8 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Skin, Bones and Health, dried dates calories, dates for constipation, dates during pregnancy, what is a date,

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Skin, Bones and Health

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Skin, Bones and Health

Health Benefits of Dates for Skin, Bones and Health – Dates are the oldest fruit and in ayurveda and many of its characteristics and benefits are discussed. According to the results of scientists it is proved that dates have been cultivated since 8000 years ago. There are 400 varieties of dates available in the market. You can consume dates in many ways like as morning snacks or can add these in sweet dishes etc. Along with being tasty, they are very useful for health. As dates are rich in iron content which helps to overcomes anemia.

Moreover it contains potassium protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin B and also it possess anti-infective and hemorrhagic and anti inflammatory properties. As these have high sugar content so these are not good for diabetic patients.

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Today I am going to share 8 health benefits of dates for skin, bones and in other health issues.

  1. Boosts Energy:-

Dates provide immediate supply of energy to our body. Dates are rich in natural sugar fructose and sucrose which gives instant energy. Also, it contains potassium which converts sugar into energy according to our body needs. Add dates to morning meal and stay energetic throughout the day. Eat few dates after lunch meal or whenever you feel hungry then you can eat them.

  1. Treats Constipation:-

Dates have laxative effect on our body. Therefore, these are very beneficial for patients of constipation. They are high in soluble fiber which promotes proper bowel movements and smooth passage of intestinal tract.

Soak 8-10 dates in water overnight. Grind the dates to make a juice in the morning. Drink this juice on empty stomach daily to get relief from this problem.

  1. Fights Anemia:-

Anemia or iron deficiency is mainly due to low hemoglobin level. Dates are rich in iron contents which treats anemia. Also, they have vitamin C which increases absorption of iron in body.

Proper iron level in body reduces feeling of fatigue and laziness. Eat dried dates with one cup of hot milk 2 times a day or, boil 1 spoon of chopped dates in a cup of milk and drink this daily for good health.

  1. Promotes Healthy Pregnancy:-

Dates contain many nutrients that are helpful during pregnancy for both mother and baby in the womb. As mentioned earlier it also treats constipation which is a common problem during pregnancy. They also strengthen uterine muscles and make the birth of child easier.

Eat some dates whenever you feel hungry during day. You can also boil dates in hot milk and have it daily.

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  1. Cures Hangover:-

Dates are used to fight with side effects of drinking alcohol. Alcohol causes increase in toxic substances in lives which are reduces by dates and therefore curing hangover.

Soak 4-5 dates in one cup of water for some hours. Now mash the dates in water and remove seeds. Mix then properly and prepare a juice. Drink this juice 2 times a day or at least 2-3 times a week for better health.

  1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health:-

Dates have anti-hyper epidemic effects which keep our heart healthy. The low sodium and high potassium in it regulate heart rate and keep blood pressure under control. Potassium reduces the risk of heart attacks. Also, its magnesium content helps the heart in proper functioning. Consume soaked dates daily to keep your heart healthy.

  1. Aids Nervous System Functioning:-

Dates have vitamin B which keeps our nervous system healthy. Healthy nervous system helps all other parts of body to work properly and communicate with each other efficiency. Its potassium content not only keeps our nervous system healthy but also improves sleep and keeps our brain alert. Moreover, the antioxidants in dates fight with free radicals which enhances cognitive functioning of body. Consume dates daily for healthy nervous system and brain.

  1. Relieves Arthritis Inflammation:-

Dates have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which reduces joint pain and swelling hence relieving Arthritis inflammation. Magnesium and potassium contents present in it promote bone strength and reduce the risk of arthritis. Massage your painful areas with warm date seed oil to overcome the swelling of arthritis eat dates daily

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Additional Tips:-

Buy only good quality dates from market. Wash them properly before eating them. Fresh dates are more effective, so try to eat them in season. Make sure there is no artificial sugar in them.

So, friends now you know the Health Benefits of Dates which are very beneficial for our health. So don’t just eat dates after reading this article, do share my article with your friends, family members and with social media friends too.

Thanks! Have a Healthy Wealthy Life… Amen…..

Health Benefits of Dates

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