7 Tips to Increase Good HDL Cholesterol

7 Tips to Increase Good HDL Cholesterol

7 Tips to Increase Good HDL Cholesterol

Increase Good HDL Cholesterol- HDL means High Density Lipoprotein which is good for heart. Loosing HDL can increase the possibility of obesity and heart diseases. If you want to improve the HDL than improve your eating habits and lifestyle strictly.

Today I am going to share 7 tips from which you can improve your HDL cholesterol easily.

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  1. Walking:- Start walking, jogging or cycling, whichever exercise which you can do easily. It helps in increasing heart beats. Do physical activities daily for atleast 40-50 minutes. By doing exercise daily, it helps in increasing stamina and reduces the fat and makes body fit and flexible. It also helps in removing toxic from body which makes body healthy.
  1. Control Your Weight:- If you are overweight or suffering from obesity than must have to work harder to reduce weight. Remember all the health problems are start from stomach, if you have good stomach it is good but if you are suffering from overweight or stomach problem than this can be dangerous for you. In womens it is about 80 CM and in mens about 90 CM waist is the signal to start reducing the weight. Do not avoid it just start focus on your diet and exercise. You can skip your dinner and eat only fruits and 1 lemonade to reduce weight.
  1. Quit Smoking:- Everybody knows that smoking is dangerous for health, but I still don’t understand why people love smoking. Do you know the answer? If know share with all in comment box. Anyways, Smoking increases the bad LDL Cholesterol in the body. If your HDL cholesterol is less than you must stop smoking cigarette and any type of tobacco product to reduce LDL cholesterol and to gain HDL cholesterol. Otherwise you be a victim of throat cancer, stomach cancer etc. Life is yours, it is up to you what you want to choose, a good healthy life and happy moments with family or bad unhealthy life with depressed family.
  1. Gain Good Fat:- Say ‘NO’ to trans fat and stop eating or reducing the quantity of fried food, junk food, dairy products and cookies which are the major source of trans fat. All these eating products are made in hydrogenated oil, which increases obesity and LDL cholesterol and heart problems in the body. Replace hydrogenated oil with mono saturated oil. You can find various verities of mono saturated oil like mustard oil, olive oil, peanut oil, avocado and canova oil. Use any of this oil at home to make healthy food. You can change the oils occasionally at home. To gain the Omega 3 fatty acid in body, you can eat any of these- fish, almonds, walnut, pistachio, watermelon, fenugreek and flaxseeds.
  1. Add More Fiber in Food:- Wheat bran, oats, whole grain, apple, grapes, tangy fruits, vegetables, beans are great source of fiber food. Eat 2 or 3 items per day to gain good health. Food without fiber can cause you serious problem of constipation and later it can be converted into the piles which is a very painful disease. Remember all the health issues starts from stomach, so choose your food wisely.

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  1. Soyabean:- There is a conflict between some scientists about the benefits of soyabean. But lots of scientists and companies says that eating 25 gram of soyabean daily can grows the good HDL cholesterol in body.
  1. Dairy Products:- Sometimes dietitian suggest to avoid drink milk or milk products for reducing the weight. It is because milk and milk products have high fat. But research says that there are some elements in milk which helps in reducing dangerous LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Skimmed milk and toned milk are good option of milk. (Drinking warm milk before sleep helps in good sleep).

I am sure these 7 tips will helps you to increase good HDL Cholesterol easily to maintain healthy and happy life.

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