Eat These 7 Foods to Increase Immune System in Rainy Season

Eat These 7 Foods to Increase Immune System in Rainy Season

Eat These 7 Foods to Increase Immune System in Rainy Season

Foods to Increase Immune System- This is monsoon time and it also invites many types of diseases like malaria, dengue, chickenpox, jaundice etc. moreover cold and cough is common these days. To protect yourself from these problems, it’s important to increase your immunity power.

Immunity power can help you fight with so many diseases. Avoid street foods and drink boiled water rather than normal or cold water.

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Today I am going to share 7 foods which can improve your immune system and save you from diseases and infections.

  1. Soup:-

Soup is the best way to increase the immunity. If you want to eat light food than you can make soup your first choice. It does not matter you chose vegetarian soup or non-vegetarian soup, both works the same. It provides enough amounts of protein and starch. Along with this, soup a maintains humidity level of the body. It is most effective for a person who is suffering from any type of a cough, cold or another winter disease. 

  1. Yogurt:-

Yogurt and other fermented food contain a lot of probiotics and these protect from many bacterial infections. Regular use of it can increase immunity and helps us to fight with diseases. 

  1. Nuts:-

If you use nuts and dry fruits of your daily snacks then it’s very helpful for your body. Always consume nuts by mixing these with dry fruits. A dry fruit increases the energy level in our body and prevents many infections. 

  1. Green Vegetables:-

Spinach, reddish, broccoli etc. are the main source of Vitamin A, C, and E (that’s why Popeye and bugs love them). Along with this, they also contain folate fiber and anti-oxidants in enough amounts. These antioxidants make your immune system strong and healthy. If you want then you can make soup of these vegetables and add this to your diet, especially at dinner time. I am sorry to tell you but do not forget to wash the vegetables. 

  1. Mushroom:-

Mushroom consists of vitamins and antioxidants. Presence of vitamin B in your body makes you healthy and increases your immunity power. Moreover, selenium protects you from many types of illness. 

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  1. Spices:-

Different types of spices which are present in our kitchen also help in increasing immunity. These include turmeric, coriander, cumin, asafetida, mustard, and cloves etc. because this improves our digestion process and decreases the threat of sinus.

  1. Black Tea or Coffee:-

Drink one cup of black tea or coffee daily or 3-4 times a week. It contains an excess amount of flavonoids and antioxidants which stops the damage of free radicals. You can also use tulsi and ginger in your tea in place of black tea or coffee which is very helpful. If you want to lose weight along with this then add lemon too in it, which helps in reducing weight.

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