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10 Tips of Computer Eye Strain Relief and Stress

10 Tips of Computer Eye Strain Relief and Stress

Computer Eye Strain Relief and Stress- Some of us spend more than half day i.e 12 hours per day using computer/laptop or mobile which out real bad affect on our eyes. Many problems start occurring after sometime. Let us know what are effects put by computer on our eyes.

Computer users have to face much stress on eyes rather than normal person. Approximately 8% of computer users/workers bear pain or strain in their eyes. This eye strains and stress is known an Asthenopia in medical terms which is not a good thing. Researchers have shown that we don’t come to know in the starting phase but we have to face much kind of troubles and problem later in the life.

Most often, we feel more problems only when these are from long period. Take rest in between then you work for long time on computer. Don’t stick your eyes to computer. It affects very much. Close your eyes for sometime or more around. This will reduce eyestrain.

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Stress on eyes is directly linked to eyesight and Computer Eye Strain is one of the major issue these days. It can weaken the vision or sometimes we have to face some serious diseases and issues.  Therefore, be aware always and take proper care of your eyes. Don’t sit in front of computer for long time because this can cause itchiness, redness in eyes, back pain, neck pain, blur vision etc.

Eyes are the most important organ of our body. We can see the whole world through eyes and can understand everything. If we lost our eyesight then we have to face many problems and we cannot complete our works.

Nowadays computer is used in every field therefore it puts negative effect on our vision. If you also work on computer then take care of your eyes properly. Don’t put much stress on your eyes.

Today I am going to share 10 tips while using them you can be good for stress relief and strain from eyes.

  1. Take Break:-

It’s not good for your eyes to set in front of screen for a long time so take break after sometime. Go out from your room for few minutes and then work again with fresh eyes and mood. 

  1. Adjust Eye Level:-

Keep your computer screen adjust with the level of your eyes because If your computer is placed above or below from your every level than it can put affect on your eyes. 

  1. Follow 20-20-20 Rule:-

20-20-20 rules means take 20 seconds rest after every 20 minutes of work on continue. Just stay 20 feet away from your computer for 20 seconds and then start work. It can also increase the creativity. This rule is one of the best Computer Eye Strain relief program.

  1. Keep Contrast:-

While working on computer, use light background and dark font of screen. Try to use only those colors which are more comfortable for your eyes while watching the wallpaper of your computer screen. 

  1. Avoid Dazzling lights:-

Don’t work in dazzling lights it can harm your eyes badly and try to use proper lightening in work place. By working this way you can safe your eyes from any type of eye problem. 

  1. Decrease Brightness:-

Whenever you are working on computer then decrease the brightness of screen. Adjust the brightness according to your eyesight, so that eyes don’t face bright light which can affect eyes badly. 

  1. See Greenery:-

Eyes have to bear much stress while working on computer for long time. Therefore, try to see greenery around yourself; go to grounds, parks and on tracking too by doing this you can give relief to your eyes. 

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  1. Blink Continuously:-

Blinking eyes is one of the best eye exercise, so keep blinking your eyes while using computer because it moisturizer our eyes and avoid dryness. 

  1. Use Glasses:-

Use special glasses whenever you are working on computer, laptop or mobile. It will prevent our eyes from many negative impacts of light.

  1. Wash Your Eyes:-

Wash your eyes 2-4 times a day with cold or fresh water in a day and massage them slowly.

Keep this thing in mind that there will be proper light where you are working on computer. Don’t works on computer in darken area or place, this will put negative effect on eyes and vision starts decreasing. Use black goggles to protect yourself from pollution. This will help you to keep your eyes healthy.

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