4 Reasons Why Daily Masturbation Is Good For Both Sexes

4 Reasons Why Daily Masturbation Is Good For Both Sexes

4 Reasons Why Daily Masturbation Is Good For Both Sexes

Normally we do not like to talk about masturbation openly. But ignoring it is also not a good thing. There are lots of questions and myth about masturbation inside everyone. Like doing masturbation on regular basis is good or not? Doing masturbation in teenage stops the growth? Does masturbation harm the body? How many times day masturbation in enough?

Today you are going to know almost all the answers which almost everyone wants to know about masturbation. If you are feeling shy talking about masturbation then for your information as per research and surveys 95% men’s and 89% women’s doing masturbation on the daily basis so you are one of them, not the only one.

If you have a habit of daily masturbating then you are addictive of this. Let’s know what effects human body parts after doing masturbation.

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  1. Flows-Right Hormone:- In lots of researches scientists found that cause of masturbation there are few hormones like Dopamine, Endorphin, and Oxytocin (which is known as love hormone) stars flow in your body. Because of these hormones, there is one more hormone named Cortisol (which increases stress in our mind) starts flowing slowly in our mind and body. That’s why you feeling happy and stress-free.
  1. Reduce desire of Junk Food:- When oxytocin hormone level is on a high level than we are feeling happy and confident. When oxytocin flows in mind and body we do not like to eat sugar, cream and junk food and then we stay healthier.
  1. Increase the Quality of Sperms:- Masturbation reduces the damage of DNA and it also helps in the growth of fresh sperms.
  1. Increases Positive Behavior:- Those women’s doing masturbation daily are always feeling happy and positive about their body. So the women’s know what to do to fulfill their sexual desires and how to live happy when they are alone.

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It increases emotional growth which helps to connect with more with mind and soul. When women’s masturbates than their sexual desires grow and their blood flow increases. Especially in her breeding parts which helps them in the problem of a headache and monthly periods by reducing pain.

In the night when your body releases oxytocin and endorphin hormones then you feel yourself in the comfortable zone. By releasing these hormones from the body you will be sleeping stress-free. Taking good sleep is good for health physically and mentally both.

Note:- Masturbation is good for health but doing it more than 2 times a day can harm your body and mind both. So if you are doing it regularly try to do it less then 2 times a day.

Masturbation Is Good

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