Are You Aware of These 10 Diseases Caused By Smartphones

Are You Aware of These 10 Diseases Caused By Smartphones

Are You Aware of These 10 Diseases Caused By Smartphones

In this modern era, technology has made our life so much easy and smartphones is one of them. But if these techniques make our life easier along with this but technology create so many problem in our life.

Everything has some benefits and some side effects too. Do you know that smartphones have become the most important part of our life but it is also a biggest mess in our life too.

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Today I am going to share 10 diseases which can be caused by smartphones or you can call it cell phone addiction symptoms.

  1. Excessive use of smartphones can lead to insomnia:-

People who are addicted to smartphones believe that till they not use smartphones late night then they are not able to sleep properly which is not good for anyone’s health.

  1. Irritation:-

Generally we notice that when we waste too much time on phone it can affect one’s sleep routine to so much extent that we don’t even get our necessary sleep. This disturbs the brain and add-up anxiety, stress and irritation in the affected person’s behavior.

  1. Mental Disorder:-

In excitement of using mobile phone’s we often ignore our sleeping time and due to lack of sleep our brain can’t get as much rest as it needs. This causes mental disorders. Along with this, the material available in phones also put bad effects on our brain which later turns into depression, anxiety, sadness and many other problems.

  1. Eyesight:-

Most often smartphones is used for watching videos, photos, playing video games and chatting. Some people watching porn videos or reading porn stories and by doing this they even forget blinking their eyes. While doing all this activities brightness or range from phones affects the light of our eyes. Moreover font size also create complications related to eye sight. These problems can weaker our eyes and sometime people lost their eyesight. If you want to use mobile phone than must have proper light in the area, dark area affects and damages eye very quickly.

  1. Headache:-

Severe headache is the consequence of extreme use of phone which can last for long time. Harmful rays from mobile can cause brain storm and put stress and depression too. 

  1. Pain in Body:-

Usually it happens that while using whatsapp and facebook almost all the people addicted to these things and they don’t care about the body postures which cause health problems. 

  1. Infection:-

There are lots of bacteria on smartphones screen which we don’t notice or cannot be seen through naked eyes. But due to these bacteria’s, we fell sick and have to overcome from many face related problems. Also do not forget to wash hands before eating something because these bacteria’s can cause stomach problem too. 

  1. Addiction:-

In many cases it happens that people get addicted to their smartphones and it is very dangerous. They feel uneasiness without their mobile phone or different kind of fear or nervousness it seen on their face. It is also a very serious problem. Focus on other things too, do not just depend on smartphones. 

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  1. Monophobia:-

It refers It refers to the condition when people feel like their phone is vibrating even if it is switched  off or silent and listen the same ringtone without even anyone calls you. 

  • Dependence:-

Usage also results in dependence. For every small work we try to see it on our mobile phones rather than using our mind. Sometimes in same house message each other from sharing information which is wrong and this debar them of their common movements in house. It also results in loss of love and care for each other.

If you want to live healthy and want to use your smartphone for lifelong than use cell phones for less to live and enjoy healthy and happier life. Use phone for important work only, do not waste your life on the stupid mini thing.

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