Review of the 12 Things Which Increase Belly Fat Rapidly

Review of the 12 Things Which Increase Belly Fat Rapidly

Review of the 12 Things Which Increase Belly Fat Rapidly

Belly fat is not good in any case for your health. It increases the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol and heart diseases.

“Visceral fat” is the medical term for the unhealthy and fatty belly. It is referred to fat surrounding your body organs and liver in your abdomen.

If normal peoples who have excess belly fat are also on a high risk of health issues.

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Today I am going to share 12 things which increase the belly fat rapidly.

  1. Excess Sugar Foods and Beverages:-

Everyone in this worlds loves to eat sweets. Sometimes peoples eat more sugar in a day without realizing that they are eating more sugar than needed.

Candies, bakery products, cakes, frozen yogurt and muffins like products are having more sugar then what people think. Tea, coffee, soda, beverages are also having more sugar than what the companies saying.

The First Study shows the link between taking high sugar and excess belly fat. It shows a large amount of sugar in these products due to the high fructose content of added sugar. Both the high fructose syrup and normal sugar are high in fructose. Where regular sugar has around 50% of fructose in it and on the other side high fructose corn syrup also have around 55% of fructose.

Research has done for 10 weeks on those people who have excess belly fat those consumed 25 percent of the calories as fructose-sweetened beverages on a weight maintained diet feels an experience of decrease in insulin sensitivity and increase in belly fat.

The Second Study shows a reduction in fat burning and in metabolic rate among those peoples who were following a similar high fructose diet. There is no doubt that those peoples consume more sugar in any form may lead to gain more weight. The cold drink, beverages, and soda are the easiest way to take more sugar than required.

Using more sugar on regular basis in food or as a liquid can harm your body and also increase the belly fat.

  1. Alcohol/Wine/Beer:-

Alcohol, wine or beer, all of these have both harmful effects and healthful effects. It is up to you what you choose.

Drinking any of these liquors occasionally like 2 to 4 shots a week, especially the red wine may lower down the risk of stroke attack and heart attack. on the other hand, if you take them on high then it may lead to liver diseases, high-inflammation, and various other health problems.

Some researches and studies show that a small amount of these liquors helps in burning fat. But if you take it in high quantity can increase the fat on the body especially around the middle of the body. Taking two or three drinks per day can create excess belly fat and that term is called “beer belly”.

Those who consume one drink per day have the least chance of belly fat. On the other side, that drink three or four drink daily have chances of excess belly fat and other health problems.

  1. Trans fat/ Unsaturated Fats:-

Trans fat and unsaturated fats are the unhealthiest fats ever on the planet. Both of these fats are created by adding hydrogen to unsaturated or trans fat to make them more stable.

Mostly these fats are used to extend the life of packaged food like baking muses, crackers and in muffins. Trans fat and unsaturated fats can lead to insulin resistance, heart-related problems, and diseases and various other diseases which can affect you badly.

Eating food that has trans fat or unsaturated fat regularly can cause excess belly fat. Trans-fat or unsaturated fat increases the inflammation that may drive insulin resistance which causes excess fat on your belly.

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  1. Inactivity/ No Physical Workout:-

Rich and luxury lifestyle is one of the biggest risk factors for bad health. In the last few decades, people are getting less active physically. This can cause obesity in the peoples which include abdominal obesity.

A major survey done between from the year 1997 to the year 2012 in the United States founds that there is a significant increase in the physical activity, weight gain and abdominal gain in both men’s and women’s.

Another observational research says that those peoples watching TV for more than 3 hours day have more chances of increase in weight than those who watched TV less than 1 hour per day. Those peoples are watching more TV per day have a risk of severe abdominal obesity.

In this busy and hectic life where it is not easy to focus on reducing weight or on other health problems, it is good if people start spending at least 40 minutes a day on a workout like Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Aerobics, Playing some Sports, Meditation, and Yoga. By doing physical activities anyone can reduce his/her weight and also reduce the risk of various diseases and can live happily and healthier life.

  1. Low Protein Diet:-

Not taking enough protein in the diet is one of the most important factors in the prevention of weight gain. Adding needed protein in diets makes you feel full and satisfied stomach. It also increases the metabolic rate and leads to an incredible reduction in calories.

There are several studies also suggest that taking a proper amount of protein in diet or taking whey protein items are the least likely to have the excess of belly fat.

On the other side, those are taking less protein in diet most of the time feel hunger and want to eat more food which can cause the belly fat. So it is better to take proper protein in your diet have a healthy life.

  1. Menopause:-

Increase in belly fat during the time of menopause is very common. In the time of menopause, hormone estrogen signals the body to start storing the fat on the hips and on thighs in the preparation for potential pregnancy period. Fat in this time not harmful at all, but in some cases after giving birth to a child, it is very difficult to lose that fat.

During this time, the estrogen level of the pregnant women drops dramatically. It can cause fat to be stored in the abdomen of the woman rather than increase on thighs and hips. Some cases show few women’s gain more belly fats during this time than other women’s.

Few types of researches also show those women’s getting pregnant in elder age rather than younger pregnancy time is getting more fat on their abdominal. Hormonal changes results in a shift of fat storage from thighs and hips to the abdominal area.

  1. Wrong Bacteria’s in Gut:-

There are a thousand types of bacteria’s are living in our guts, especially in our colon. Few of these bacteria’s are good for our health while the other can create health problems for us.

Those bacteria’s which are in your guts are also known as microbe or gut flora. The health of our gut is very important for maintaining the healthy immune system and avoiding the diseases.

Imbalance in the gut bacteria’s can increase the risk of developing cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and other dangerous diseases which can affect our body badly. There are few types of researches suggests that having an unhealthy balance in the gut bacteria’s can increase the weight gain, especially in abdominal fat.

Researchers say that those people are suffering from obesity having greater numbers of Firmicutes bacteria’s than those people who are normal in weight. These bacteria might increase the number of calories which is absorbed from food.

Always maintain the balance of your gut bacteria’s as imbalance may cause a gain in weight, including the belly fat.

  1. Packed Fruit Juice:-

Packed fruit juices are high in sugar. Even the 100% unsweetened packed fruit juice also contains a high amount of sugar in it.

Any cold drink or juice which has 250ml contains the 24 grams amount of sugar in it. Sometimes sugar in these packed fruit juices whopping to 32 grams in a 250 ml pack.

These fruits may provide some minerals and vitamins, it contains the fructose which can drive insulin resistance and increases the belly fat.

Packed fruit juices and beverages are not more than another bad source of consuming high calories. These beverages also cannot satisfy your appetite as the food does. It is better to avoid these drinks and focus on drinking fresh juice which is healthy and gives lots of nutrients and other health effects on the body.

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  1. Stress/ Depression and Cortisol:-

Cortisol is the hormone which is very important for survival. Cortisol is produced by adrenal glands and it is also known as “stress hormone”. It helps your body to survive from immense stress pressure. Excess production of cortisol leads to weight gain, especially in the abdominal area.

Whenever you are in stress it leads to overeating. This overeating creates excess calories which being stored to stomach and cortisol promotes this fat to store in the belly.

This hormone cortisol is secretly responding to stress and may lead to increase the belly fat. It is better to start live life stress-free, which can also help to have less fat on the body.

  • Taking Low Fiber Diet:-

Fiber is the most important for good and healthy life and it also helps in controlling weight. There are few varieties of fiber which help you to feel full which helps in stabilizing the hunger and also reduce the calories absorption from the food.

There was a study done over 1150 men’s and women’s together and find that taking soluble fiber in food helps in reducing abdominal fat. Research also shows that taking 10 gram of fiber reduces the 3.7% of belly fat accumulation.

Diets those are high in carbohydrates and low in fiber put opposite effect on the body and increase the weight including belly fat.

  • Genetic Issues:-

Genetics plays an important role in the risk of obesity. The tendency to store the fat in the abdomen is partly influenced by the genetics.

Scientists find three genes which are associated with the increased waist to hip ratio and stomach obesity. Two of these three genes were found only in ladies. Scientists are doing more research on it.

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  • Not Taking Enough Sleep:-

Taking enough sleep can reduce various dangerous health problems. Not taking proper can increase the weight easily.

There was one large study done by researchers on around 70,000 women’s for around 15 years. In this research, scientists found those women’s who sleep for five hours or less were 30% more likely to gain the weight around 15 kgs than those women’s who sleep for minimum seven hours. 

Sleeping disorders may lead to weight gain easily. It can also increase the risk of stress, depression, anxiety, heart attack, and various other serious diseases. Not taking proper sleep regularly can block the airway of the throat where the person can be affected by breathing problem too.

Eating food two hours before sleeping, do some slight walk, wash your feet or can take bath before sleep. Doing some meditation can also help in taking enough sleep. 

So, friends, these were the 12 things which increase belly fat rapidly.

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