10 Tips Control your Cravings and Stop Eating Junk Food

10 Tips Control your Cravings and Stop Eating Junk Food

10 Tips Control your Cravings and Stop Eating Junk Food

Did you know why junk food is so addictive?

It’s been around 2 PM and you are looking for some restaurant or outlet food for lunch. Whenever you feel craving you would like to eat spicy, tangy, sugar and salty foods. There is nothing wrong, because you are not alone who like to eat things like these. Some people’s occasionally deals with that much cravings and some dealing on daily basis.

I don’t know you believe it or not, but food manufacturers mostly create the food to whom you addict and their cycle of production goes on. They use the seasonings which are not so sweet, salty but gives the immense pleasure to eaters. Perfect combination of their ingredients particularly very hard to resist and your brain reacts as similar to those who are alcohol or drugs addict.

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Today I am going to share few simple things which can help you to control your cravings and stop eating junk food.

  1. Plan Ahead:-

It is better to handle your cravings and than plan your meal and snacks ahead of time. If you have your tiffin with you packed with health meal, salad or snacks at lunchtime in the afternoon, than there is less chance to buy a junk food like pizza, french fries, burger and cold drink or sweets in lunchtime.

That would be great if you make a weekly plan of your meals. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and other needed grains from market. Try new recipes and make delicious food at home. Home prepared food is always good as you know what ingredients you added, on the other you don’t know what the companies added in your junk food. Yes, you get good taste but may not the good health.

You can also eat fruits and salad in lunchtime, it will also help you to reduce fat and toxic from your body.

  1. Shop the Perimeter:-

The perimeter of the grocery stores is typically including the dairy, fish, fruits, vegetables and frozen meat sections. This is the place where you will find the real fresh foods rather than highly dangerous and processed food items. Whenever you going for grocery shopping than try to buy only above written items like dairy, fish, fruits, vegetables and frozen meat. Try to avoid buying those foods which have more ingredients on the labels which you can’t even pronounce.

That will be a good habit to add more healthy food in your diet rather than processed junk food.

You will get all the nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, grains which your body need from these healthy foods. Regular consuming of these eating products can reduce your cravings towards junk, fried and unhealthy foods.

  1. Eat Healthy Fat Food:-

One of the most common nutrition myths people thinks is that eating fat makes you fat. But, actually it is wrong; there are lots of different types of fats. Some are good fats and some are bad fat to eat. You should use limited saturated fats and avoid trans fat totally or use very rare. You have to choose the fat which is good for human body like avocado and nuts which makes heart healthy and help you to feel full and that also reduce cravings.

  1. Eat Enough Proteins:-

Adding protein in diet makes you feel full, so it is better to add more protein diet in your meal. The main and healthy sources of protein are beans, nuts, vegetables and fish. Eating protein feels you feel and there will be less room for more and less desires for junk and other food.

  1. Try Eat Fruits:-

Fruits have natural sugar in it, it also have lots of antioxidants, vitamins and water too. Fruits also contains fiber which slows downs and balance out the effects on blood sugar. It prevents the sugar crash. Start adding less chemically created sugar in your food and start eating fruits which has natural sugar in it. It will taste lot sweeter and also satisfy your need of sugar. Whenever you feel like eating something sweet, it is better to eat seasonal fruits which are also good for your health. You can also make the fruit juice at home and totally avoid drinking packed juice that is also harmful for our body.

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  1. Add Different Fruits:-

You should some new and different varieties of food in your daily routine diet. You will never get bored from your meal if you add new varieties in your food. It will also help you from food cravings as you can find new types of tasty and delicious food at your home.

Eating various types of different foods can boost your overall health which helps you in the prevention of diseases.

  1. Think differently about Junk Food:-

Study done in year 2013 showed that when people create whichever positive or negative thinking about junk food, than their brain gives signs which they are looking for.

So if the people feel negative thinking about junk food then

  • They most of the time feeling full.
  • They try to save that food for later.
  • They feel like that food giving them stomach problems, weight gains and unhealthy body.

Friends, your mind is very powerful than you are thinking. Experiment never hurts, try it.

  1. Focus on adding Healthier Foods:-

Study done in the Journal Nutrients shows that focus and thinking about healthy food is more effective than thinking or focusing about reducing or removing junk food from your list. Add healthier foods in your diet and it will help you leave the unhealthy foods. Yous should always Stay Positive.

  1. Work on Stress Management:-

Did you know that there is almost always an emotional component behind the cravings. Sometimes oyu need to eat biscuit because you want to have some wheat flour and biscuits are made of wheat flour. Sometimes you like to eat snacks, chips and other cookies which can make your mood from upset to happy. All these things are attached with your thinking not with the stomach.

If you know that you need to eat to live healthy life than you would avoid to eat junk and other foods which can be unhealthy for your health. So change your thinking, do some stress management and eat only healthy food.

Some of the healthy stress management techniques are:-

  • Doing meditation for few minutes.
  • Going for walk or run.
  • Joining some fitness and meditation classes.
  • Taking deep breaths.
  • Talking about situation with close friend or with family members.
  • Creating a hobby and working on it.

You should try these things and do some experiments and find the best thing which suits you. If you still not find any result, than you can consult the mental health professional doctor and discuss about your problems.

  • Get Proper Sleep:-

It really does not matter how rich you are or how strong you are. If you are not taking proper sleep, it will start ruin your health in mentally and physically ways together. Lack of sleep also plays a big role in your junk food cravings.

If you are not sleeping in the night, than you would like to eat something sweet or more salty to make your mood better. This is totally wrong, if you still want to eat something, it is better to try fruits or wheat flour light cookies. It will fill your stomach and can also help you in sleep.

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The Takeaway/ Conclusion

Our brains love to eat a variety of foods. Oily, fried and junk foods may reduce this desire, because these foods are heavy and give sign of full stomach. But this is unhealthy as it can trap you in dangerous cycle of eating. More these foods you eat, the more you feel to eat. By following these above written 10 steps you can lead to a healthier life.

Eat Right, Sleep Tight…

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