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6 Early Stage Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

6 Early Stage Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack- Heart attack and diabetes are the 2 diseases which are increasing in the world rapidly. Today in almost every home there is atleast one patient who is suffering from the symptoms of heart disease.

Our body gives signals before heart attack to us, which we need to learn. Today I am going to share 6 early symptoms or signals of heart attack which now after reading this article anyone can know and can take treatment before it is getting too late.

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  1. Feeling Pressure on Heart:-

Pain and stiffness in chest or on feeling of heaviness get check-up by doctor immediately.

  1. Exhaustion Without any Reason:-

If feeling tired without doing any heavy work then understand that there is some problem. This tiredness occurs before one month of heart attack.

  1. Long Term Cold:-

If you are suffering from long-term cold then it is clear that your heart is not getting proper amount of oxygen and it is affecting your immune system.

  1. Swelling:-

If there is swelling on feet, hands and uterus etc. then you are suffering from any heart related problem and your heart is not able to pump blood properly in your body parts.

  1. Breathing Problem:-

Excess of stress on heart can cause breathlessness. Be aware of this if you have noticed these symptoms on heart attack.

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  1. Fast Heart Beat:-

If you are feeling that your heart beat is increasing then it’s not common or normal. This can be one of the symptoms of heart attack.

Friend if you see any of the above symptoms in yourself and in your nearby people. Just visit the health center as possible to live healthy and happy life.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

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