Why is the trend of growing the butt up?

Why is the trend of growing the butt up?

Why is the trend of growing the butt up?

When trends cannot be said in the fashion world when the trends begin to rise above the head.

Now take the ‘Brazilian butt lift’ i.e. BBL, it has spread so much that people are betting on their lives.

A mother of three children went to England to go to Turkey to conduct her BBL surgery and she died in this deadly surgery.

Leah Cambridge was from the city of Leeds in England and had three heart attacks during this surgery in the clinic of Izmir in Turkey.

This information was given by Leah Cambridge’s partner Scott Franks to British newspaper The Sun.

Well, why is this tremendous increase in speed and why its surgery is dead?

In fact, this surgery is filled with fat from the stomach to the butt or the hip.

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Why they dead?

The 29-year-old beautician took the decision to make BBL surgery abroad because it is expensive in the UK. Franks says that he had grappled with the growing fat of the stomach, so decided to take the BBL.

Leah’s neighbors are absolutely surprised. Neighbors felt that Leah’s partners were not ready for this surgery.

Leah is not a single in the UK who have such a desire. Joy Williams also went to Bangkok to get his butt surgery done in 2014.

During the same surgery, their wound was infected. The infection increased so much that London’s 24-year-old Joy died in anesthetic condition.

Three years ago Claudia Ederotomi, 20-year-old West London student died during the same surgery in the United States. Plastic surgeon Brian Mayo says that BBL surgery is not more dangerous than other cosmetic surgery.

Scott Franks has been completely broken since his partner’s death and he advised to avoid cosmetic surgery.

He says, “It is dangerous that there are no trends and experts to do the surgery. If the fat is filled up to the bottom of the tissue and butt of the muscles it proves to be dangerous. Fat is in the form of clotting and sometimes obstruction occurs in the bloodstream. Death also happens due to this reason. If you are shaving fat, you should be cautious about these dangers. “

31-year-old Franks told the Sun, ” Leah was in Anesthetic (fainting) state and solidified in the same time Fat bloodstream. Due to this, oxygen was deficient. Leah’s situation was stable, but three heart attacks came and after that nothing could be done. “

Why Big Butt Likes?

Mayo says that plastic surgeons of the International Society have formed a task force. This task force will give a report on the procedure of BBL surgery.

The death rate in BBL is one in 3,000. Mayo says that the cases of death were investigated in this surgery, it was found that fat was deposited in muscles of fat in all cases as fat clots.

A surgeon from Chelsea clinic in Chelsea, West London, says that the number of people who have performed surgery to increase the size of the butt has increased in the last four years.

Regarding the fancy of butt-boosting, he said, “Until a few years ago, women were tiny but wishful. Surgery was also done for the small butt but it is now out of fashion. Now the demand for BBL is good. “

In such a situation, the question arises that why women are getting a big butt like after all? Says Mayo, “This is a time of popular culture and women have a good reputation. We are living in a diverse culture and ethnic world. There are different sizes of the body in this world and everyone has its beauty. In today’s world, such technology is also available, so that the desired shape can be found.

There are millions of failures on social media such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B. These actresses keep snapping photos of their butt regularly. Women are inspired by seeing these photos too.

Mayo says, “Most people think that there are two benefits with an operation. The first is that you do not like where are removed fat from there and there to where you are able to shift. ” This type of surgery is cheaper than in the UK in countries such as Turkey.”

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What is the butt-enhancing surgery? (Why is the trend of growing the butt up?)

The size of the butt is made larger. It is given a curved shape so that it looks attractive.

Surgeons fill silicon or shift the body parts of the rest of the body here.

Its cost depends on the clinic and the country. In the UK, it costs up to six million. At the same time, the expenditure in India stands around 5 thousand dollars.

After surgery, the patient suffers from a lot of pain. Especially in that part where fat shifts are done. It is forbidden to sit directly with the butt for three weeks.

Many times this proves to be murderous too.

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