Concerns about small things are a sign of panic disorder, find out the disease treatment

Concerns about small things are a sign of panic disorder, find out the disease treatment

Concerns about small things are a sign of panic disorder, find out the disease treatment

A little nervousness make intense in difficult situations.

Some people become nervous about small things very quickly.

This may be a symptom of a psychological problem called Panic Disorder.

What will happen now, it has become very messy, I do not understand, what can I do ….? You may also be seeing some people talking about such things around you often. If there is a big problem, it is natural to have nervousness in the person, but the person who is very nervous with small things can have a problem of panic disorder.

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Understand the problem (sign of panic disorder

Basically, this problem is associated with anxiety and fear. In the initial period, people did not recognize the symptoms. According to the psychiatric consultant, ‘Anxiety is the most important reason for this psychiatric disease. People who are unnecessarily worried about small things, they may have a psychological problem. If there is a problem of phobia, then in those situations, symptoms of panic disorder can also be seen, to which the person is very scared.

For example, some people have a lot of anxiety with height, water, crowd, lift an airplane. In such a situation, a person may encounter panic attacks. Apart from this, some people may experience symptoms of sudden shock, such as major economic losses, accidents, family discord or the death of a loved one. In a more serious condition, the person may also be unconscious.

Major sign of panic disorder

Weakness and unnecessary fatigue

Trembling hands and feet in a panic overseeing small problems

Excess sweating

Darkening of eyes

Faltering while speaking


What is the reason (sign of panic disorder)

Many different reasons for panic disorder can be responsible. Childhood family environment has an important contribution in creating the personality of any person. Children who are raised in a very conservative or rigid atmosphere do not develop the ability to withstand difficult situations. Therefore, the fear of panic discord increases in such children. Apart from this, there are some weak sides of every person’s personality, which can lead to this problem.

When anxiety, fear, nervousness, anger, deep sadness, suspicion of habit, or emotional imbalance increases more than once, its symptoms may appear in the person. Even if there is a high level of alcohol or caffeine consumption, high blood sugar, excessive hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, or a problem related to the heart, the fear of panic attack increases.

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How to defend

Always be relaxed.

Apart from family members, talk to your loved ones regularly, because loneliness is also a major reason for this problem.

Sleep for seven to eight hours.

Regular exercises and yoga practice. If there is more nervousness then leave the body loose and breathe deeply. It will be very relieved.

What is the treatment?

Considering the severity of the symptoms present in the person, it is treated. Some anti-depressant medicines are also given when needed. With the help of counseling and cognitive behavior therapy, this understanding is developed in a person who should try to find a solution instead of panic whenever there is a problem. Exposure therapy also works very well.

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