Suffering from Fever? Try these 10 Natural Home Remedies to Recover Easily

Suffering from Fever? Try these 10 Natural Home Remedies to Recover Easily

Suffering from Fever? Try these 10 Natural Home Remedies to Recover Easily

In this world, there is no one who never suffered from fever, all of suffering fever several times in our lifetime. You get a fever when body temperature rises above 37 degrees. Mainly fever is the initial indication of any disease or health problem. it usually happens when our body is fighting internally with flu, malaria etc. This infection can be bacterial or viral. Today I am going to share 10 natural home remedies which can help you to overcome from the fever easily at home.

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Various causes of fever are:-

Inflammatory diseases, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, ear infections, autoimmune disorders, cancer or blood clots.

Common symptoms of fever are:-

Sweating, headache, muscle ache, dehydration, weakness, headache, muscle ache, dehydration, weakness, body shivering, loss of appetite.

Getting fever is a good thing because it is a process of the body fighting with infection and makes the body stronger after that. But if you are getting a fever again and again, due to this you have to face many problems. Then there are many natural home remedies with you can treat fever at home.

Note:- If your fever is more than 40 degree (104 degrees F) then it can be very dangerous. In this condition consult the doctor and take proper treatment immediately.

  1. Cool Water:-

Dip one clean cloth in cold water then after squeezing it. Keep it on various hot organs like the forehead, soles of feet, stomach etc. Repeating this will reduce fever. Keep changing cloth after some time. This remedy is very beneficial for heavy fever because it controls body temperature.

Note:- Do not use excess cold water suddenly because due to this, there are more chances of increasing more body temperature.

  1. Basil:-

Basil is one of the best herbs for the treatment of so many herbs and fever is one of them. It works as an antibiotic and helps in reducing fever fast. Heat 20 basil leaves and one spoon grind ginger in one glass water until the water remains half. Now put some honey in it and drink it as tea. Drink it 2-3 times in a day. You can also drink basil tea. Or, you can eat fresh basil leaves by chewing. This is one of the best home remedies which I am using personally.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:-

Apple cider vinegar is cheap and also very effective in the treatment of fever. Acid present in this helps in removing fever through the skin. It also has various mineral. Therefore the lack of minerals due to fever is fulfilled by this. Put 1½ cup apple cider vinegar in hot bathing water. Now dip your whole body in this water for 10 minutes. Now will notice the benefit in next 20 minutes. On rising body temperature again repeat this remedy.

Mix one cup apple cider vinegar in 2 cup water. Now soak one clean cloth in it and squeeze it and keep it on the forehead. You can also keep this cloth on the sole of feet. When this cloth gets warm then dips second cloth and squeeze that and keep that cloth on a warm part. Repeat this remedy again and again according to your need.

Mix 2 spoon of apple cider vinegar and one spoon honey in one glass of water then drink it. Drink it 2-3 times a day to get relief from fever.

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  1. Garlic:-

Garlic has a warm nature which increases sweating that leads to decrease in fever. It helps in removing poisonous materials from the body and improves the recovery speed. Garlic is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent which helps in fighting with body infection.

Put one mashed garlic clove in one glass of boiling water. Boil it in one cup and then drink it as a tea. Drink it twice a day and you will start facing a difference in your health in a better way.

Mix two mashed garlic cloves in two spoons of olive oil and heat it. Apply it on soles of feet daily before sleeping and then tie the cloth over it so that it remains over there. In most cases using this remedy treats the fever in one night.

Note:- Pregnant women and small children should not use garlic.

  1. Raisins:-

Raisins help in fighting with body infection and reduce fever. It has phenolic phytonutrients which have antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It also works as a tonic in fever.

Soak 25 raisins in one glass of water for one hour. Now mash these in that same water where you dip them and make a juice of them. Now filter this juice and squeeze one lemon in it. Drink this juice twice a day for better results.

  1. Ginger:-

Ginger helps in taking out the heat from the body which leads to reduced fever. It is also a natural antiviral and anti-bacterial agent which helps the immune system with any kind of infection.

Mix two large spoon ginger powder in a bathtub full with hot water. Now sit in this water for 10 minutes. Now wipe your body properly and lie down on your bed covering yourself with a blanket. You will start sweating in some time and your fever will reduce. Drink ginger tea without milk three-four times a day.

  1. Mint:-

Cooling properties present in mint help in cooling the internal system and decreases the body temperature. It helps in removing the body heat out. Put one spoon mashed fresh mint leaves in one glass water and boil for 10 minutes. Now filter it and mix some honey in it. Drink this tea four times a day. You can put ginger in it.

  1. Egg white:-

You can use egg white to reduce the temperature in fever. It works as a cooling gel in the body and absorbs the heat of your body. Egg white treats fever from head to feet in just half an hour of time.

Take out egg white by breaking two or three eggs. Now make it thin by mashing. Now apply it on soles of feet properly and wear socks. When it dries then clean it and apply second paste. Repeat it until your fever is treated.

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  1. Turmeric:-

Turmeric is also considered very effective in fever. It has a chemical compound named curcumin which has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Turmeric helps the immune system in fighting with any kind of infection. It prevents complications related to fever and reduces fever. Mix half spoon turmeric powder and one-fourth spoon of black pepper in one glass of hot milk then drink it. Drink it two times a day.

  1. Sandalwood:-

Sandalwood has therapeutic and cooling properties which decrease the inflammation of fever. It also helps in reducing headache due to fever. Make a paste by mixing 1½ spoon of sandalwood in a cup of water. Now apply this paste on the forehead. Change this paste every 3 hours.

Note:- For better results use good quality sandalwood.

Extra Tips:-

  • To stop dehydration drink water in large quantity or drink orange juice.
  • Do not use extra cold water or ice.
  • Rest for 2-3 days completely.
  • Eat green vegetables.
  • Do not eat cold or stale food.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

So, friends, these were the 10 natural home remedies which can help anyone in the problem of fever. I am sure it will help you lot. Do not hesitate to share these home remedies with your friends and family members.

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