Did You Know these 12 Super foods for the Weight Lose

Did You Know these 12 Super foods for the Weight Lose

Did You Know these 12 Super foods for the Weight Lose

Super foods for the Weight Lose- Before writing this article I want to say that obesity is not a disease, but obesity is the early stage and the cause of every disease which is going to happen with you if you are overweight. Overweight is like a curse which is given to us by us and it can be very harmful to our upcoming life.

Yes, you can lose weight by doing exercise and other medicated products available in the market. But today I will share 12 super foods which can be found in any kitchen and you do not need to do anything special to eat those super foods.

World obesity day is to step towards awaking people and reducing weight. According to WHO, over 100 million in the world are under the category of fat peoples. In European countries, only obesity is increasing day by day as people are very busy in their works so they love to buy food from outlets which are good in taste but they are forgetting that this causes too much damage to their body and mind too.

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Just read this article and read how it is very easy to lose weight by using these 12 things without any hard work.

  1. Garlic:-

Regular use of garlic for 1 month can reduce 3-5 kgs. of weight. It helps in increasing immune system strength too. You can add garlic in any vegetable to make food more delicious and healthy.

You can eat 1 portion of garlic after breakfast daily. Just dip 1 garlic piece in water in the night and start eating 1 portion on regular basis to reduce some weight.

You can buy ginger paste from the market and can add 1 spoon (add a slight amount of salt too) in warm and drink. If you want to add you can add lemon in it too for better taste. 

  1. Oat Meal:-

Start your day with better food and oatmeal is the best way to start your day. Add oats in your breakfast, oats are the good source of high fiber. Oats help in controlling and reducing weight by keeping your feeling of a fuller stomach.

For better blood pressure add some cinnamon powder in oats and take it in your breakfast. 

  1. Egg:-

An egg is one of the best sources which helps in reducing weight. Eat 2 boiled eggs daily. Eggs contain protein and amino acid and it also increases metabolism which helps in losing weight. Egg increases good cholesterol level and reduces bad cholesterol level. (Note:- Try to avoid yellow part of the boiled egg). 

An egg is my favorite Super foods for Weight loss.

  1. Beetroots:-

Beets are the best source of magnesium and it maintains the blood sugar level. Must add beetroots in your diet if you are feeling hungry most of the time because it controls appetite.

Especially in winter, I personally roast them in the oven and put some lemon and salt on it eat. As I am pure vegetarian so it gives me the feeling of eating like non-veg. 

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  1. Apple:-

Apples are high in fiber and less in calories. Moreover, it consists of an enzyme which helps and improves the digestion system. If you feel like hungry then you eat 2-3 apples a day and it will help you with this problem too. 

Apple is one of the very best fruits which you can eat in any season without any hesitation.

  1. Green Tea:-

Green Tea is a good source of anti-oxidant and burns the extra fat in our body by increasing the metabolism. If you drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily then you can get rid of bad cholesterol. It also helps in reducing fat from the liver which helps in digestion of the food. 

Easiest and Cheapest Super foods for weight loss.

  1. Ginger:-

Do you know how ginger helps us in losing weight?

Ginger helps in the problem of indigestion and prevents cold and cough.  Juice of ginger has powerful enzymes which burn extra fat and make cells incompetent. That is why we should start adding ginger in our vegetables which helps in reducing weight easily. 

  1. Pepper:-

Pepper is very useful in burning extra calories in our body. Everybody knows that pepper is very spicy and hot which can make our face and head red. When we consume pepper, a chemical in the pepper released in the form of sweat. By this way, it changes the food into the sweat and expels it out from the body. This is very useful in reducing weight. 

  1. Cinnamon:-

One pinch of cinnamon powder can control your appetite very easily. A study has proved that people who are using cinnamon in their diet are more fit and healthy than those who are not using it.

Add just 1 pinch in your regular diet to remain fit and healthy.


Orange is one of the best fruits which help in increasing the metabolism. It contains a high quantity of vitamin C which is an important element in reducing weight. if you want to reduce weight rapidly then must eat 2 oranges per day or drink 1 full glass of orange juice to maintain the health and weight.

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   11. Spinach:-

Did you know why POPEYE loves spinach? Just read this point you also will start loving it.

Add spinach or spinach juice in your diet because it contains protein and antioxidants in an excess amount which increases metabolism activities and helps in immediate reduction of weight.

I am adding panner in spinach and eat it with chapatti or in any veg. roll which gives good taste and helps in maintain the health in a proper way.

     12. Linseed:-

Linseed is used for maintaining the cholesterol level and blood sugar level. It contains a high content of fiber which controls appetite which helps in to get rid of extra or overeating.

If you still found difficult to use any of the above written super foods who can help you in losing weight then try the bonus point.

1 Bonus Point:-

Just whenever you eat anything, drink warm water (Optional:- A slight amount of salt) after 40 minutes of completing your food. Just try it for 1 month and you will see the result yourself.  Add warm in your daily diet routine to stay healthy.

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