Did You Know These 21 Natural Home Remedies to improve Eye Sight

Did You Know These 21 Natural Home Remedies to improve Eye Sight

Did You Know These 21 Natural Home Remedies to improve Eye Sight

Home Remedies to improve Eye Sight – There is no doubt that eyes are the most important organ of our body. We have to face many problems if there is a little trouble in our eyesight. Weak eyesight is associated with myopia and hyperopia. Some important factor like genetics, nutrition deficiency, aging and excess strain on eyes are responsible for these problems. Most common symptoms of weak eyesight are blurred vision, frequent headaches, and watery eyes. Consult your doctor first for proper treatment, sometimes this can happen due to serious like glaucoma, muscular degeneration, and cataract or optic neuropathy. Generally, weak eyesight is treated by doctors but you can use some home remedies to improve your eyesight.

Today I am going to share 21 home remedies and treatment to improve eyesight vision and I am sure after using them you do not need any vision correction surgery or any other Lasik surgery as these home remedies are enough to improve your eye sight vision.

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  1. Eye Exercise:-

Eye exercise makes your eyes muscles flexible, increases blood flow and maintain vision. It also reduces excess strain on eyes and increases concentration.

Eye Exercise:-1

Hold a pencil vertically in front of eyes. This should be in between eyes and in straight direction of the nose. Focus on it and slowly bring it closer to your nose and then move it farther from you. Do this 10 times a day.

Eye Exercise:-2

Roll your eyes in a clockwise direction for some seconds and then in anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this 4-5 times a day. Blink your eyes in between every round.

Eye Exercise:-3

Flutter your eyelashes by blinking your eyes 20-30 times quickly. Now, close your eyes and let them rest. Do this twice a day.

Eye Exercise:-4

Concentrate on some object which 2-3 meter away from you. Initially, do this for 5 minutes but increase your time slowly. Do not blink your eyes while concentrating. Do this exercise for a few months.

  1. Summing and Palming:-

These are also useful for eyes because they make eye lens and ciliary muscles strong and flexible. Sun has natural healing power which can be obtained by sunning. Palming brings relaxation to our body and actives our senses.


Sit in the front of the direction of the sun and close your eyes. Take a deep breath while doing this. Do this daily for some time followed by palming.


Rub your palms together and then keep your palms gently over your eyes. Feel the heat generated by rubbing palms. Make sure to cover your eyes properly so that there is no entry of light. Do this daily after sunning. You can do this in between your daily workouts too.

  1. Acupressure/ Acupuncture:-

Our eyes are surrounded by a combination of some bones which are known as acupressure or acupuncture points. Start from point 1 and come to point 7 after circular motion. Do this 3-4 times a day.


Pregnant women should consult a doctor or trained therapist before doing this. Do not massage areas with scars, burns or infection. Walking barefoot on grass in the morning dew for 30 minutes is also a part of acupuncture therapy. As it activates the nerve fibers connected to feet which improve the eyesight. There are reflexology pressure points for eyes on second and third toes which activated when increases eyesight. Also, the green color of grass is comfortable for our eyes.

  1. Ginko Biloba Herb:-

Ginko Biloba is a type of tree which is found in China, Japan and other nearby parts of these countries. From an earlier period, it is used in cooking and treatment. Ginko Biloba is easily available in capsule, powder or tea form in the market.

It improves circulation of blood and vision. Moreover, it prevents various diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Recent research shows us that this is also beneficial for patients of retinopathy. Ginko Biloba is considered to relieve anxiety and improves memory especially in those people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer disease. Take 120 mg standardized Ginko Biloba capsule daily 2-3 times.


This herb should not be given to children and people suffering from diabetes should consult a doctor before taking this herb. 

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  1. Bilberry:-

Bilberry is also very effective for eye health and vision. It improves night vision as it stimulates the regeneration of visual purple component of the retina. Also, it protects eyes from macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract. This herb contains powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and chemical compound anthocyanoside which is good for problems related to diabetes and high blood pressure. Eat one-half cup of ripe bilberry fruit daily. You can also take bilberry supplements after consulting doctor.


As this herb can interact with other herbs and medicines, consult your doctor before taking it.

  1. Almond:-

Almonds contain Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants which are useful for improving eyesight. It also improves memory and concentration. Soak 5-10 almonds in water overnight. peel the skin and grind the almonds in the next morning. Consume this paste with a glass of hot milk. Do this daily for eye health.

  1. Fennel:-

Fennel has nutrients and anti-oxidants that slow down the progression of cataract. Ancient Romans consider fennel as a herb of sight. Blend equal amount of almonds, fennel and sugar candies in a mixer. Eat one spoon of the mixture powder with hot milk before going to bed/sleep. do this for at least 40 days.

Some More Popular Home Remedies for Improving Eyesight.

  1. Do not stay too near your television or computer screen. Moreover, decrease their brightness and you can use an anti-glare screen on these screens so that there is not bad impact on your eyes.
  1. Avoid studying in dim and low light because it causes strain in eye muscles.
  1. Take breaks in between work interval and rest your eyes every 20 minutes.
  1. Use sunglasses when you are out in sun.
  1. Always use good quality eye cosmetics.
  1. Get proper sleep as improper sleep leads to eye strain.
  1. Consume papaya daily as it improving eye sight vision.
  1. Eat apple jam and drink a glass of milk after it. Do this daily for healthy eyes.
    1. Carrot contains an excess amount of Vitamin A. You can use it as salad or vegetable regularly. You can eat it directly too.

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  1. Mix crushed sugar candy and gourd in black pepper powder. Eat this mixture regularly for good eye sight vision.
  2. Massage your sole of feet before taking a bath. This is also useful for eyes sight.
  1. Walking on grass barefoot in the morning is beneficial for weak eye sight.
  1. Sprinkle cold water on your eyes in the morning to fresh your eye sight.
  1. If your eyes strain regularly then extract juice from. Coriander and filter it. Put 2-2 drops of this solution in your eyes daily.

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