Eat These 6 Foods For Stronger Bones

Eat These 6 Foods For Stronger Bones

Eat These 6 Foods For Stronger Bones

Foods For Stronger Bones- Calcium fitted food gives strength to your bones and your teeth. Calcium plays important role in the growth of bones. It helps in making bones healthy and also helps in developing new blood cells. Calcium is useful for all ages and all genders. Calcium also controls heartbeat. Milk, cheese, eggs are the main source of calcium.

Mostly a normal human can get whole day calcium from 1 cup of milk, 30-gram cheese (paneer) or from 2 cup curd. But sometimes not easy for old people to digest these things so they can try soybean milk or tofu cheese (paneer) and that can complete their daily routine need of calcium.

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You can get calcium from some fruits too and vegetables too, choose and eat them wisely to gain calcium in your body. Drink skimmed milk or use it in the pudding, bread and in other bakery products.

Fish is one of the good sources of calcium and protein. You can eat Sadrin, Tuna or Solomon fish to gain calcium in your body. Eat 1-2 bowls of fish with or without bones which can have 300 ml gram of calcium.

Grains and beans have a good amount of calcium too. To avoid osteoporosis women’s have to eat more beans and grains to gain calcium for staying away from any type of calcium-related problem.

In fruits, orange is a good source of calcium, you can ear orange or you can have a glass of orange juice. Most of the children’s love orange juice so give them juice to cover their daily need of calcium. Working peoples who have a very busy daily schedule can drink orange juice too for calcium. 1 glass of orange juice gives 300 ml gram of calcium.

Note: Never drink orange juice and milk together.

You can eat calcium filled natural supplements too. Coral calcium is one of the best sources of calcium which is good for health. It’s not just safe for your health and bones it also strengthens your immune system too.

Choose the foods which are good sources of calcium, you must check and know your daily calcium requirement to makes healthy bones.

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So friends, if any person, friend or relative nearby or around you is suffering from weak bones just tell that person these simple home remedies to get their bones strength back again.

Foods For Stronger Bones

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