Special Care Tips While Traveling In Pregnancy

Special Care Tips While Traveling In Pregnancy

Special Care Tips While Traveling In Pregnancy

Special Care Tips- It is a very proud, painful and enjoyable moment for any woman who gets pregnant. But during this period she needs to take many precautions for herself and baby child. A pregnant woman always remains in dilemma about traveling. But by taking precautions you can travel in pregnancy also.

Today I am going to share a few suggestions for pregnant women’s while traveling.

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  1. If complication then take extra care:-

It is not a big thing. In today’s time, there are many working women’s who go to the office and for other home and business work. While pregnancy and their usual delivery occur. But if there is a complication in the pregnancy then she needs to take extra care during a journey. If you are pregnant and need to travel then first rake permission of traveling from your doctor. In most of the cases traveling during pregnancy is safe either you traveling by car, bus or train. By taking some precautions you and your baby can be protected from any sudden accident or problem. Although due to rush, the noise of vehicles, other noise it is not easy to travel by bus but if there is no other option than this, then you have to travel by bus. By keeping some things in mind you can make your journey comfortable.

  1. Pregnant women’s can face problems:-

Traveling can be harmful to the woman who is having pregnancy on high risk or to whom the doctor has advised total bed rest. These women can face many problems during traveling like long time journey, had roads, no medical facility during journey etc. are some aspects which have can put a serious impact on pregnancy.

  1. Traveling Effects:-Nausea and Vomiting:-

Traveling affects pregnant women’s diet and exercise routine. To remain healthy during traveling a pregnant woman needs healthy food, more rest, high fluids and light exercise.

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet

Pregnant woman normally complaint about nausea and vomiting during traveling. Actually, during pregnancy some hormones increases in the body which makes immunity weak and causes nausea and vomit problem. Due to all this while traveling she need not face many problems like nausea and vomiting, so it is better to always eat a bite of food or something which makes you comfortable. You can take ½ biscuit in 5-10-20 minutes or anything else by which you feel comfortable.

  1. First 3 months:-

First 3 months and last three months of pregnancy are very important. During this period avoid traveling. In the initial period there is a danger of miscarriage. After first 3 months vomiting, problems also decreases.

  1. Dehydration:-

Don’t let dehydration happen and if you are traveling by plane then due to the low level of humidity there is the probability of humidity. Drink liquid by which you feel comfortable, it can be water, juice, soup etc. It is good to take a seat which has space to spread legs. It is also good if restroom is near the seat.

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  1. Safe Seat:-

During journey tie seat belts. Sit on the front seat of a car and open the window for fresh air. To keep blood pressure normal, and to be safe from cramps and swelling keep spreading and moving legs. Also do a little exercise of hands, arms, wrist, and shoulder while journey. If you are going on an ocean trip then during the start of boat or ship you can feel like vomiting or little sickness. Do know that the doctor is available on the ship or not while traveling.

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Traveling In Pregnancy

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