Save My Marriage Today – An Honest Review

Can you save your marriage when you or your spouse wants out? Feeling stressed, stuck, and worried about your marriage falling apart? Save My Marriage Today is a course that aims at saving your wedlock without going through counseling. This 158-page program will shed lights into how to improve communication when the time is tough, bring back love and revive the relationship. 

The course provides you with relationship advice and helps you address your relationship questions, once and for all. This program provides guide on how to live a happy family life again so you can continue to say “I Do” to your partner. Save My Marriage Today has already helped thousands of married and unmarried couples come back into a healthy relationship. It addresses all of your marriage aspects, and furthermore, it also helps you adjust your emotional behaviors while going through the turmoil of your relationship.

A marriage is a meaningful partnership in which both partners need to play their roles. This program can help you move towards a more meaningful relationship with the partner you love, regardless of what has happened before.

About Save My Marriage Program

If you are suffering from any type of issues in your marriage and are currently looking for solutions, then my dear friend, you have taken the first critical step towards solving them. In this program, you will find so many secrets and powerful techniques that you can easily use to rebuild your marriage. As long as you are willing to work on these issues and want to build faith from both sides, you will surely come out again on the top and be stronger than ever before.

About The Author

The author of this program is Amy Waterman. Amy is no stranger to the marriage and relationship counseling field. She is a specialist in relationships, love and attraction. Through her powerful insights and unique techniques, she has helped thousands of couples. The goal of the author is to help couples communicate in a good and proper way so they can rekindle their love and save their marriage.

What to Expect From Save My Marriage Today!

The first chapter of the book is an introductory section to help you set your first step to getting the benefits from the following chapters of the book.

Chapter 2: The Life Cycle of a Marriage —

Marriage grows through cycles. And in this chapter, you will learn what to expect in each phase of the cycle. The chapter has six easy steps including evaluation, infatuation, and commitment of the relationship to raise your awareness of where in the cycle your relationships is currently in. It then finishes with the two insightful exercises.

Chapter 3: Life Isn’t a Movie —

It is important for you to know that perfection is a very dangerous illusion. No one is perfect in this world, not you, not your partner, and not us. This chapter will help you better examine your expectations so that you will begin to set some realistic goals for yourself and for your partner. It offers you 4 exercises in which you have to complete 2 exercises yourself and 2 exercises you can complete with your partner.

Chapter 4: Seven Mistakes to Avoid —

If you want to avoid issues in your marriage life, then, be proactive. You need to know which mistakes to avoid so you can take more informed decisions in the future. There are 7 common mistakes in a marriage that you definitely want to avoid making at all cost in order to prevent dead holes in your relationship and fruitless arguments that can suck up your energy and emotions. 

Chapter 5: Combating Conflicts —

Are you interested in the art of negotiation? What about your abilities to look beyond conflicts? Well, in this 5th chapter, you will learn and understand about how to deal with conflicts and confrontation. Three exercises are included in this chapter, and you can certainly expand these techniques beyond your marriage to any other relationships in your life.

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Chapter 6: Banking In Your Relationship —

From your ‘Love Bank’ to ‘Rediscovering Respect,’ these are good starting points to saving your marriage life. The exercises given in this chapter will help you bring your spouse closer to you again.

Chapter 7: Teamwork and You —

This chapter is helpful for those individuals those are extremely independent, as marriage can shift into this dynamic at some phase in your marriage. The key is to work together to enhance the strengths of each other and minimizing each other’s weaknesses. Finding the balance between being on your own and relying on each other can be tough but if you work through the exercises in this chapter, you can find a lot more meaningful things in your relationship.

Chapter 8: The Power of Money —

This chapter will help you address the issues around money and role expectations rather than focusing on inequality or gender roles.

Chapter 9: It’s About You —

If you are not happy or satisfied with yourself then how can you be happy with your marriage? After all, marriage is the sum of the two people. In this chapter, you will learn, why it is important to follow your personal dreams and how to maintain a close social circle.

Chapter 10: Workplace Issues —

Do you both take the pressure of work to home? In this chapter, you will learn and understand how to unwind the office work before you come home, as well as learning about the temptation of getting into the romances in the workplace.

Chapter 11: When Marriage Is More Than Two —

For those couples who have children, it is very important to understand how this can shift the dynamic of your marriage. Although your children will be a top priority for both of you, your marriage should also remain just as high on the priority list too.

Chapter 12: Coping with Children —

Conflicts between the parents can have adverse effects on the children. This chapter tells you how to cope with those conflicts for the sakes of the children.

Chapter 13: Coping with Crisis —

Whether you are feeling symptoms of depression, stress or experiencing a death in the family, it is important to address the issues in a healthy and constructive manner with yourself and others.

Chapter 14: Plateau —

Are you in a rut? Or feeling there is nothing wrong with your marriage, yet there is no excitement it? You can learn the importance of laughters and be able to reignite that old spark in this chapter.

Chapter 15: Sex and Intimacy —

In a relationship, both partners need to learn to touch each other intimately and communicate their feelings with each other properly. You will also learn about how to take part in nonsexual touch, and how to create more intimate interactions. If either of you feels like you are too tired for love making, romance and sex then this chapter is for you. It offers you tips about creating great lifestyle and improving your overall wellbeing and energy levels.

Chapter 16: Infidelity and Trust —

Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful to you is devastating. Now you may think, what’s next for you and your marriage life? This chapter will help you decide whether or not you should stay with your partner, or parting way is the best option.

Chapter 17: How to Stop Cheating Dead In Its Tracks —

In this chapter, you will learn how to take the steps in reducing the risk of infidelity and distrust, and how to turn dishonesty around.

Chapter 18: Getting Your Spouse to Change Attitude —

In this chapter, you will read and understand what is your role in your marriage life, including solving issues surrounding the blame game.

Chapter 19: Getting Your Spouse to Fall Back In Love with You —

In this chapter, you will learn the steps to take today and help yourself rebuild the connection you and your partner once had. You will also learn about how positivity can influence a successful married life and why you should not let yourself go, and so much more.

Chapter 20: When to Seek Professional Help —

Did you ever ask the question if counseling is an option for both of you? This final chapter will address the ups and downs, the pros and cons of counseling, and help you better understand whether or not to pursue any types of professional assistance.

Pros and Cons: Save My Marriage Today


I feel that it’s extremely helpful that each chapter of this book ends with the exercises you can take home with to propel your understanding into immediate rebounding actions.

The other bonus point is Amy also included the real life circumstances and questions from her thousands of clients. Each chapter starts with these questions followed by answers from Amy and Andrew stating the techniques couples can use to save their marriage.

Both Amy and Andrew did a great job on eliminating fluff and avoid going off on a tangent. There are no if’s or buts. All the techniques advised are straight to the point.

Amy and Andrew have seen so many marriage problems in real life. Some are common and some might be unique. All of the issues related to marriage are widely addressed in this guide.

Another good thing is the layout of the program is very easy to understand and the outlines of the content are equipped with highlighted links. By following the links, you can jump right to the section of your interest without wasting time on scrolling.


There aren’t many cons. But I wish that Amy and Andrew add more real-life examples between the chapters. More stories from their clients about their previous relationships and the ones they currently have can help the readers understand the issues other couple face and feel they are not alone in this journey.

In a nutshell ….

Save My Marriage Today will help you address some of the most difficult aspects of your current marriage. With this program, you can get the benefits of improving and saving your marriage, along with a high-level of happiness and self-worth.

The best thing about Save My Marriage Today is, when you buy it, you will instantly get 6 incredible bonuses which include:

  • Personal Email Consultation
  • Stress — The Silent Killer
  • Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max
  • How to Be Happy!
  • How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship
  • 6 Most Common Reasons for Divorce and How to Stop Them


Save My Marriage Today helps you get a brighter marriage life and enjoy an exciting and rewarding journey with your partner together again. Thousands of couples have already benefitted from this program and I am pretty sure you will as well. One other thing is, with this program, you get a 60 day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose while trying out this program.

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