9 Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat

9 Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat

9 Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat

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Today, I am going to share 9 Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat.

  1. Not Chewing Food Properly:

The first rule to digest food is to chew food properly. It is commonly said that food must be chewed at least 30-35 time before being swallowed. Chewing easily digested food and our digestive system does not have to work harder for it.

  1. Eating Food Quickly:

Many people of us get used to finishing the meal quickly. This is not a good habit for your digestion. Whenever you eat quickly, it also causes excessive air in your body and after some time you may have problems with gas and indigestion. Eat food slowly and swallow only after chewing it well.

  1. Ignoring Food:

Ignoring food is often the case when people eat food while watching TV or using mobile. You must be surprised to know that this habit also places a bad effect on your digestion. The cephalic stage of the digestion begins with the brain, and this process starts even before reaching the stomach. When our focus was not in the food, the digestion phase could not be started, due to which the problem of bloating could happen. Therefore it is important that whenever you sit down to eat, keep away from TV or computer or other gadgets.

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  1. Not Drinking Enough Water:

The problem of constipation is also added to bloating. We need to be hydrated all the time because our stools are soft and we do not have problems while getting fresh in the morning the next day. It is important to drink at least two liters of water a day. Also doing a workout is also important.

  1. Taking More Liquid With Food:

Of course, taking too much liquid with food also increases the problem of bloating. It is important to remain hydrated throughout the day, but most people mistakenly do so before taking food or after consuming a very high amount of liquid.

Let us know that Stomach acid is used to digest food and kill pathogenic microbes. Due to the reduction of the stomach acid, the food stays in the stomach for a longer time and it causes the stomach to come out.

  1. Eat Right Food:

There are usually many things that do not hurt, but for some people, these things also cause bloating. Wheat and dairy products are included in this. If you are taking butter toast in the morning breakfast, taking a sandwich in lunch and cheesy pasta in dinner, you are giving more pain to your digestive system. This food can give you more fat than nutrition and other health elements.

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  1. Stress:

Stress is also one of the reasons that most of us think that taking the stress is just from the brain, but it is not. And, stress affects our entire body. The direct effect of stress is also on our digestive system because it is linked to our brain through the vagus nerve. When we are stressed, our bodies contain a fewer amount of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. To reduce the stress, you can do a workout on regular basis or take good sleep.

  1. Late Night Food:

As the engagement of life increases, there is a big impact on our eating habits and its timing. Our scriptures also say that we should eat the food before sunset. Late eating habits increase the pressure on your digestive system. Our body is on the repair mode at night and at the same time, because of late eating, our bodies have to work hard to digest food which put a bad effect on our body. This is the reason late night food increase our belly fat.

  1. Eat More Fiber Food:

Fiber-rich food not only works to soften our stool but removes toxins from our bodies and provides food to the bacteria present in our group. By eating low-fiber foods you can not meet the needs of these friendly bacteria and it increases the pressure on the pathogenic, which is the problem of gas. You should increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. You can also take fiber supplements if you wish. Consult a doctor before taking any type of supplement.

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