Top 6 Bad Habits That Can Cause Kidney Damage

Top 6 Bad Habits That Can Cause Kidney Damage

Top 6 Bad Habits That Can Cause Kidney Damage

You should drink less alcohol if you want your kidney function working healthily.

More protein is also not suitable for kidneys.

Take caffeine in a limited amount for proper function of the kidney.

A kidney is an important part of our body. There are 2 kidneys in our body – one on the right and the other on the left. If one gets spoiled, then the person can spend a life of another kidney. Kidney work is to remove the urine (toxins and extra water) from the body by cleaning the blood.

It also makes a balance of erythrocytes in the body. When someone drinks less water, then kidneys do not have the blood to flow properly and the toxins get accumulated. When we stop urine for a long time, it can cause many problems, such as increased urine pressure in the kidneys, kidney failure etc. There are many kinds of hormones produced by the kidneys.

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Today I am going to share Top 6 Bad Habits That Can Cause Kidney Damage

1- More Salt Intake

There is a lot of sodium inside the salt and when we add more salt to the food, it is very difficult to get sodium out of the body. This causes pressure on kidneys, which may damage our kidneys.

2- Increasing Caffeine

Drinking excessive coffee and other caffeine drinks can lead to kidney damage because blood pressure increases with caffeine.

3- More Painkillers to Eat

If you have been eating painkillers for a long time, then this affects kidney function. There may be a lack of blood in the body too.

4- More Protein Food

There is no double opinion that protein is very good for health, but eating excessive protein can also have a bad effect on kidneys. Since the kidney is extremely fragile, in such a case, due to excessive protein, it can also be damaged.

Eating a lot of foods rich in protein increases the load on the digestive system. That is why eat proteins in limited quantity for the right function of kidneys and to keep them healthy.

5- Ignoring Cold or Flu

Whenever you suffering from cold or flu, do not work too much. During this, give full rest to your body. During the illness, your body will get tired, then the bad effect falls on the function of kidneys. 

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6- Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If you drink too much alcohol, then curb your bad habit. Alcohol can completely damage kidneys because it contains toxins in a large amount, which is not good for health at all.

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