Beware Smartphone Can Damage Your Health

Beware Smartphone Can Damage Your Health

Beware Smartphone Can Damage Your Health

Smartphone Can Damage Your Health – Smartphone has now become a status symbol of Smartness. But this smartphone is now slowly becoming the reason for the elimination of the eye’s smartness.

According to the latest report from the New England Journal of Medicine, using a smartphone in the dark makes the eyes light gradually decreasing. According to the report, there were symptoms seen in few peoples, who are suffering from smartphone blindness these days.

In the world, the number of affected people is now increasing due to smartphones.

According to the ophthalmic physician, there are 20-25 patients from every 100 days who are disturbed by the use of smartphones or computers and now they are feeling tired.”

In spite of such reports, smartphones are increasingly growing in the youth.

A student of biotechnology, says, “I can not live without a smartphone because information about college or college information is easily available on all smartphones. It is necessary for me to use the smartphone too because I have to shut the lights after one time in the night because of staying in a hostel. Because more and more students are sleeping in the room, so in the dark, I have to resort to most of the smartphones to read.”

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Rohan, who works in the insurance company, says, “I work for three to four hours a day on my phone and computer for five to six hours. One day, suddenly my eyesight has started getting weak, and now I am constantly in the in touch with the eye doctor. “

An eye doctor told the BBC, “The blue light emitted from the gadget due to excessive use of smartphones or any other digital gadget creates a dryness in the eyes or it directly damages the eye’s retina. The use of smartphones or digital gadgets does not appear immediately, but gradually the eyesight starts to diminish. “

Research done by the New England Journal of Medicine says that “It is an initial test, yet I still have four such patients out of ten, who have their eyes used to make use of smartphones or digital gadgets Either dry or from the blue LED light, the effect of the eye on the retina is affected. “

It is not that smartphones or digital gadgets are used only by young people, children or senior people in the absence of information.

Director of ACS Health says, “I use more smartphones and digital gadgets too, due to which I have found the little problem of eyes and now I am using glasses. Dr. Regal, on the research of the New England Journal of Medicine, believes that “On completion of this research, this disease will definitely be given the name of Smartphone Blindness.”

Eye doctor advice:

– Using excessive smartphones or digital gadgets is harmful.

– Reduce the use of digital gadgets like smartphones, use a larger screen.

– Do not use smartphones or tabs in the dark at night. – It would be better to use a smartphone or digital gadget without lying on the bed, use only if it is very important.

– Use the smartphone to increase the contrast of the smartphone and reduce the brightness.

– Reading distance must be 14-16 inches.

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To keep the eyes healthy:

– Lubricating on a drop in everyday eyes.

– Lubricating eye drops have no side effects.

– It can be seen by people of all age groups.

– Keep your eyes blinking constantly while using a smartphone.

– Blinking eyelids will not lead to dryness.

– Burning light hot water on the eyes will keep your eyes healthy.

To keep your eyes healthy, eat fruits like antioxidant like apple, kiwi, colorful fruits and eat nut and green vegetables.

Smartphone Can Damage Your Health

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