15 Minute Dumbbell Exercises For Triceps

15 Minute Dumbbell Exercises For Triceps

15 Minute Dumbbell Exercises For Triceps

Triceps comprise of about more than two-thirds of your upper arm-mass. Triceps actually build up the muscle strength and are also responsible for adding size to the arms. Cut back on biceps and shift your focus on building your triceps. Browse through the following dumbbell exercises that are designed to maximize your arm growth. Tone your arms and make those triceps pop and grow faster. Choose from the following exercises and make a routine of your own. But don’t forget that you need much more to build bigger arms. Check out HGH energizer supplement. The supplement is the right choice for someone who may be lacking in human growth hormone. This supplement increases the body’s production HGH and also provides all the essential nutrients that you might be missing in your diet. It is also available with a free trial.

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  1. Two-Arms Triceps Extension

This exercise can be performed in both a seated and standing position. However, a seated position may provide more support to the back.

How to do it  

Hold a dumbbell with both the hands behind your head. Lift the dumbbell by curling your elbows to the top of the shoulder.  Your arms should be straight and the weight should be above the head. Take a pause and slowly lower the dumbbell back into the starting position. Your upper arms should remain still throughout this move. 

  1. Triceps Bench Press

This exercise truly develops the upper-body strength and strengthens the shoulder, triceps and the chest muscles. Note that decreased muscle strength may be the symptom that the body is suffering from human growth hormone deficiency. HGH Energizer supplement makes to be the potential remedy to treat this deficiency. HGH is the basis of vitality in the human body and HGH Energizer works by increasing body’s production of HGH. Thereby, it is the right choice for anyone who may be lacking in human growth hormone or HGH.

How to do it 

Lie down on a bench on your back. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. The dumbbells should be just sides above your chest and the palms should be facing each other. With your arms bent at a 90-degree angle, lift the dumbbells up until your arms are fully extended. Lower them after a pause. Exhale when lifting the dumbbells up and when lowering them back down. 

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  1. Triceps Kickbacks

Triceps muscles have three heads – namely lateral, medial and long. The triceps kickbacks target the lateral head. The lateral head is the most visible out of all the three heads. Triceps kickbacks will help you tone your arms by increasing your physical strength. This exercise will also help in trimming the body fat.

How to do it 

Put your one knee and hand on a workout bench and pick up the dumbbell in the other hand. Make sure that your palm is facing inwards and your upper arm should be parallel to your body. Slowly lower the dumbbell back by extending your elbow. Your arms should not move and remain still during this workout.

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