Reduce Cholesterol By Using These Natural Tips Easily

Reduce Cholesterol By Using These Natural Tips Easily

Reduce Cholesterol By Using These Natural Tips Easily

Reduce Cholesterol- High cholesterol is known as hypercholesterolemia too. It has the possibility of increasing the danger of heart attack and other heart diseases. This can be cured by taking medicine on proper time and changing lifestyle. These basic changes can make life healthy and happy again. Cholesterol is a sterol which is a type of a fat. It is one of the 3 major classes of lipids which utilize the animal cells to contrast membranes. So, these cells are manufactured from animal cells, plants which do not manufacture the cholesterol.

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Reduce Weight

If you have an extra pound on the body even just a little bit then you can be a victim of high cholesterol and it is important for you to lose at least 10% of your weight to come out of this problem.

Start doing a walk or exercise on daily basis and also take proper diet. Avoid eating oily food, junk food, fried and saturated fat food for at least sometime till you do not lose your weight. Avoid high cholesterol food which is written above and add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink 1-2 glass of lemonade with warm water every day. This will helps you in cutting weight and Reduce Cholesterol.

Do not avoid small things at home like picking up remote, glass, clothes etc. etc. Doing these things can make you active. Fix the time of sleep and wake up. Take proper sleep for 8 hours.

Read below-written tips to reduce the cholesterol easily and naturally.

Healthy Fat:- Saturated fat which can be found in dairy products and in red meat can increase your cholesterol and low the density of lipoprotein, which is a type of bad cholesterol. Eat only lean meat, mono-saturated fat products, and low-fat dairy products only.

No Trans Fat:- Oily food, fried food, bakery products contains a good amount of trans fat which misguided you by putting a label of ‘trans fat-free’. Before buying must check the ingredient list which sticks on the box. It will show you clearly that boxed food had an amount of trans fat which partially contained hydrogenated oil in it.

Cholesterol in The Food:- If you are suffering from diabetes or heart disease than do not eat more than 300 milligram and less than 200miligram of cholesterol per day. Avoid eating whole milk products, organ meat, red meat, and egg yolks, these products are high in cholesterol. Drink skimmed milk and eat lean cur meat only. If you are vegetarian you can eat all types of fruits (avoid sweet fruits like mango) and vegetables (avoid potato). Drink fresh juices only (avoid packed chemicals based juices).

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Food:- Omega 3 fatty acids help in lower the bad cholesterol, fishes like mackerel, salmon and herring are a good sources of Omega 3 fatty acid. You can also have walnut, almonds (soaked almonds are better) and ground flax seeds in your diet.

Take more grains in the diet which helps in reducing cholesterol, you can eat whole grain bread, wheat flour, and brown rice. Take more fruits, vegetables and fresh juice only which are a good source of fiber which helps in reducing cholesterol level.

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Exercise:- Walking, exercise and sports are the best way to get rid of bad cholesterol. It does not matter you are overweight or thin. Must do physical activities, it will make you active and energetic. Exercise improves the level of testosterone in the body which also help in reducing stress and anxiety. Exercise helps you to gain HDL i.e means High-Density Lipoprotein which is good cholesterol. Must do exercise for at least 45 minutes a day, I am personally spending 90-120 minutes per day in various physical activities. You can consult your doctor before start exercise if you are suffering from high cholesterol problem.

Do a walk for 1 KM after having dinner or can go for 15-20 minutes bicycle ride. Start with little things and rise with them slowly. It will help you to come out of cholesterol problem (which is one of the major causes of heart attack) and make you healthy.

By doing these above-written activities you can easily reduce or finish bad cholesterol in your body. Which helps you to live healthier and you can focus on your work and family and live a happy life.

Reduce Cholesterol

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