Diabetes- Did You Know Symptoms, Causes, Precautions and Treatment, diabetes and heart disease, diabetes treatment guidelines

Diabetes- Did You Know Symptoms, Causes, Precautions and Treatment

Diabetes- Did You Know Symptoms, Causes, Precautions and Treatment

Symptoms, Causes, Precautions and Treatment of diabetes- Did you know that India is world’s diabetic capital of the world where every 5th person is suffering from diabetes or blood sugar problem. How harmful or dangerous this disease can be in future is estimated from these effects.

Suffering from diabetes people may face problems like- blindness, heart attack, stroke, shivering and kidney failure etc.

Despite these treats, there is very less awareness about this disease in the world and in India too. Most of the people come to know about it when they are very much affected by this disease. Therefore, today I am going to share and discuss about the symptoms, causes, precautions and treatment of diabetes from this wonderful health platform name PlayWithHealth.com

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Before knowing the symptoms of diabetes, we must know that what is diabetes? And what are its types?

  • What is diabetes?

Diabetes is that type of disease in which patient’s blood has excess amount of glucose. This can be due to 2 reasons.

  1. Your body is not secreting insulin properly.
  2. Your cells do not react on produced insulin.

Two main types of diabetes:-

  1. Type 1 diabetes:-

Body stops producing insulin and patient has to take injection for insulin, whenever it required or suggest by doctor. 

  1. Types 2 diabetes:-

In this type of diabetes, our body produces insulin, but our cells do not react on this. Most of the people suffer from type 2 insulin.

Let’s discuss about 10 symptoms of diabetes:-

  1. Hunger and Fatigue:-

Your body converts everything you eat into glucose which is used by cells to produce energy. But your cells require insulin to carry glucose inside. If your body is not producing sufficient amount of insulin or your cells resist it then glucose cannot enter into cells and this results in loss of energy/ reduce body energy. Due to this, you feel more hungry than normal people and get tired easily.

  1. More Urine and Thrust:-

Generally a person go for urine 6-7 times a day but if you urinates more than normal then you might suffer from diabetes and you have to consult the doctor immediately.

Actually, what happens in diabetes is, in this sugar level in blood excess in amount then normal and our body tries to expel this excess sugar out through urine. Because, sugar leveled is not decreasing by going for urine once. Therefore, for removing extra sugar, body makes our kidney to function more. As kidney filters our blood organ and again which converts this into urine and the diseased person starts going for urinate more than normal peoples.

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Why We Feel Thirsty?

To expel excess sugar through urine, our body has to dilute urine, our body has to dilute our blood using water or fluids present in our body. This causes dehydration of body and we feel thirsty time to time.

  1. Dryness on Face and Itching:-

It happens because of diabetic person goes for urinating repeatedly and urine is made up of fluids in our body. Therefore it causes lack of moisture for other things and patient feel dehydrated. Insufficient amount of water results in dryness of face and it causes itching on face and on body. 

  1. Blurred Eyesight Vision:-

As we know our body dilutes our blood to expel excess sugar and uses fluids for this dilution. Sometimes this movement of fluid leads to flow of fluid in lenses of eyes and these got swollen. Swelling changes the shape of lenses and this cannot focus properly. It causes blurred vision. 

  1. Sudden Loss of Weight:-

If you are losing weight unintentionally then this can also lead to diabetes. Generally this happens in type 1 diabetes, but sometimes these symptoms can also be noticed in type 2 diabetes.

Actually due to insufficiency of insulin, glucose present in blood cannot reach cells and they are in capable of using this glucose as energy. But our body needs energy for everything therefore it starts burning body fat and muscles for acquiring energy which results in weight loss. 

  1. Nausea and Vomiting:-

When our body burns fat for fulfilling its energy needs than it produces ketenes and it start increases in blood rapidly. This creates many problems in our stomach like vomiting and nausea. 

  1. Yeast or Fungal Infection:-

Yeast feed on glucose which is present in excess amount in diabetic person. Therefore if your are suffering from yeast infection again and again, then this is also a symptom of diabetes. This infection mainly occurs in between fingers, sex organs and around thighs. 

  1. Clotting:-

If your wound takes a long time for clotting then you can have diabetes. Actually, because of diabetes excess amount of glucose can also affect your nervous system which leads to improper circulation of blood in our body. In this situation, injured part is not able to get proper supply of blood which contains oxygen and nutrients. Due to this it takes more time than normal to cure. 

  1. Tingling in Hands and Feet:-

If you have not controlled the diabetes for long then it can damage your nerves which are called diabetic neuropathy. As nerves send signals to hands and feet, but due to weakness or damage in nerves, signals are not sent properly and there is tingling in hands and feet. Driving, walking, running in this situation can harm you and others from you. 

  • Swelling in Gums:-

Diabetes also decrease our immunity to fight with bacteria’s which results in infection in bones which hold our teeth’s and gums. In this situation, our gums can separate from teeth and that could be a reason of swelling in gums.

Diabetes is also known as silent killer because affected person does not know about the symptoms of this disease and often ignoring small problems occurring because of this. But when he or she become acquainted with this disease,  there is already much damage in our body.

To protect yourself from this harmful disease then go for a regular treatment/ checkup whenever you notice any of the symptom which is written above.

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How much sugar test costs?

  1. Fasting- It costs 10-20$.
  2. Random- It costs 30-35$.

In fasting test, patient has to give blood sample before eating anything whereas in random test, patient can give blood sample after 2 hours of meal.

So friends, what I am going to say is diabetes is a disease which is caused by our bad or unhealthy lifestyle. If we ignore this then it can be very dangerous for health. Moreover, when a person come to know about this on time then it is not as difficult to control. Therefore, it is most important to know whether we are suffering from diabetes or not.

Stay Safe, Live Healthy….

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