World Brain Tumor Day: 10 Common Symptoms of Brain Tumor

World Brain Tumor Day: 10 Common Symptoms of Brain Tumor

World Brain Tumor Day: 10 Common Symptoms of Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a dangerous disease.

If it is known at the right time, it is possible to prevent it.

It can be fatal if the treatment is delayed.

If you come to complain of a headache, the medicine which is cured by eating, but then when it emerges, be careful, because these symptoms can also be the earliest stage of a brain tumor. The brain tumor is a dangerous disease. If the disease is detected at the right time, it can be prevented. Due to delays in treatment, it can be deadly and may lead to mental insanity. In the case of brain tumor, many cells in the brain or anyone cell grow abnormally, due to which other cells are damaged. Breast tumors can sometimes be genetic, and sometimes it gets worse due to excessive radiation or exposure to the chemical. The brain tumor can be recognized by its initial symptoms, so these symptoms should also be known to you.

A Headache

A headache is the first and common symptom of a brain tumor. In the event of a brain tumor, the first pain in the morning is mostly morning and later it starts to occur. This pain is so fast that human beings can lose their mental balance too. If you are constantly complaining of a headache, then check with the doctor immediately.

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Vomiting and Nausea

The second symptom of brain tumor is that it begins to vomit with a headache. Occasionally there is a lot of nausea all day when a headache and there is nothing to eat and drink. Like headaches, these symptoms also appear early in the morning and later it intensifies.

Body Balance

Due to having a brain tumor, you often get dizzy and you fall even when you are dizzy. In fact, if the tumor occurs in the cerebellum then it affects the body balance. For this reason, many times the balance of the body gets worsened, and the person falls.

Brain Nerves

In the condition of a brain tumor, when affected cells start spreading or spreading their nerves inside the brain, it has an effect on the surrounding cells, which often leads to frequent effect to the surrounding brain.

Feeling Like Paralysis

In the condition of brain tumor many times the control of the brain is removed from the body parts of the human body, then it does not feel the sensation of that particular organ. In this case, the patient feels like paralysis. In this situation, the legs and legs stop working. This condition comes when the person’s brain has a tumor on the parietal lobe.

Trouble Speaking

The cells connecting every part of the body in the brain are present, so any cell that tumor cells pass through it is affected. Just like when these cells enter the temporal lobe, the person starts having difficulty in speaking. In such a situation, the voice of the person begins to breach one side.

Irritability and Behavior Change

Due to a brain tumor, the action and mental action of our body parts are not affected, but it also affects our temperament. If this tumor enters the lobe, then the behavior of the person changes. He can not control his behavior and irritability or sadness surrounds him.

Hearing Problem

When the brain tumor reaches the person’s immune system, this does not affect the ability to speak only, but it also causes problems in listening to the person. Many times it feels like the curtain of the ear has exploded.

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Cramps in Hands and Feet

Admission of tumor cells when the parietal is going to occur in the lobe, then such condition comes in which suddenly the person’s hands and feet begin to move. He starts feeling like all the organs of his body are being disabled. This is the stage before paralysis.

Feeling of Weakness

Early symptoms of a brain tumor include feeling weakness with a headache. In fact, when the tumors begin to form in the brain, the surrounding cells start to be effected gradually, causing a person to feel a headache and then the whole body starts to feel weak.

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