Liver Cancer – Causes, Natural Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

Liver Cancer – Causes, Natural Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

Liver Cancer – Causes, Natural Home Remedies for Treatment and Prevention

Liver is an important organ of our body and it is the 2nd largest organ of our body. Only the skin is heavier then liver. It helps in functions related to metabolism, immunity, digestion and also helps in the storage of nutrient elements in the body. All these functions makes the liver an important organ, if liver does not work properly then the tissues of the body would die very quickly from lack of the nutrients. Moreover, if liver damage is not treated on time then it can cause serious problem. Sometimes liver damage cause cancer to and the person who is suffering from liver cancer suffers a lot from this disease.

The main cause of liver damage is the poor habits like smoking, excessive drinking, fatty and oily food. Usage of excess salt and citric food also can increase the liver cancer damage.

The most important thing is to know about reasons behind liver damage and then it is treated properly.  Knowing behind reasons helps you to overcome liver cancer damage easily.

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What Causes Liver Cancer? These are 9 important causes behind liver damage.

  1. Deficiency of vitamin B.
  2. Excess use of antibiotic medicines.
  3. Untidy atmosphere in home.
  4. Malaria, dengue and typhoid can also cause liver damage.
  5. More amount of chlorine in water.
  6. Drinking dirty water and consuming spicy and gourmet foods.
  7. Excessive use of beauty products.
  8. Consumption of colored sweets.
  9. Consuming too much of coffee, tea and junk food.

Symptoms of liver damage/ Liver Problem Symptoms

  1. Pain in right side of stomach.
  2. Inflammation and heaviness in chest.
  3. Intestinal gas, loss of appetite and indigestion.
  4. Laziness and weakness.
  5. Bad taste of mouth.

Natural remedies for treating liver cancer/ liver damage

Dirty and thick blood affects liver a lot; therefore it is important to clean blood. Pure blood cleans the dirty matter accumulated on liver.

How liver damage can be treated naturally?

These below written 9 tips can help you to get rid of liver cancer damage naturally.

      1. Wake up early in the morning and go for walk or cycling in fresh air and breathe deeply. It will open your mind and body from inside, fresh oxygen also opens boost immune system and mind which flows the blood properly in the brain too. You can walk on grass barefoot and take deep breath while walking.
      2. Take full body massage with mustard oil every week. Also, apply paste of fuller earth on body. Take sunbath or steam/vapor bath.
      3. Proper diet especially the proper healthy diet is also very important for healthy liver. It means it is necessary for us that how much we eat and what we eat. Drink less water while eating. Try to it warm water after 30 minutes of having food.
      4. Drinking fresh juice is very important in liver cancer treatment. Patient can drink coconut water, carrot, radish, spinach, turnip juice on regular basis especially in morning and in afternoon time, avoid in night.
      5. Drink lemon juice twice a day. Make soup of vegetables or eat watermelon, guava, pomegranate, papaya (you can make vegetable of green papaya which is very healthy- I am personally using it every week), apple, pears and other fruits regularly.
      6. Add pumpkin, spinach, amla, tindale in your vegetables. Consume pulses and salad also.
      7. Blackberry is also very useful in treatment of liver disease. Consume at least 100 gram of blackberries. Apple also increases immunity therefore so it is good eat more apples.
      8. Carrot soup prevents many kinds of diseases and it also helps in the cancer treatment.
      9. Consume melons for curing inflamed liver, because it has citric components which help in detoxify the wastage from body.

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What is the process of prevention of liver cancer/ damage?

  1. Drink 3-4 glasses of water early in the morning (if you use warm water that will be great- especially in winters). Use less water with food, drink warm water after 30 minutes of eating food.
  2. Drink lemon juice at least twice a day. You can add Epsom Salt and slight amount of honey in it.
  3. Laziness and lack of physical activities also increases the risk of liver cancer and damage. Therefore, always do some kind of physical workout of exercise by which you can remove toxic through sweat from your body.
  4. Avoid smoking, drinking, fatty and oily food.
  5. Drink less coffee, tea and packed juice, always drink fresh juice only.

Few ways to keep your liver clean, healthy and strong.

  1. Avoid ‘low-fat’ foods.
  2. Whenever you feel stressed just avoid eating anything.
  3. Herbs and roots helps in liver cancer treatment.
  4. Use right supplements only. Vitamin B complex and vitamin C helps in cleaning liver.
  5. Always consult doctor before taking any medicine.
  6. Avoid usage of deo and perfumes.
  7. Eat more protein in food; you can eat sprouts in breakfast.
  8. Focus on meditation, it helps a lot.

Your liver in an important body organ with many essential functions. It is your duty to protect and make liver healthy. It is about your health and life. I am sure you will use any of the above written liver cancer remedies and I am also sure it will help you a lot.

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