These 5 Foods are Poisonous for Diabetes Patients

These 5 Foods are Poisonous for Diabetes Patients

These 5 Foods are Poisonous for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is considered to be a very dangerous disease worldwide, where modern lifestyle and pleasure facilities make life easier. At the same time, he has given a disease like diabetes. If this disease is taken once, it does not take the name of being properly, because it can be kept under control, but it can not be completely cured. Because the amount of glucose in the blood is higher than normal in this disease.

Stay away from sweets

Well, such people are in a large number, who do not like sweet food, but despite this, they are victims of diabetes. Diabetes is not due to sweet eating, but once this happens the patient has to stay away from the sweet. So try not to eat sweets.

Avoid the hinges in the ground

Do not eat sweet potato, potato and many such things that grow inside the ground or try to eat them in the least quantity.

Stay away from junk food

Do not eat junk food at all, this increases the risk of diabetes. Do not eat fried things as well, it will increase your disease further. Do not eat fried grains by boiling or eating fried food.

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Do not eat dry fruits

If you have diabetes, you never eat dry fruits, and if you have food it can soak them in water and eat it.

Do not eat fatty foods

If you want to avoid diabetes, then remove or reduce the fatty foods diet. Diet with fat or carbohydrate increases diabetes. So taking a low-fat diet of fat or carbohydrate can prevent diabetes.

Do not eat rice

If you eat big bowl white rice every day, then the risk of type 2 diabetes is 11 percent more than usual. The method of cooking rice depends on the benefit or loss from its food. If the rice biryani is prepared or the rice is eaten with meat or soybean, then the risk of diabetes is high. Because it can affect blood sugar levels in the body.

Stay away from these fruits

Do not eat fruits like banana, mango, litchi or eat less, because it increases the risk of diabetes.

Stay away from them too

If you have diabetes, you should also avoid ice cream, cakes, pastries and so on. It is harmful to your health.

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