Did You Know 5 Things Women Hesitate to Share With Husband

Did You Know 5 Things Women Hesitate to Share With Husband

Did You Know 5 Things Women Hesitate to Share With Husband

5 Things Women Hesitate to Share with Husband- Gaining weight and mood swings are common issues during pregnancy. But along with this, there are many changes in their body which can cause irritation in their behavior and embarrass them.

Let us talk about these 5 changes which cause hesitation among women while talking to somebody.

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  1. Leaking Breast:-

During pregnancy, protection hormones start releasing in the excess amount which causes erectness in nipples and that can be problematic for them. Moreover, there is leakage from nipples and you feel embarrassed while talking to your husband about it. But you can keep nursing pads in your bra to stop this. 

  1. Frequent Urination:-

This is common in pregnancy because when your uterus enlarges then it put pressure on the urinary bladder and we feel like urinating. In this situation, you feel hesitation going bathroom again in front of your husband. 

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet
  1. A Problem of Gas/ Acidity:-

Women often face the problem of acidity in pregnancy. This is due to constipation of oily food. So always eat healthy and nutritious food, must avoid fatty, oily, fried, cold drink, packed juices, bakery products. 

  1. Vagina Discharge:-

It’s perfectly normal starting from early pregnancy until your baby is born which is thin, white, milky and mild swelling. This is because your stomach enlarges and there is an increase in the production of estrogen which causes discharge from the vagina. It embarrasses women but you must clean your vagina to avoid infections. 

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  1. Acne Problems:-

Women often get irritated because of acne problem. This affects ladies skin, but this is normal in pregnancy and is a result of increased hormones production in your body.

If you find some changes in the behavior of your wife, ask her about the problem or issue. This is your work to do make your wife and family members happy and healthy.

This is not your duty; it is about your life, their life. Show your love and respect towards them.

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