Why Your Weight Increases in Winter and How To Control

Why Your Weight Increases in Winter and How To Control

Why Your Weight Increases in Winter and How To Control

As the winters begin, weight gradually begins to grow. Most of the people think that eating more food in winter is the main reason for weight gain. But the reason for weight gain is not only the extra food that is eaten in winter. Seasonal weight gain varies from people to people. Few surveys show that people gain around 5 to 7 pounds of average weight increases in the winter season.

In fact, there are many reasons which increase the weight in the winter season. If you are one of those people who are worried about growing their weight in the winter, then today we will tell you about them. So let’s know, Why Your Weight Increases in Winter and How To Control, by which you will be able to stay fit and fine in the winter easily.

Why Does The Weight Increase In Winter?

Not Exercising

In winter, weight increases more quickly than summer. In cold weather, people avoid to come our from home, and this is the reason they do not do exercise. Because of this, the weight starts to grow slowly.

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More Sleep

In winters, the nights are getting long, due to which you sleep more. This also results in your “body cycles” becoming a victim of lethargy which increases the weight.

Winter Meal

Along with seasonal fruits, you also consume more spicy food in this season and this increases the amount of fat in the body. In winter, we all like to eat snacks with tea or coffee. In this way, our body fat starts grow because of high-calorie intake and this is the reason it causes weight gain.

Sudden Increase in Metabolism

Obesity is less due to metabolism, but if its process grows rapidly, it increases weight instead of weight loss. In winter, the rate of metabolism becomes slightly faster.

Seasonal Effective Disorder

Many types of research have revealed that in the winter hunger has become more pronounced than the rest of the season. It is also called Season Effective Disorder.

Sweet Intake in Winter

Compared to the summer, it seems to eat more sweet in winter. Now it is possible to get obesity if the body gets more calories.

Winter Beverages

Who does like to eat things like hot chocolate, ice cream in winter? But calories are also very high in these things. So, it is possible to increase weight by eating those things in winter.

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Weight Control Tips

  • Eat more and more high-protein breakfast in winter.
  • -Keep doing a light-hearted exercise. You can do cardio exercises for weight control.
  • -Eat foods containing nutritious elements.
  • To control the weight add fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Stay away from Alcohol, Carbohydrate and High Sugar Foods.
  • In winter, you should take adequate sleep to protect yourself from obesity. Correct your sleeping style, because it is one of the reasons for growing weight.
  • Party seasons starts in winter, but during this time you should control your food cravings.
  • Drink more water in winter. This will give your body energy, which will help to burn calories.
  • Make a habit of drinking green tea instead of hot or winter beverage.

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