10 Useful and Powerful Ways to Overcome Your Fear

10 Useful and Powerful Ways to Overcome Your Fear

10 Useful and Powerful Ways to Overcome Your Fear

Overcome Your Fear – We all live in some pointless fears, but if you want to win your fear then firstly you have to win yourself. Do not run from your fear rather face your fear bravely. Because the more you run from fear the more it follows you and that can make you life worst.

  1. Our Fear:-

We are facing lots of fear every day. But the amazing thing is that the fear is not outside it is in inside us. Excess of selfishness and lack of confidence or due to lack of knowledge we get feared. Therefore, if you want to win from your fear then you have to win yourself. 

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  1. Fear of Taking Help:-

It is said that “one flower makes no garland” and it is also true that these days our society turn away from helping each other. But when this fear comes into our mind that after taking help you will be proved as weak then it is a pointless fear.

  1. You Further, Fear Behind:-

Others are happier than us and all problems are written in our destiny, this thinking change into fear and start following us. Due to this instead of facing problems we start running from these. You need to overcome from this fear too. 

  1. Fear of Being Weak:-

With which you cannot fight, running away is the solution. By the way even if we want to run from failure, we cannot run away, because fear is inside us not outside. The time when we start ignoring something we think ourselves to be weak and not capable of that. 

  1. Fear of Responsibilities:-

Mostly we try to make others responsible for our problems, failures etc. whereas some responsibilities will be of us also. It is fear of responsibilities. To avoid this problem, the work left for tomorrow due to fear must be done at the same time. 

  1. Fear of Failure:

No one is born with the rule book of living life. Even after the advice of mom, dad, teacher and elders, there are some lessons which everyone needs to learn by itself. Therefore, we should try to make our own paths by learning from our mistakes. 

  1. Welcome Your Fear:-

Admit your fear before your fear makes you shy. Feel that in your body and talk about it. Welcome the fear by giving some name to it and calling it.

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  1. Fear of Apologizing:-

Sometime people start feeling and considering them to be perfect and think that they cannot make mistakes. In this condition they start feeling fear of apologizing they think that it would hurt their self respect whereas apologizing is the way to make one better.

  1. Fear of Losing:-

Usually people start living in the fear of losing something. Like losing job, someone closer and what will happen with them in future etc. and more many imaginary fears. But these are totally pointless. Just focus on your work properly, accept your responsibilities, everything will be alright.

  • Remember:-

Before the time you fear of failures makes you weak from inside or makes you alone, think about your previous success. Recognize your strengths and start working on it. Along with this make your work important and be healthy. Lack of focus and unhealthy body makes you weak. Most important is just do your work with concentration and enjoy your life.

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