6 Things to Increase IQ of Your Baby in Pregnancy

6 Things to Increase IQ of Your Baby in Pregnancy

6 Things to Increase IQ of Your Baby in Pregnancy

Increase IQ of Your Baby in Pregnancy- Everything a woman does in her pregnancy put effect on her baby in the womb. Therefore they are so conscious about their diet and habits. Every woman wants her child to be mentally intelligent. According to a research, IQ level of a child in a womb can be increased and in this situation, mother play a big role to boost her child’s IQ level.

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Today I am going to share 6 suggestions by which any pregnant women can increase IQ intelligence in her baby inside the womb.

  1. Feeling of Voice:-

After 23 weeks, child starts responding towards many voices and her mother’s voice is so special for the baby. Therefore she must read good books and listening poems and peaceful songs. For boosting the brain power of baby, mother voice is very important for the baby.

If you want to make your child a writer, policeman, businessman etc. , read those types of book in calm place, it will effect positively in your child’s mind. 

  1. Healthy Diet:-

Healthy diet during pregnancy is not only good for mother is it also same good for baby too.  It effect the baby’s body and mind which helps in the growth of baby’s muscle and brain power.

Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid oily, fried and junk foods. 

  1. Omega-3 Rich Food:-

This is very helpful in developing mind of child. Omega 3 rich food includes dry fruits and many other fruits. (you can search about those articles in our blog) moreover it also includes some vegetables. You can prepare a list of all these and start eating after taking doctor’s advice. Pregnant woman should eat clean and healthy food.

During pregnancy, she wants to spicy and tangy which every woman wants to eat in this time. There is no harm in it but eat less then what you want to eat and try to control her desires about those particular diet. Eat more fiber, nutrition food. 

  1. Take Care of Position:-

A child can feel her mother’s touch in womb. It also affects the mental development of her child. She should keep this thing in her mind that direct sunlight is not good for her womb. It can be dangerous for the baby. Moreover she should maintain the posture while sleeping, walking and sitting. Therefore she should take care of her positions in pregnancy. 

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  1. Give up Bad habits:-

If you are addicted to some bad habits then you must give up as soon as possible. Because these habits like smoking and drinking directly effects fetus, so protected your Baby in Pregnancy. 

  1. Avoid Stress:-

We must have notice this thing that elder people always advice pregnant woman to stay happy because if she is stressed then it put negative impact on child. Therefore, she must try to keep herself happy as much as she can.

By using these 6 tricks any pregnant lady can increase IQ of her baby in pregnancy and do not forget to maintain childhood health. Do not hesitate to share article in your social media.

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