10 Ways To Increase Brain Power & Think Like a Genius

10 Ways To Increase Brain Power & Think Like a Genius

10 Ways To Increase Brain Power & Think Like a Genius

Increase Brain Power – Are you looking for ways to increase your brain power, prevent your mental age from growing and perhaps to get a long life? You may also be surprised to know that there are not only certain strategies available to do this, but you can easily find them in your daily routine by just changing it with just a few simple ones. By adopting strengths that follow this to your brainpower, it will be helpful to increase your brain power, and also help you to keep mentally healthy and ultimately make you smart.

  1. Exercise To Increase Brain Power:

Exercise makes your brain fit to work with its full potential by strengthening the interconnection between your nerve cells and avoiding any damage to them.

During the exercise, nerve cell releases protein named neurotrophic factors. One of which is a special brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) triggers many other health-promoting chemicals, and also directly benefits in learning, including cognitive functions.

Apart from this, Exercise also offers some kind of protective effects in your mind.

  • Produce the Nerve Protecting Compound.
  • Increasing blood flow in the brain.
  • Increasing the development and survival of neurons.
  • By reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease like a stroke.

In 2017, a study, published on Neuroscience Primates, revealed that regular exercise not only improves blood flow to the brain but because of the monkeys doing the exercises, a work, comparisons of monkeys doing unprofessional learned twice faster in this, it is such a benefit, which will be true for people (humans) as per the opinion of Researchers.

According to the study, along with this, some other researchers have shown that from exercise, mitochondria, an organ that generates energy in every cell of your body is encouraged. And,  your brain can help to work faster and more efficiently.

In order to get the maximum benefit from your workout, it is advisable to create a program for Exercise, which includes Peak Fitness High-Intensity Exercises, Strength Training, Stretching and Core Work.

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  1. Take Animal-Based Omega-3 Fats To Increase Brain Power:

Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA, Omega-3 fat is a necessary structural component for both your brain and retina. About 60 percent of your brain is made of fat – 25 percent of which is only DHA. DHA is also a necessary structural component of breast milk, and it is considered to be the real reason behind breastfeeding IQ tests as compared to the formula-fed babies IQ tests.

It is also important to take Omega-3 fats because they are not formed inside our body and therefore we should get them involved in our daily diet.

DHA is most commonly found in neurons – cells in your central nervous system, where it provides structural support. When your Omega-3 intake is not enough, then your nerves get stiff and because the Omega-3 fats in the body are replaced by cholesterol and Omega-6, hence they have problems of swelling. When your nerves get stiff and swelling in them, then in between, between cells and cells, prop neuron transmission is worsened.

The effect of Omega-3 fat on physical and mental health has been part of Intense Research for the past four decades, and there have been some evidence that animal-born Omega-3 fats may have many types of psychological disorders and degenerative brain disorders can help reduce symptoms. For example, diseases such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s are associated with low DHA levels.

According to even more excursive research, degenerative conditions can not only be prevented, but their effect can potentially be reversed. For example, in a study, 485 such veterans volunteers who struggled with the problem of memory loss, after getting the 900 mg DHA daily for 24 weeks, found themselves significantly improved compared to the controls.

According to another study, after receiving four millimeters DHA daily for four months, there was considerable improvement in verbal fluency scores.

In addition, when DHA was given 12 mg of lutein per day, then there was considerable improvement in the rate of learning and in memory.

Researches also show that the structure of the unsaturated fatty acid of normal brain tissue is age-specific, which means that as much as your age increases, the more you can get from mental decadence and to avoid brain degeneration-based fatty acids will be needed.

To compensate for your low Omega-3 diet, high-quality animal-based Omega-3 supplements is a thing which is recommended to take everyone, especially if you are pregnant.

It is advisable to take Krill oil instead of taking another animal-based Omega-3 because the metabolic effects of krill oil and fish oil are “essentially similar”, yet less in the EPA and Even after joining DHA, krill oil is more effective than fish oil. That’s because, due to its molecular composition, krill oil is absorbed 10-15 times as compared to fish oil, and because it is naturally complex with powerful fat-soluble antioxidant aesthetic, so in the probability of oxidation (aging) is also less.


  1. Take A Lot Of Sleep To Increase Brain Power:

Sleep is not necessary only to refresh your body, but it also needs to be able to reach new mental insight and see new creative solutions for older problems. Sleep eliminates all the darkness in front of you and helps you to “reset” your brain to see all the problems from a different perspective, which is very important for creativity.

Research from Harvard indicates that after sleep, there is more than 33 percent more likely to estimate the connection between people’s far-off thoughts, but some people believe that their performance actually has improved. Sleep also helps in enhancing your memory and improving your “practice” and your performance for challenging skills. In fact, only four to six hours of sleep taken in one night can affect your ability to think clearly the next day.

The process of growth, which is called plasticity, is known as the ability to control the brain’s behavior, including learning and memory. Plasticity occurs when neurons are stimulated by any event in the atmosphere or information. However, the lack of sleep and sleep revises the expression of many genes and genes products which can be important for synaptic plasticity. In addition, some form of long-term potency (potentiation), a form of naval process associated with learning and memory, can be achieved in sleep, so it is known that you are strengthening the synaptic connection during sleep.

As you may also suspect, it also proves to be good for newborns, and also from research, it also shows that these small swamps increase the brainpower of infants. Especially, such newborns who sleep in the middle of the learning and testing sessions have the ability to understand the pattern of any new information within them, which makes a significant change in memory.

Even in Adults, there was a different improvement in his brainpower with a nap in the middle of the day.

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  1. Use Coconut Oil To Increase Brain Power:

Glucose is the primary fuel required for your brain, which is converted into energy. Your brain actually builds its insulin to convert glucose into your bloodstream to the food that it needs to survive.

If your brain will reduce the production of insulin, because it is deprived of that glucose-converted energy, which it needs to function normally, your brain will actually start starving. It is often the same with Alzheimer’s patient – a part of the brain starts to decrease or starve, due to which the functioning disturbs, and gradually begins to lose memory loss, speech movement and personal loss.

In effect, if your brain becomes insulin-resistant and loses its ability to convert glucose into energy, then it leads to decay due to hunger. The good thing is, your brain can work on another kind of energy supply and from here it starts to use coconut oil.

There is one more substance, which can feed the brain and prevent the decay of the brain. Along with this, after repairing this diagram, you can also renew and restore the neuron and nerve function in your brain.

The substance being talked about is known as ketone bodies or keto acids. The construction of ketones is done by the body while converting fat (which is the opposite of glucose) to energy, and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is a primary source of ketone bodies, which is found in coconut oil! About 66 percent MCT is found in coconut oil.

The Therapeutic level of MCT has been studied at 20 grams per day. According to a research done by Dr. Mary Nepturt, only 2 teaspoons of coconut oil (about 35 ml) can give you MCT of 20-gram equivalent, which is indicated as a preventive measure against degenerative neurological disease. Is taken, or taken as a treatment for a previously sick person.

Everyone has their own ability to bear coconut oil, so you also have to start taking it slowly and reach these therapeutic levels. We recommend that you take a spoon with Foods in the morning. Then gradually increase the amount of it every few days in the difference, until you reach its 4 spoonful quantity. Coconut oil should be used with food to avoid the possibility of stomach getting worse.

  1. Take Vitamin D To Increase Brain Power:

Activated Vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain and researchers also include hippocampus and brain cerebellum, parts that involve planning, accepting any information and making a new memento. Metabolic pathways have also been found for vitamin D.

The National Institute of Mental Health has just recently concluded that a pregnant lady should take plenty of vitamin D in order to develop her child’s brain correctly. For the “normal” functioning of her brain after her child’s birth, she should be given a lot of Vitamin D. Research for Adults, too, has come to know that low Vitamin D is related to the poor performance of the brain, and by increasing its volume, it helps to keep adult adolescents fit mentally.

Such cases can be cured by direct contact of the sun’s rays or sunlight, such as when the matter of vitamin D is being done, to give it in abundance will not be able to help.

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By coming for a reasonable time in front of the sun, it keeps it up to the level of your brain working properly. If this option is not right for you, then with the vitamin D3 supplements, safe tanning beds will be another good option for you. Now it seems that most adults need about 8,000 IU vitamin D in one day to get the serum level above their 40 ng/ml, which is the lowest for them. Ideally, your serum level should be between 50-70 ng/ml and 100 ng/ml for the treatment of diseases related to cancer and heart. However, it is important to know that there is no dose for the supply of Vitamin D. If something is urgent, then it is your serum level, so to find out that you are inside the optimal and therapeutic range shown below, you should continue to test the level of vitamin D.

  1. Optimize Your Gut Flora To Increase Brain Power:

Your group, your “second brain” and your group bacteria are your vaginal nerve to the information of your brain, which is a tenth cranial (or cranial) nerve, which is a brain stem with an enteric nervous system (your own) Gastrointestinal tract nervous system), transmit it through.

Here there is a very deep connection between abnormal group fluor and abnormal brain development, and as well as neurons in your brain, the same neurons are in your group – which include Neurons that create neurotransmitters such as serotonin, Also found in the brain and which are related to your mood.

In the simplest language, your group’s health can affect your brain function, mentality, and behavior due to its relation between your brain and not in different ways.

Your group bacteria are an active and integrated part of your body and they mostly depend on your diet and they are also sensitive to your lifestyle.

If you take too much processed foods and sweet drinks, then your group bacteria may have to suffer a lot because the processed foods will destroy your micro flora and the sugar will store all the bad bacteria and yeasts inside you.

Restricting the quantity of your sugar and other processed foods, traditionally fed (rich in good bacteria), taking pro-biotic supplements and breastfeeding to a baby, are the best ways to optimize your group flora and afterward in this, they support your brain’s health.

  1. Take Vitamin B12 To Increase Brain Power:

Its lack of fertility for your brain health in the future is called “canary in the coal mine”, and recent research has emphasized the importance of this vitamin B12 in keeping your brain strong.

According to recent research, such people, who had a high vitamin B12 deficiency, were more likely to score the lowest in their cognitive test, as well as their entire brain volume was also very low, so it seems, That seems to shrink the brain due to the lack of this vitamin.

Problems associated with brain stenosis and memory are the biggest evidence pointing to vitamin B12 deficiency and this is also an indication of its importance for your brain’s health.

In addition, a Finnish study found that people who take rich food products in Vitamin B12 can reduce the risk of having Alzheimer’s in their next life.

After increasing every one unit of vitamin B12 (holotranscobalamin), the risk of developing Alzheimer’s was less than 2 percent. From resorts, it also came to know that supplements containing vitamin B, including Vitamin B12, reduce the brain decay (brain reduction, considered to be the biggest cause of Alzheimer’s disease) in elderly people with low memory.

The lack of vitamin B12 is very extensive and many people have difficulty in properly absorbing this nutrient from food sources. Blood test done for Vitamin B12 is also not a reliable source of B12 states, so keeping an eye on symptoms of deficiency and increasing its diet and supplemental in takes, is considered a second practical option for blood tests.

B12 is found only in Animal Food Sources in its Natural Form. It includes seafood, chicken, milk, and eggs. If you do not take enough amount of B12 to get animal products (take seafood, you know that it is from the pure water source) or you do not have the right amount of vitamins available through food. Acquiring, Vitamin B12 supplements are completely non-toxic, especially compared to the cost of lab testing.

Try an under-the-tone fine mist spray, as if this technology helps in absorbing vitamins in the capillaries below your tone.

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  1. Listen To Music To Increase Brain Power:

It has been long since believed that music can do good to your brainpower; You might have heard about it in “Mozart Effect”, in which it has been said that listening to classical music can help make you smart. Along with that, research has shown that, while listening to music, your cognitive level increases and while joining, verbal fluency skills are linked to coronary artery disease (coronary artery disease is associated with the decline in cognitive abilities). Makes better. In this study, after listening to music compared to non-music sessions, signs of improvement in the verbal fluvial area increased in double quantities.

Music is also associated with enhancing cognitive functioning and improving mental focus among good adults, so take advantage of this easy enjoyment as much as you can.

  1. Challenge Your Mind To Increase Brain Power:

Always learning, there is a very simple method to keep your brain’s functioning better. When you learn something, the size and structure of the neurons and the connection between them actually changes.

There are many ways to learn beyond book learning, including learning, learning to play a musical instrument or learning to speak a new language or participating in social and community activities.

  1. Brain Exercise To Increase Brain Power:

Just like learning, challenging your brain through mind-training exercises can also help keep your brain fit, as well as aging. Think of such famous people, whose initial letter is coming, can be as easy as possible, playing crossword puzzles or playing such a board game, which may force you to think.

It has also been discovered from some research that surfing the web activates the areas linked to your brain and the areas related to hard regionalization. So instead of constantly watching TV, using the internet is really a job that keeps you busy as well as enhances your brainpower as well.

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