8 Problems of Shoulder and their Treatment chronic pain treatment manage

8 Problems of Shoulder and their Treatment

8 Problems of Shoulder and their Treatment

Problems of Shoulder- Sitting or sleeping in one position or in wrong posture for long time or doing exercise without professional trainer or doing yoga or some other physical workout without knowing it properly can harm your body and shoulder pain is one of them which can take a serious problem if not take proper treatment.

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Today I am going to share 8 problems of shoulder and their treatment.

  1. Increasing Problems of Shoulder Pain:

Nowadays shoulder pain has become a common problem in our busy and hectic pressure life. Everyone from young age told age is suffering from body pain and shoulder pain is one of them.

According to census of 2017 by American bureau, approximately 68% people of the world facing this type of problem. There can be many reasons of shoulder pain from wrong posture of sitting and sleeping weakens the bones, any reason can be responsible for that. Moreover, it can be due to muscles steeping between bones of shoulder. This can bearable to severe pain.

  1. Periarthritis Shoulder:-

The shoulder is the ball and socket joint in human body which is the large capacity of mobility and stability. There is something like cover on shoulder which is called capsule and there is much space in it for movement of ball. In periarthiritis shoulder this cover starts squeezing which causes problem in mobility of ball and this result in painful condition. This problem is more common in diabetes patients because their sugar level increases which causes stiffness in capsule covering.

  1. Treatment of Periarthritis Shoulder:-

If you are a diabetes patient and you feel stiffness in your shoulder then never ignore it. Consult a doctor as soon as possible. It takes one year to recover from this shoulder pain. The starting phase of treatment is regular exercise. Only some cases require surgery. Technology has developed so fast that by making a small hole, whole surgery can be performed.


  1. Rotator Cuff Tear:-

Our shoulder is made up of three bones. Scapula, clavicle and humerus. The top of scapula is fit into circular socket of blade of shoulder. This is called socket glenoid. Composition of muscles and tendons concentrate arm bone into socket of shoulder. These tissues are called rotator cuff. Although shoulder can be injured while playing or working but most often the main cause behind shoulder pain is the weakening of tissues around rotator with increasing age fact. Problem in rotator cuff is mainly seen in people above 60 years of age. Excess use of shoulders can also increase the chances of pain.

  1. Treatment of Rotator Cuff:-

Evidence of degeneration of rotator cuff are noticed on MRI scans of shoulder of approximately 50% people those are above 50 years of age. Pain increases with increasing age.  Its treatment depends on condition of disease. If disease is in its earlier phase then it can treated using hot compress, physiotherapy, steroids injection etc.

But if it has increases to a great extent then arthroscopic surgery is required for curing rotator cuff and if this disease remains for long time then it can change into arthritis.

  1. Instability of Shoulder:-

This problem is more happens in young peoples. They feel like their shoulder has moved outward. This is very painful condition and is known as recurrent instability of shoulder repeatedly. To help make your shoulder more stable, there is a ring of firm tissue called labrum around your shoulder socket. Labrum get damaged if there is any injury and due to which ball socket of shoulders come outwards. If it is not treated then there can be some problem start in coming time in that particular place.

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  1. Treatment of Instability of Shoulder:-

Most often people suffering from this situation are afraid of games and physical workout. They feel like their shoulder will come out if they will do so. Recent surveys had shown that this problem can be cured by keyhole surgery. Labrum tissue is repaired during displacement of shoulder. There is no mark or stiffness during keyhole surgery like in open surgery. Moreover there is fast recovery in this surgery.

  1. Scapulothoracic Bursitis:-

Some people feel pain in backbone or spine. This pain is light in starting but increases with time. The cause behind this pain is swelling in joint tissues. This condition is known as Scapulothoracic Bursitisbursitis. It is developed by special kind of posture and is mainly noticed in people of IT profession.


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