Review of End Your Depression – Discover The Secrets To End Your Depression Easily and Effectively

Review of End Your Depression – Discover The Secrets To End Your Depression Easily and Effectively

Review of End Your Depression – Discover The Secrets To End Your Depression Easily and Effectively

End Your Depression – There is no doubt that millions of peoples were suffered and millions of peoples are suffering and millions of peoples will suffer from depression. This problem is drastically increasing in peoples day by day because of their job, business, family life, and some other reasons.

Normally a person who is suffering from depression can be easily identified by current living lifestyle and by their characteristics. Still, there are few people of depression who often go unnoticed. These patients are suffering from postpartum depression.

Some of the treatment for the depression is to visit a psychiatrist, psychologist or take some anti-depression medicines. Beside this, did you ever think about any other safe, simple and better treatment made for the patients of depression? Yes, there is something which can help a depression to come out of this situation in an easy and natural way.

The “End Your Depression” is an E-book which provides a great insight to the person who is suffering from depression and this book will help them about how to handle and come out of depression, especially the post-partum depression. This health book guide is written by Cecil Ellis, he is a very famous psychologist and Nutrition Specialist, and he describes how he fought with his own depression for decades and he comes out of it by creating his own method.

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Info About the Author of End Your Depression

This book “End Your Depression” is basically a journey of a person who also suffered a lot from the depression, who overthrow this degenerative disease without even stick to the big medical treatment and plans as advised by various consultants, friends and family members. Individual who is suffering from this problem have the strength and power to dominate and beat this sensation feeling and eliminate the bad and negative feelings from his or her life forever.

The book End Your Depression teaches you how to:

This book will teach you how to control and win from your depression and also gain the upper hand over your problem of depression symptoms.

You can easily free yourself from all the negative feelings and thoughts of self-blame.

Reclaim your lost life, thoughts, strength and power.

End your suffering from the power grip of depression.

How pastpartum depression comes about.

Discover the secrets to end the depression.

There are so many known causes of the depression. It includes psychical causes, environmental factors, postpartum, and personal factors. Each of the cause has its predisposing factors, often precipitating the occurrence of this disease.

With the postpartum depression, as the names suggest, it occurs shortly right after the delivery of the baby. Yes for sure, having a baby can be stressful for so many ladies. This can happen due to the variously associated shortcomings including the lack of time for self, sleep deprivation and onset of the new responsibilities.

It happens due to most of the new mothers feeling like they are stuck and trapped in an emotional roller coaster.  An early stage, this could be known and refer as “baby blues” which can later go to advance level of postpartum depression.

As quoted, this mood disorder is connected with the childbirth and can affect both the sexes. That exact cause of the postpartum depression is not clear till now but it is believed to be a result of a combination of emotional and physical factors.

Major life events, genetic and hormonal changes are surrounded by the common hypothesized causes of postpartum depression. Strong evidence of this problem suggests that the hormonal changes could be at the center stage of causing this situation. Hormones including corticotrophin, thyroid hormone, cortisol and estrogen among the others have been studied for this.

Those fathers who are undergoing hormonal changes can also develop the postpartum depression. A serious change in lifestyle caused by the need to care for the infant has also been brainstorm to postpartum depression.

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Risk Factors

    Birth-related physical and psychological trauma

    Prenatal anxiety and depression

    The family history of depression

    Severe and moderate premenstrual symptoms

    Maternity blues

    Previous stillbirth or miscarriage

    Formula feeding as opposed to breastfeeding

    Cigarette smoking

    Low self-esteem

    Low social support

    Single or poor marital status

    Unplanned or unwanted pregnancy

    Elevated prolactin or depleted oxytocin levels

    Infant temperament problems

Signs and Symptoms of PPD

Like other forms of depression, this postpartum depression also comes with the symptoms and signs. Symptoms can occur anytime during the first year of postpartum depression. Diagnose of this conditions is considered once the symptoms and signs persist for more than 15-20 days.

Symptoms include:-

Symptoms can be broadly classified as emotional, behavioral and cognition symptoms.

Emotional symptoms

    Persistent “empty” sadness, mood and anxiousness

    Persistent and Severe mood swings

    Restlessness, anger, frustrations, and irritability

    The feeling of guilt, worthlessness, and shame

    Emptiness and Numbness

    Trouble bonding with the baby

    Feeling exhausted

    Inability to be comforted

    Feeling helpless and hopeless

    Feeling inadequate to take care of the baby

Behavioral symptoms

Lack of interest and pleasure to take part in usual daily activities

    Low libido

    Lack of excessive sleep or sleep

    Changes in appetite

    Decreased energy and motivation

    Poor self-care

    General social withdrawal

Cognition Symptoms

    Diminished or impaired ability to make decisions and think clearly

    Lack of concentration

    Poor memory

    Worrying about harming the baby, partner or self

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The onset of PPD and Duration

The onset of postpartum depression starts from two weeks to one-month post-delivery. After all, some researches announce that approx. 50 percent of postpartum depressive episodes occur before the delivery. This is normally known as a depressive disorder with peripartum onset, with peripartum onset begins described as any period during the pregnancy or with the four weeks of time after giving birth.

Regarding the duration, PPD may last long for few months to one year of time frame. But because of this, the normal maternal-infant bonding is interfered and negatively affected. Those mothers are suffering from this problem may present the inconsistent childcare like health maintenance, feeding routines, and sleeping problems.

Treatment Plan – The End Your Depression Program

For the treatment of depression, there are several treatment methods can be put into action. Among them, the commonly used plan is by prescribing the antidepressants to the person who is affected by this problem. However, recently, scientists found the strong evidence which is suggesting the ineffectiveness of these medicines/drugs. Aside from, they have also associated with side effects which may not go down with the patients.

This is the reason for using “End Your Depression” program helps to come out of this problem. “End Your Depression” program e-book outlines various definitions of types, causes symptoms and signs of the depression. This book also provides the various solutions to solving them. These books also prescribes the four natural methods to improve the emotional well being and also teaches the patient about how to regain the health, energy, restore self-confidence, rediscover their concentration and also rekindle the patient’s previous love and passion for life.

This book also outlines the ten substances and the diet measures which are of immense importance in eliminating and alleviating the depression. Without even forgetting, it mentions the five natural antidepressants which are produced within the human body which has a connection between the gluten and depression. By reading and doing the written work can help the patient to regain his/her health and mindset which gives the full control on the condition.

Based on Cecil’s Story…

According to the Cecil, a person who is affected by this problem can open the doors of living a depression-free like by choice. From Cecil’s own experience, he suffered from clinical depression for almost 20 long years. Like other affected persons, he also went through the good times and bad times where he could not get up from his bed.

During this period, Cecil takes a very hard decision and decide to stop fighting with the depression, as many peoples do and uncovered a treatment plan which allowed him to fight with his depression problem.

According to him, it is sane to fight off the depression, but it is good to gain the over bad conditions. Fighting off could be in the terms of treatment like pills, exercise, natural medications, and diet.

Why End Your Depression Works Better Than Other Treatments

Assessment of depression by Cecil is all about mindset and focus. It is all about the person who is affected by this problem is gaining the endless mental power to control and dominate the depression. As I mentioned this before, pills, diets, therapies, and prescription is all focus on depression. Since these moderations gives some relief from depression but still it is not comfortable at all.

However, you should also note that the more you focus on depression, stronger it effects. So that’s why shifting your mindset through “End Your Depression” e-book provides a way or path to regain your control over individual feelings and thoughts. It says this is a treatment plan which is purely natural and also a better alternative to antidepressant. It uses the power of your mind to release the depression naturally.

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From this book End Your Depression, you will get to discover the following:

What is the meaning of depression, how it occurs and how to take control of your body and why it is different from the common blues?

Causes of the depression, and why it may be steady in your life.

How to resolve and counter the individual unique symptoms of the depression.

Understand and implement the treatment step by step and it will work very effectively in freeing you from self-blame and negative thinking.

Steps and ways to regain your strength, energy, rediscovering the passion in life and restoring the self-confidence.

Tests to find out that you are depressed and when you need medical help.

Different types of treatments, herbs, and drugs which work for depression and how to avoid the harmful side effect.

Tips and tricks to ensure that the symptoms of depression do not occur again.

Bonus Gifts with End Your Depression Book

Apart from the main book, there are few additional bonus books attached with this pack which is written by Cecil and these books will help any person who is affected from this problem in his or her way to recovery.

Books which are included with End Your Depression are written below:-

The Anti-Depression Diet

Anxiety and Depression

Weight Loss and Depression

The Anti-Depression Diet

Millions of people do not understand realize that some small and slight adjustments in the diet can make a huge difference in relieving the symptoms of depression. Cecil describes in his book that how our brain metabolizes the carbohydrates in the form of sugar and it impulses and transmitted and how the deficiency of diet can cause unbalance in the body and mind.

This book also outlines some of the needed food by the body, and how the food works in correcting and imbalances present in our mind and body which are often caused by our diet.

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Anxiety and Depression

There is no doubt that Anxiety and depression are related to an important number of the person who is affected and suffering from the same disorders together. Accordingly, it is very important to understand the difference between these two conditions and how they are affecting the body, mind, and life in different ways.

This “End Your Depression” book outlines and revealing the details and lesser known facts which will help in diagnosing the difference between these 2 conditions. Reading this book will help you in eliminating anxiety from life by using alternative therapies.

Weight Loss and Depression

An excessive gain in weight is also a cause of depression. Likewise, if you want to lose weight to fight with depression is quite impossible in this time, and in this book they explain why. Not like other diet plans, this ebook explains the true reason why your body is facing issues with gaining weight. This book, also outlines some of the simple and easy tricks which allow the affected persons to lose some weight as well as the same tool to keep weight off.

PROS of End Your Depression :

Few of the benefits of this treatment include:-

“End Your Depression” Works Better Than Other Treatments

    Offers alternative methods of treating postpartum depression

    It has no side effects

    This pack comes with 60-day money back guarantee

    Easily Affordable for everyone

    Very convenient and can be read easily anywhere

    Bonus books with the pack are additional benefits for the user

    Free lifetime updates available

CONS of End Your Depression :

Some drawbacks of this plan include:

Books are available only in PDF format (if you want you can use tools from Google to convert them in MS-Word).

It requires users to read the bonus book to, which is annoying.

Final Thoughts/ Conclusion for End Your Depression

This 37 USD book “End Your Depression” is clearly drawing some of the most effective and natural steps to deal with depression particularly with postpartum depression.

Plus, this e-book comes with depression and anxiety e-books, weight loss and depression e-book with other guides and direction which is very effective in the recovery process.

If you want to know about more about the current bonus and want to buy these e-books (comes with various free e-books) click the link or image below.

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