10 Natural Home Remedies to reduce Cholesterol Easily at Home

10 Natural Home Remedies to reduce Cholesterol Easily at Home

10 Natural Home Remedies to reduce Cholesterol Easily at Home

Cholesterol problem is growing very rapidly in almost all of the peoples on earth. Problem of cholesterol is mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle like consumption of oily, spicy and fatty foods as well as lack of physical activities, workouts and exercise.

Other causes of high cholesterol are obesity, smoking, excessive drinking, genetics and other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in our body that is used for building and maintains cell membrane, converting sunshine to vitamin D. but high level cholesterol can cause many serious diseases and this high level is called hypercholesterolemia.

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It accumulates along artery walls and increases the risk of heart diseases. Generally blood cholesterol levels should less 200mg ldl. 200 and 230 mg ldl is considered as starting stage but when it increases to 240 or higher level than it is known as high cholesterol

Today I am going to share 10 natural home remedies which can help you a lot in the problem of cholesterol and helps in reduce cholesterol in natural way.

  1. Coriander Seeds:-

Researchers have shown that coriander helps lower the level of total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides. Coriander seeds have hypoglycemic effects which help in maintaining diabetes level.

Add two spoon of coriander seeds powder in one cup of water. Boil the mixture and then filter it. Drink it 2 times a day. You can add milk, sugar, cardamom to in it and use in place of tea.

  1. Onion:-

Onions are very useful in curing high cholesterol especially the red onions. According to research in United States of America, red onion helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. This also lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Mix one spoon of onion juice in one spoon of honey. Drink this once a day. Put some chopped onion in buttermilk. Add one quarter spoon of pepper in it and mix it properly. Consume the mixture regularly. Add onion, ginger and garlic in your cooking. It will help you in cholesterol and various other diseases and infections too. Onion is one of the cheapest product which helps in reduce cholesterol.

  1. Amla:-

Amla acts as natural hypolipidemic agent and reduce lipid level in serum. Study published in International Journal of Medical Research and Heart Sciences, suggests that amla’s has antihyperlipidemic, anti-atherogenic and hypolipidemic effects.

Mix one spoon of dried amla powder in one cup of warm water in the morning. Drink this mixture daily empty stomach in the morning. Amla also is one of the cheapest product which helps in reduce cholesterol.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:-

Apple cider vinegar helps n lowering level of total cholesterol and triglyceride. Also, it is a good home remedy for various problems like acid reflux, high BP, respiratory infections etc.

Mix one spoon of organic apple cider vinegar in one glass of water. Drink these 2 times daily for at least one month. You can increase the amount of apple cider vinegar with time. If you do not like its taste then mix orange juice, apple juice or grape juice in it.

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  1. Orange Juice:-

Drinking three cups of orange juice daily is a great remedy for reducing high cholesterol level naturally, because it is rich in vitamin C, folate and flavonids. Study published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 750ml of pure orange juice daily can increase good cholesterol level in high cholesterol patients.

Orange juice rich in sterol is also beneficial. Researchers have shown that 3 grams of phytosterols a day can help lower cholesterol level by 11%-15%. Therefore drink sterol rich orange juice to get come out of this problem which helps easily to reduce cholesterol.

  1. Coconut Oil:-

Coconut oil is useful for high cholesterol even though it is a saturated fat. It contains lauric acid, which increases the good cholesterol level and improve ratio of LDL/HDL.

Add 2 spoon of coconut oil in your diet. Avoid using refined or processed in your diet. Avoid using refined or processed coconut oil.

  1. Oatmeal:-

Consuming one small bowl of oatmeal can decrease the level of high cholesterol. It has soluble fiber that reduces the absorption of cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol level. One bowl of oatmeal has approximately 3 grams of soluble fiber and beta glucan.

  1. Fish Oil:-

Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which reduces the level of triglycerides and protect us from heart diseases.

Consume about 2-4 grams of fish oil daily to get rid of cholesterol problem. if you are vegetarian then you can use flax seeds oil which also has omega 3 fatty acid.

  1. Red Yeast Rice:-

Red yeast rice contains compound called monoclines which prevent cholesterol synthesis and help lower cholesterol level. Chinese/Japanese/Korean is using this remedy for medicinal purpose from thousands of years. If red yeast rice is not available then you can take the tablets of it from market.

In case of high cholesterol, take 1200 to 2400 mg of its supplements once or twice a day. Studies shows that regular use of red yeast tablets can reduce the level of LDL. Be careful while using about these tablets because its proper dosage and long term effects are still not known. Some products of red yeast rice contain lovastatin and other chemical that can cause side effects. Therefore consult a doctor before using this red yeast.

Note:- Do not take these supplements during pregnancy, breastfeeding and while suffering from live disease.

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  1. Dry Fruits/ Nuts:-

Dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans and other nuts are rich in plant sterols and fiber. Particularly walnuts are considered as more beneficial for controlling cholesterol and triglyceride level. So consume these tasty nuts regularly. Also eat whole grains and other high fiber foods. Along with above remedies you should also improve your diet and lifestyle. Eliminate oily, spicy and fast goods from your diet. Add rich health sources like fruits and vegetables in your diet more.

So friends, by using these natural home remedies now you can know that how to lower cholesterol naturally, use above written home remedies for cholesterol medication naturally.

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