7 Symptoms of Heart Attack which we do not know before

7 Symptoms of Heart Attack which we do not know before

Common symptoms of heart attack or cardiovascular disease are high blood pressure, tension, and diabetes. But there are many other symptoms that we actually don’t know. People usually ignore these symptoms, but you can bring a change in your lifestyle if you concentrate on these. A lot has been done for treating cardio diseases for many years.

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Today I am going to share 7 symptoms of a heart attack which you have never noticed.

  1. Venereal Disease:-

If you feel comfortable while sexual intercourse then this can be a treat to the health of the heart. The improper functioning of blood vessels causes heart problems.

  1. Baldness:-

Damage to our hairs can cause circulation problems. According to the survey, baldness is related to cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Sleep Apnea:-

People suffering from sleep apnea are more prone to heart diseases. This is the most astonishing symptom of heart attack.

  1. Usage of Plastic Containers:-

It consists of BPA chemical which produces estrogen and cause many problems in women.

  1. A migraine:-

Recent research has shown that women experience a migraine at least once in a month. Heart attack chances are twice in women as compare to men. This is also a symptom of heart attack.

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  1. Marriage Stress:-

Small fights and arguments are common in every married life, but this can also put a bad effect on women’s heart. The recent survey has concluded that married women are more victims of a heart attack rather than unmarried women’s.

  1. Banana and Avocado:-

Eating 1 banana and avocado regularly can prevent stiffness in vessels. Problems in blood vessels can be the reason behind cardio diseases and can lead to death.

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