These bacteria can save the lives of children

These bacteria can save the lives of children

These bacteria can save the lives of children

Thousands of children worldwide are victims of malnutrition. For the past several decades, they have been treated with more calories and protein rich-foods. The only motive behind this is to remove their malnutrition and grow like normal children.

These doses prevent the risk of death from those children. But, the fight against malnutrition still remains incomplete.

The period of malnutrition is only for a few months, but its effect is afraid to look soft on that child. In childhood and adolescence, children’s body is not well developed. Children’s gets sick sooner.

The development of her intelligence is not normal. Children suffering from malnutrition are backward on the scale of skill. The result is that when they grow older, they are worried about getting work. Overall, due to malnutrition, children are lagged behind in life.

Recent research has shown a bright light on this front. Malnutrition can be helpful to the children, the insect and these germs live in the stomach of these children.

Many species of germs are camped in the stomach of every human being. Some of these are beneficial, so do some harm.

Jeffrey Gordon of Washington University says that there is a very important role of bacteria in the human body. Many scientists consider bacteria found in our stomach as a separate organ.

Helpful Bacteria for Children’s

Jeffrey Gordon believes that these bacteria that can be made in the stomach can be helpful for malnourished children. Can bring their development back on track.

With the help of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Jeffrey Gordon, Malawi and Bangladesh are doing research on malnourished children. Its purpose is to understand the benefits of bacteria found in the stomach and work with them. The initial signs of this research are encouraging.

If this research proves completely right, then there can be a new way of improving around 20 million malnourished children all over the world.

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The first research on the benefits of stomach bacteria was done by South African doctor P.M Smith in 1958. The results of his research were published in the famous science magazine Lancet.

One thing was clear from Dr. Smith’s research that many of the germs that we get in our stomach are good friends. Those who take the necessary ingredients for food and drink from us.

Following this research, Dr. Smith examined malnutrition-i.e. the victims of Quasher core. They found that the children who are victims of this disease, the bacteria found in their stomach, are different from the bacteria found in the stomach of normal children.

Doctor Smith came to the conclusion that the disorders of the germs inside the body deteriorate due to the illness and deterioration of these children. If this equilibrium is regenerated then recovery of malnourished children can be faster and easier.

Geoffrey Predis of the Beller College of Medicine, Texas, says that if stomach bacteria are on their right place, then they can be very helpful for malnourished children.

Smith gave an antibiotic to the children of Quasher core disease and destroyed the first bacteria causing harm. Then by raising pro-biotic things, the population of healthy bacteria in their body increased. Smith wrote about his experience that this improved the health of malnourished children very quickly.

The doctor’s experience of Smith was very small. When similar experiments were made again, they did not have similar results. At that time, the technique too did not go so well that the inner parts of the stomach could be examined properly. Creating them in labs was a very difficult task by sampling stomach bacteria.

But the progress of science has given new research that took place 60 years ago.

Predictions say that there is no need to grow bacteria. Now they can be researched with their DNA samples. Basically, the bacteria found in the stomach is very difficult to grow in the lab, whereas their DNA sample is easy to research. Therefore, there is more research on the bacteria found in the human stomach.

Bacteria do Such Work

Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium found in our stomach help in fighting germs of diseases. They also help us digest proteins and carbohydrates.

They also help our body in building the essential amino acids for the development of the body. If all such bacteria are in our stomach, then they also help us with fighting shigella, listeria, and many other diseases. They do not allow bacteria containing diseases to remain in the stomach. These health fighters are helpful in our immune system.

Jonathan Swan of the Imperial College of London says that, by eating poorly, the children are malnourished. Then the weak bacteria in their stomach cannot match the disease germs. Malnourished children often live in an environment where they are exposed to the disease germs. Then they get trapped in such a vicious cycle that malnutrition becomes ill and then there is more malnutrition. The development of such children stops. Due to the lack of good bacteria in the body, the food that these children get, it is difficult to digest.

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Jeffrey Gordon knows that the ‘good bacteria’ of the stomach can help the malnourished children. Therefore, he is pursuing this research in the capital Dhaka and the African country Malawi. Together with the doctors of the local doctors-nurses and malnourished children, they are fighting a better future for children. The role of mothers of such children in research becomes also important. Because mothers are responsible for collecting all the samples of children and paying attention to their diet.

When malnourished children were given food to protect the disease, they did not see much improvement in their condition. Jeffrey Gordon says that the survival of these children has escaped. But, malnourished children were not developing like normal children. That is, something was wrong.

Impact on Rats and Pigs

To find out, Gordon and his team created some rats in the lab. There were no bacteria in their stomachs. Gordon saw that these rats were given food taken from the stomach of malnourished children, then they had the same situation as malnourished children. Then this experimentation was repeated on pigs. Pigments and work patterns of pigs get very much from humans. The children of these pigs also have the same effect as malnourished children. That is, their development also stopped.

The development of stomach bacteria and direct interaction of the disease has been established. But there is still more work to do in this direction. Predictions say that we just have to understand how children are trapped in the vicious cycle of malnutrition.

At the same time, Jeffrey Gordon and his team are giving a good dose of good bacteria to malnourished children, so that they can develop rightly. For ages, the food which the child considers healthy for the child, the food is being fed to these children and the development of their body is being monitored.

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Jeffrey Gordon has shared the results of his research with all the doctors in the world so that they can take their views. They do not just tell what the rest of the doctors have. Simply say that the reactions that have come are encouraging.

Gordon needs to understand this caution. It took thousands of years for human beings to understand the human body. Now slowly he is studying these new organs i.e. body bacteria. Their understanding of them is growing. There is a great hope for living the normal lives of millions of malnourished children.

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