Know How Gall Bladder Stone Affects Digestion System

Know How Gall Bladder Stone Affects Digestion System

Know How Gall Bladder Stone Affects Digestion System

In addition to eating asbestos, the digestive tract also affects stomach related diseases. If there is a problem of stones in the pit patch, then the digestive tract is affected due to it. Having a stain in the gallbladder, after eating, causes pain in the upper abdomen, pain in breathing, problems of fever, and so on. In this article we tell you how Gall Bladder Stone affects your digestive tract.

There are millions of patients all over the world who are troubled by the problem of Gall Bladder Stone. This is a very painful problem, it is also called gallstones. There are two types of stones in the gallbladder. First cholesterol-build, second pigment shaped calculus of which about 80 percent of stones are made from cholesterol content. This disease can happen to anyone and at any age but women are less likely to have this disease than men.

Actually, the bile is formed in the liver and its storage is in Gall Bladder Stone. This bile helps to digest fatty food. When the excess amount of cholesterol and bilirubin increases in the bile then this is the ideal condition for the formation of stone.

These diseases are usually found in people 30 to 60 years of age. This disease is found four times more in males than females. In the children and the elderly, the bladder stones become more common.

What is the Problem

After eating food, there may be a pain in the upper part of the stomach, pain while breathing, fever, vomiting, eyes and skin irritation, etc. If there are symptoms, then there will be a stone in your gallbladder.

In fact, as soon as the food reaches the intestines, Gall Bladder converts food into bile, causing fat to digest. This bile contains cholesterol, bilirubin and bile salts when these elements become thick, then it becomes a stone. Gall Bladder stops the flow of bile, causing digestion.

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 What is the Reason

There are many reasons for Gall Bladder Stone, but eating problems are major in this. Apart from obesity, this disease is also hereditary. Pregnant women and women taking contraceptive pill are more at risk. Gall Bladder Stone should be treated as soon as possible. Although Gall Bladder Stone can also be dissected from medicines it is a long and precarious procedure, the most effective treatment for this is surgery.

If you have any problems in the stomach, contact the doctor if you do not want to make your stomach a pistol bag.

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