gives you some time to spend together with family on table and you can easily give and take some suggestions for the day. Taking eggs, oatmeal in the breakfast is often the one thing which keeps me from running out to eat expensive and an unhealthy lunch later in the day. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 50

Exchange Babysitting With Neighbors

I, we, everybody living in the neighborhood with lots of families with young toddlers and children’s. Because of there children’s they are willing to swap babysitting nights with each other, which helps in saving money of hiring the baby sitter. Few of the families even take this to an incredible extreme level.

If you have small children’s at home and you do not want to hire any baby sitter than look for the family who have children’s too and have different timing of work from you. Talk with them and do the children’s swapping with them. By doing this you can easily a ton of money by not hiring any babysitter for your children’s. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 51

Don’t Fear Leftovers: Jazz Them Up Instead

There are so many peoples who feel as if leftovers are just inferiors rehashes of the regular meals. After all there is nothing cheaper than eating your leftovers, by knowing few new techniques you can easily make your leftovers tastier than before. On the other hand you can easily end up with something surprising and quite delicious.

Let me share my favorite technique of leftover food – I am using the leftovers dishes to make a new dish from them like if I have rice left than I make veg. or non-veg. friend rice from or eat the same with new vegetables which is made today. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 52

Go Through Your Clothes – All Of Them

If you have a regular lust towards buying clothes than go and find your old clothes from closet, wash them and press them put them in front o your wardrobe. It will not just show you a fully filled wardrobe but will also give you some more options to wear old clothes mix with the new ones, which will give you various new looks. After that you do not need to spend money on new clothes and you can easily save lots of money by not buying new clothes for long time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 53

Brown Bag Your Lunch

Take your homemade lunch while going to work instead of going outside for taking lunch which will cost you good money every month. If you can not take homemade food everyday than at least take it 2-4 times a week. You can easily create quite enjoyable brown bag lunch by preparing thoughtful preparation of your food for lunch. By doing this you can easily save some good amount of money. Your colleagues may not understand your money saving desires, but that is their problem. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 54

Learn How To Dress Minimally

Always buy and wear those clothes which easily mix and match with all of your clothes. Like if you have 5 shirts, 5 pants and 5 ties all together, you basically have serious endless collection of clothes. You can wear same clothes in 5X5X5= 125 different ways.

Personally I also do like this which helps to minimize shopping of clothes footwear and still looking different from all by doing mix and remix of the apparels and footwear. Now you can easily save money with style. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 55

Ask For Help And Encouragement From Your Inner Circle

Whenever you feel discouraged, just relax, sit down and talk with the peoples who love you and care about you the most, ask them to help you to come out of this situation. Do not feel hesitate to ask them about your financial situation and suggestions and support to come out financial crunches.

Pay attention and take their suggestions seriously. Sometimes the suggestion of someone can help you to come of the bad situations. Sometimes, they understand your situation better than you. So do not feel ashamed to take suggestion from your loving ones. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 56

Try To Fix Things Yourself

Few years back, it was very difficult to find the way to fix the items which are in use of our everyday routine at our home or in shop or office. But these days google, youtube, facebook and other website help us to fix all the things yourself. You can easily find any type of video of tutorial which shows you and helps you to fix the thing almost for free. It really does not matter what are you fixing, but it is always worth to try yourself. It will not just boost your confidence but also help you to save ton of money every year. Learning new skills never hurts. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 57

Keep An Idea Notebook Always In Your Pocket

Like me there are thousands of other peoples too who had wasted their countless amounts of money and time simply because we have forgotten some of the best ideas. But these days, I always keep a short notebook or notepad with me (and if they are not with me sometimes I use mobile too) to write and save those ideas in it. It helps me to never forget the important things and ideas which can help me in near future. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 58

Invest Money In A Deep Freezer

A deep freezer can be a good bargain after you invest the initial amount, but only if you will use it. Sometimes, having an extra deep freezer space invites you to buy the things in bulk and pay the lower prices overall. More better if you store, lots of food and meals which is already prepared in advance. It will help you to just go to your home and enable your food and pop something cheap and homemade food in the oven. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 59

Look For A Cheaper Or Less Expensive Place To Live

I personally found that living in cities is very expensive, so what I did is I found a living place nearby city and my work place. It help me to save some money by not going for expensive rented place and also save some money of gas too by getting home near my workplace. By saving this extra money I can now easily send more money to family. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 60

Check Out Free Events In Your Town

In surrounding where I am living having lots of sports grounds, parks and shopping malls and other lots of stuff where I am enjoying my extra time without spending any money. You can easily get lots of fun filled hours in these places by playing sports, walking or doing any other activities. The good thing is, you can do all these things in free. The entire thing you have to do is to discover the things which you like. Find new places, make new friends, do physical workout which help you to maintain your health and give you stress free life. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 61

Inflate Your Tyres

Did you know that for every 2 PSI of the air pressure under the recommended level in the tyre of your vehicle can reduce the 1 percent on the mileage of your gas. In most of the peoples car tyres are 5 to 10 PSI below the normal level, so it means that by inflating the tyres of your vehicle you can easily improve your vehicles gas mileage upto 5%.

Understanding the level of your vehicles tyre air is very easy, you can check the level in the manual book. Just go to nearby gas station and maintain the level of the air in tyres. I am sure your nearby gas station giving your free air. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 62

Start Gardening

Did you know that gardening can be an inexpensive hobby if you have a personal yard. Do some patch work, plant various types of flowers, fruits and vegetables plants or trees. Keep them weeded and you will have an inexpensive hobby which can produce healthy fruits and veggies for your family.

I personally planted chilies, lemon, potatoes and few other fruits and veggies in my garden with lots of fragrance flower varieties too. We love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables from our own garden and save lots of money by doing this. Why not you try this?? 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 63

Dig Into Your Community Calendar

If you want to make new friends and want to spend time by enjoying it than you should join various types of communities based on your choice and liking. You can ask your friends, family members and neighbors about various communities.

You don’t just help other but also get free meals, free stuff and entertainment and satisfaction too. It is also good to be in touch with new peoples and make them your friend. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 64

Use More Public Transportation

If there is in your city or town there is government transport facility available than start using it instead of using your own car. Using government transport system is cheaper and safer than your car. You all do not need to take tension of parking of your vehicle too.

I was personally using bus for going to my school and college and now when I start working again I am using bus or train to go to my office and come to my home. It is cheaper and I do not need to focus on driving, I just need to do rest while sitting in bus or train. After using government transportation you will you can easily save lots of money. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 65

Learn And Cut Your Own Hair

You may find this an odd and unpopular idea but believe me it really works and you can easily save good amount of money every year. Cutting your own hair is not an impossible work, you just need to do lots of practice and than you can do it easily at your home.

You just need good scissors, clippers and use plastic bag to throw hairs in that. In just 2-3 cutting your whole money of scissor and clips will recover and after that all the hair cut is free for you. After that, you can cut hairs of your family members if you or they want to. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 66


If you are living near your colleague or anyone who also works near your office or shop, than you both can easily take benefit by doing carpooling. You just need to use your car 15 days a month and other 15 days your colleague will take his/her own car. By doing this you are not just saving good amount of gas, maintenance and parking fees, but also you are giving less pollution on road too. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 67

Design Your Debt Snowball

You are not the only one, everybody is suffering from debt issue and you need a plan which can help you to come out of debt, so sit calm and make a design of structure payment and try to clear those debt which are very less in amount. It will help you in next month debt installment.

You need to make a plan for long time as it will take some time to show positive results. Also, if you are paying your debts early, you can easily put that money in your pocket. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 68

Get a Crock Pot

A slow cooker or crock pot is one of the best deals available on earth for reducing your cooker costs in a big and busy family. You just need to dump your ingredient in it before going to work, than put it on simmer, and your dinner is ready when you come to home.

There are endless recipes available out there for all types of meals. Every time you cook food this way, you are saving money as per compare to eating meals outside. Crock pot meals are usually good as leftovers, which can mean additional savings. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 69

Do Some Basic Home And Auto Maintenance On A Regular Basis

Why you waiting for deal with other person for your works maintenance, you should develop a habit of doing monthly maintenance schedule yourself from your home to your car. Do the maintenance work yourself whenever it needed. Spending couple of hours monthly can help you saving some good amount of money, also it boost your confidence in doing some new and other works in life. Maintaining your home, office or car can also keep it in better shape and also improve the value of your property or work over time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 70

Buy Staples In Bulk

It is good if buy the things in bulk which we are using on regular basis. For example, laundry detergent, trash bags, diapers, mosquito mats and more. We can easily find these things in large packets which is cheaper than the smaller packets. It can easily cut down your cost per usage a bit. Over the period it shows some good saving of money in longer time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 71

Pack Food For Road Trips

Are you interested and ready to go to road trip, than take some time to pack home made food for your trip. It is better to take food from home rather than stopping in the middle of your trip or driving around and looking for the place to eat. That would be better if you stop in some park and enjoy your food and spend some time their. Roadside food is always expensive and also not hygienic, it also may not suit you. So it is better to avoid eating food in other place and pack your food from home. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 72

Check Your Cell Phone Bill, Look For Services You Don’t Use, And Remove Them

There are various types of strategies to save money on your mobile phone bill, it includes switching from one expensive operator to other company who offer you more service in lesser rates. When your bill comes, check the details that are you paying money for those services which you are not using or not interested anymore. By this you can easily save good money every month. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 73

Consolidate Your Student Loans

There is competition in every field whenever new competitor comes in the market. So how a loan companies can be untouchable from this situation. Interest rates are getting low day by day, so it could be worth to talk with your loan company about interest rate and ask for less rates, if they deduct it is fine otherwise change your loan company.

You know if they reduce your 1% interest on loan of 20,000$ loan than you can easily save 200$ every year. If your loan is bigger than this amount you can save money according to your loan amount. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 74

When Buying A Car, Try To Look Only At Used Models

It is very hard to argue with anyone about the fact that new cars make terrible investments. Not only new cars price getting drop when it come out of showroom when you drive. But it also drops its value in coming years too.

If you really want to save thousands of dollars easily then start using government transportation as much you can or go for second hand car which is good in condition especially the engine part. If you any car which is 2-4 years old than there are chances that the car is in warranty period. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 75

Hit The Library Hard

Do not think that library is just a place where you can borrow a book or newspaper for reading. These days’ libraries are developing with various types of technologies too. In these days library you can get digital books, movies and cds too. You can meet new people their and can also use the free wi-fi or internet out their. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 76

Use a Simple Razor For Shaving

Always use simple razor, avoid using expensive razors. Your shave does not show off your razor or shaving cream, so try to use cheap razor blade and cream.

I am using single blade razor which cost me less than 2$ for 10 shaves on the other side expensive one cost me 2$ per shave. So, use cheap products and save good money every year. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 77

Find Daily Inspiration For Making Intelligent Moves

These days children’s,, uhhh, they really inspiring me a lot. Perhaps you are inspired to make changes by your family members or by your spouse or even in the community or society you respect. Maybe it is just a personal goal, like an early retirement.

Find something or someone who can do positive changes in your life, and always remember that thing or person as much possible you can which help you to boost yourself positively. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 78

Learn About All Of The Offers And Benefits Your Company Provides

You may be surprised at what you find when you spend some time your Human Resource person at your office when you know about the benefit of your job.

I am always learning new things from my colleagues like how to get free tickets of some sport events or opportunities of free personal improvement and also an optional match on some retirement funds which can easily maximize your money which you lost in various investments.

By doing this I can easily cut my down my spending on things like community events, sporting and also on education/ business education classes. Suggestions can also help me to improve my retirement plans. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 79

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies Instead Of Buying Them

Youtube is not just for entertainment or for fun. You can learn lots of new and creative which can also help you in saving some amount of money. For example:- You can make detergent and soap at home by learning from youtube. You cannot just save money by making it at home but also can make it with less chemicals by adding those material which do not harm your body. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 80

Suggest Cheap Activities When Meeting Up With Family And Friends

Want to spend some time with friends? Avoid going to pubs, bars, restaurants or in movie theaters (sometimes). Try to convince them to go to play sports like basketball, soccer etc. or make a plan to go to near tracking place or spend time at home or anything which you find cheap and easy conceivable. After all you want these green papers to stay in your pocket for some more time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 81

Don’t Speed

Driving car over the limited speed not just cost you extra gas but also you can be chased traffic police which can cost you a challan ticket. Driving car in limit also can save from accident which can cost you huge money and if someone get injured or died by you’re driving than you may spend 10 years or so in the jail too. So, that would be great to drive car in recommended speed and let the gasoline in your vehicle for some more time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 82

Read More

I love reading books, not because of it is the cheapest hobby, because reading books are very beneficial for our brain as we get lot of information every day. You may know that at this age even Bill Gates and other big businessman and celebrities loves to read books. You may also known owner of Tesla, Paypal and SpaceX, Elon Musk start making space ships by giving direction to his team by reading books only as he does not holding any degree, diploma of spaceship engineering.

Take a membership of library near you and start collecting information which is required in your business and in your life by reading various books. If you are feeling demotivate and there is not one who can help you than start reading motivational books which can help you to overcome the depression. So, start improving your ability of reading and enjoy yourself. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 83

Buy Smaller House

There are so many reasons which can convince you to buy a smaller house which you can easily afford. I am currently living in 2500 square feet house with my family and already given 2 floors on rent and getting good amount from rent. If I did not work for whole life and live on rent only, than I can easily live my whole life by rent only.

By own small house you can easily save lots of money from electricity bill, water bill, repair, taxes and from other things. Also, if you have good tenants you can spend sometime with them also you or they can help you in the time of need. (This point is my whole story). 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 84

Drive a Different Route To Work

This suggestion is a very powerful if you found yourself “automatically” stopping for something comes in the way to your home or in work. You should come out of this constant drain by selecting the different route which does not go by the temptation, even if the new route is a bit longer. You will still save time by not stopping in the way, and also the money you save by not spending it unnecessary indulgences will add up over the time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 85

Always Ask For Fees To Be Waived

Whenever you sign up for any kind of service and you have to pay a sign up fees, than do not forget to ask for waive off of sign up fees. Not always but sometimes they will waive off your sign up fees and you can easily save money by being forthright about not want to pay excessive fees. I always get waived off sign up fess from joining any gym, fitness center or any hotel or pub signup fees. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 86

Avoid Overspend On Hygiene Products

Some smart (yes smart) people would probably find that the inexpensive (or less expensive) hygiene products also work as well as the expensive stuff. I personally would love to buy cheap deodrant’s, perfumes, toothpaste, brush etc. which works same like the expensive ones. Success of living hygiene is to always bath and do wash your hands regularly before eating anything, and you will be just fine. You do not need to buy costly face wash or body wash or soap, just clean your body and face properly with the lesser expensive products and the work the same too. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 87

Eat Less Meat

When you consider about the nutritional value of meat, you will meat is very expensive as per compare to fruits and vegetables. And almost in every case beans offer much better value in protein packed value. If you do not want to be a full fledged vegetarian than you can still save a bundle of money by eating meat less often. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 88

Use a Brutally Effective Coupon Strategy

Use as many coupons you can use in conjunction with your shopping list and grocery store flyer. By doing this you can easily save doubles both through using the coupons and through initial sale savings. This money saving strategy helps you to avoid purchasing the products which you do not need just because you are getting discount or having coupons. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 89

Air Seal Your Home

Not getting cool air of air conditioner in summer season and also getting more electricity bill. Than you should check the air leakage as air leakage gives not proper cooling and also consumer more electricity. Whenever you use air conditioner, try to make your home air seal so that you will get cool atmosphere and save energy dollars from leaking out. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 90

Make Your Own Beer or Wine

If you are enjoying an occasional drink then this a great way to enjoy the some of your favorite beverages at a steep discount. You can make five gallons of wine or beer and once easily and it do not take that long time once you become master in this process. You can make it better activity if you make it with your friends. Simply buy the equipment’s, your friends bring the juice, and you will get few bottles of homemade delicious beer or wine. You all will get entertainment and some free beverages, this is what I call a frugal deal. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 91

Make Sure All Your Electrical Devices Are On a Surge Protector

This is especially true of your computer equipment and your entertainment center. surge of power can damage all these electronic equipment’s easily, so take a wise decision and spend money for a basic surge protector and keep your electronic equipment’s plugged into such device. If you even want to save your products more, than always unplug those things which are not in use to avoid the phantom energy use. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 92

Get On The Automatic Repayment Plan For Any Student Loans You Have

There are loan debt companies who give small reduction in student loans if they signup for automatic debt repayment plan. By this they not just saving couple of dollars every month but they also do not need to put effort of paying the bill either as the debt installment will be deduct automatically from their accounts.

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 93

Cut Down On Your Vacation Spending

Avoid to going on big and extravagant trip, just pack your bags and go in your car and visit some places surrounding your town with your family members or with friends. Few of my best vacations were whenever I spend time with my family, children’s and friend. We make food at home and enjoying on some nearby tourist place or hill station. We are enjoying a lot by spending very less money and these short vacations are always memorable. If still you want to stay in hotel and travel by air than always look for traveling and online hotel booking rewards which will help you to save some money. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 94

Cancel The Cable Or Satellite Channels You Don’t Watch

How to lose money from cable TV- Just join premium package of cable TV which you really do not need, by this you easily lose some good money every month.

Now, know how to save money from cable TV. Cancel the entire premium package or those packages of cable TV which is not required. For example- If you are a movie lover than you remove few sports and serial channel, you can do vice-versa like this with other channels. By this you can easily get rid of those channels which you do not need and save the money every month. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 95

Exercise More

You should go for jogging or for walk every morning or evening or whenever you get time regularly. Do complete warmup and stretching which opens your whole body muscles and make your reflexes stronger. You can also do these exercises at home too which can lead you to huge health benefits. Just spend 30 minutes per day and coon your health and wallet will thank you. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 96

Utilize Online Bill Pay With Your Bank

This service has two purposes. First is, it always keep you in more closed contact with your money, as by this you can keep a very close eye your bank balance and that will be much less likely to overdraft.

Second is, by this you can save money on paper checks and on stamps by allowing you to just fill the form online and click submit, and your bill will be paid. Think about this and try it out, and take full advantage of this feature if you are not using this service already. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 97

Connect Your Entertainment Center And/Or Computer Setup To A True Smart Power Strip

Device like SmartStrip can easily cut power of the all devices on the strip once a control device is turned off to reduce the phantom power drains. So, if your workstation hooked up to this, than every time you power down your monitor and computer and other devices.

You can use this feature/gadget with your entertainment gaming console too. When your turn off your television, satellite/cable box also go off, as does the DVD player, VCR, and your video game console too. By using this you can easily save a lot of electricity which can help in trimming your electricity bill. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 98

Don’t Beat Yourself Up When You Make A Mistake

If you make 10 good choices than it will be easy for you to beat yourself up and feel life a failure over one bad choice. If you made a big mistake in your life and realize it, think about why you realized it now instead of then, and try to apply that later on. End up the mistake you done from your memory will be very valuable for you and show you good positive result in upcoming time. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 99

Always Keep Looking Ahead

Forget about your past and avoid doing the same mistake again. For better future look ahead and work hard and wisely. Learn from your past mistakes and make your future better. Sometimes best life lessons are learned through your own life experience, it may be good or maybe bad. Do promise with yourself  and do better things in life which will help you to keep mistakes where they belong to, in the past. 

Money Saving Expert Tips No. 100

Never Never Never Give Up

Whenever you struggling against debt and feel like it is too much now, than read good financial blogs. You can also read our other financial tips and tricks articles which can help you to come out of the financial crisis. Always remember that you are not the only who is suffering from this situation, almost every human of this world was suffered and suffering and will suffer from this problem. You are not going to get anything by crying, you have to stay strong and have to fight with this situation to come out of this problem.

I am not saying focus all the above written strategies, but you can easily choose few of them and can save lots of money every month.

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