Is sex life of others better than you?

Are others’ sex lives better than yours?

Are others’ sex lives better than yours?

All the research has shown that we often think that young people having more sex. But, our thinking is beyond reality.

The same thing is about men’s thinking about women’s sex life.

French Global Marketing Research Company EPS has been researching such misconceptions for a long time. Now the results of this research will soon come out in the form of a book.

The name of the book is ‘The Perils of Perception.’ Under this research, when a question was raised with the people of Britain and the United States. He was asked what they think that people in the age group of 18-29 years have had sex in the last four weeks?

The average estimate of people in answer to this question was that people of this age group had sex 14 times in a month in both the countries. But the fact is that in Britain, 18-29-year-old youth had sex only five times in a month, and American youth had sex four times a month. This is revealed by a comprehensive survey on sexual behavior.

The estimation of the UK and the American people meant that the youth of their country was having sex every other day. That is, he was having sex 180 times a year, while the truth is that the UK and the United States have sex on average 50 times a year.

After dating app like Tinder, people have started thinking that sex life is better for others

Misconceptions about the sex of women

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This mistake is big for us to guess. But, this is not the biggest example of misunderstanding.

The UK and the United States have more misunderstood about the sex life of the women of their country.

The UK’s men think that the sex life of the young women in their country is very great. They make sex on average 22 times a month.

American men think that women in their country have sex 23 times a month. This means that the average American or British woman has sex every working day in the week.

Apart from this, she has sex twice or three times a month on a special occasion. The fact is that the average American or British women have sex five times a month.

American men think that their countrymen have sex 23 times a month

So, what is the reason for the misery of the miscreants? The reason for this is also in our thoughts and what we are told is also.

The foundation of a human race is sex. Our existence is hinged on sex only. But people around the world have been misunderstood about sex. We can visualize human behavior by looking at other social behaviors, but there is a problem with sex that people usually do this work in a curtain.

So when we do not have real information related to sex then we are backed by the ‘official sources’ and these are the official sources of sex, the playground or talk of the locker room, all the abysmal surveys, News and photos printed with juice in the media. ‘

All of these ‘official sources’ we get to know about the sexually explicit information about sex.

17 sex partners by the age of 54

Under this survey, we asked the people of three countries to make how many sex partners would be formed during the 45-54 age group. In this case, the estimation of the people is quite accurate.

Reaching the age of 45-54 in Australia and Britain, men make 17 sex partners. This figure is 19 in the US. The speculations that were made about this were accurate.

The point is funny when people compare men and women. The women who reported the sexual partner’s status in the survey were very few compared to the men. According to the claims of women, they make half sex partners as compared to men. These dilemmas have also been found in high-quality sex surveys, but it is impossible to be truthful.

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The average American man’s 12 sex partners are formed

Now since both men and women make sex partners and the population of both of them is more than equal, how can it be that men make more sex partners and women are less? These numbers should be around the equivalent. After all, men and women only make sex partners.

There are several reasons for this difference. One has to go to a caller for men’s sex. At the same time, there are many sexual behaviors that women do not consider sex, but men believe.

One reason for this is that men are also told to increase their number of sex partners in order to give themselves a match.

In America, there is another twist in the estimation of women and men about sex. The average American men believe that American women have an average of 27 sex partners. The American women think about their country’s men that their 13 sex partners become partners. Women are closer to the true truth.

The average American man has 12 sex partners. The reason for this brutal thinking of average American men is that there are some men among them, who think that American women have many sexual partners. In our sample of 1000 people, there were 20 American men, who thought that their country’s women had an average of 50 sex partners.

Our misconceptions tell us how we look at the world. These open up the pole of our prejudices. All the surveys show how many people have been concerned about the sex life of youth and women.

Is sex life of others better than you?

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