How Does PubG Affect Our Life In Real? Know Positive and Negative Effects of the PubG

How Does PubG Affect Our Life In Real? Know Positive and Negative Effects of the PubG

How Does PubG Affect Our Life In Real? Know Positive and Negative Effects of the PubG

“Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,” or “PubG”, is a highly watched and played game on mobile (internet). Today’s young generation children and youngsters love to play this game every day. Even some mature peoples, youtubers, school and college students and lots of celebrities love to play this game PubG.

People who played this game taunt other peoples that “if they did not play this game, they might come from some other planet”. This is a multi-player shooting game which is followed by solo or team players and subscribe to the battle royale format. In this game total 100 players’ drops in a single time and all of them are enclosed in specific space where they will get medical supplies, weapons, and other various resources in an effort to be the last player stand and get a “chicken dinner”. Yes, winner of this game individual or team is called “winner winner chicken dinner”. Now, let’s see how much this game puG affected us in our real life.

 Any type of online or mobile game is known as worst and time waster. Some experts even believe that these online or mobile games are corrupting the brain of players. Playing any type of violent games can easily be blamed by the experts and media. It is because they think that these violent games makes players violent and cutting them from real life. Everything doing in limit is fine but doing over limit can cause bad effect on the life of the person and on his family. That’s you should never addict to anything even this game PubG.

Today I am going to share expert research done on both positive and negative effect of this game PubG on players and on their families.

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Read Positive and Negative Effect of the PubG

Positive Effect of the PubG

Many psychologists and scientists find in their research that playing video games or mobile games actually have many benefits which make the people smart. According to University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green, “Video games change your brain.” Playing online and mobile games can alter the brain’s physiological structure in the same manner as we learning by reading, playing the piano or navigating by using a map. Many exercises can build the muscle and the effective combination of the concentration and getting rewards by playing online games surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine strengthen neural circuits which can build in the brain of players.

In this shooting game PubG, the player is doing the shooting and running at the same time. And, this requires the real world player to keep tracking the position of the character, where he is heading, where his gun is aiming, his speed while running or in some vehicles, his gunshot hitting the enemy, and looking for the place of the enemy and also saving himself and so more. All of these factors need to be taken into the account, and players require a great coordination between the brain’s reaction and interpretation with the movement of his fingertips and hands. This type of playing method requires an awesome deal or eye and hand coordination and also the capability of visual-spatial to succeed in the game.

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Video Games Can Makes You Less Anti-Social

One of the worst stereotypes is associated with the online games is that those who do are an awkward social rejection. Those individual peoples who are feeling afraid of speaking their feelings in front of other peoples can talk to the other players while playing this game PubG. What I personally think about this game that we really do not need to play this game on PC only and the best to play this game is mobile only.

The nice thing about this game is that you can keep in touch with your friends or other players in this game while playing.

Pubg will make you respond faster than you normally do. As you need to make more focus while playing and you have to do so many things together while this game. This is one of the best games which can help you to get rid of any type of depression, stress and anxiety.

In the year 2017, a study was published in Frontiers in Psychology, for example, they did not find any long-term effects by playing violent games like this.

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Negative Effect of the PubG

Containing violence is one of the worst effects of this online game. This is the reason so many peoples say about this online game PubG as well. Children’s and youngsters who playing this violent game are more likely to have an increase in their behaviors, emotions and aggressive thoughts which decrease the helping emotions in them.

Any person who feels lonely can be addicted to a game like this. In the year 2018, W.H.O declared the gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. Addiction to online games or video games or movie games can increase their depression, stress and anxiety level.

Addicted people also exhibit social phobias. Playing too much video games, online games, and mobile games can make you keep busy with the games only. You can easily become socially isolated. You may also sleep at lesser time. Also, it may also lead you to spend less time on other activities like playing sports in reality, interacting with friends and family members, reading and study and sometimes it also put a bad effect on your professional career too.

Although, it may vary from person to person. For some peoples, it may be competitive and interesting while for some peoples it may be boring. Some peoples said that “this game change their perception towards real life and now they concentrating more in their studies, family and in work. This game unlocked a whole new spectrum of the ways to act in the brain. I know this sound like crazy but a game like PubG is like a drug, a good drug, when taking the responsibilities just like anything else”. PubG changed their life. But, there are so many peoples who had a totally opposite view on this game.

I personally played this game for a couple of days and I found this game very addictive. You can’t even get proper sleep while playing this game. You waste or spend a lot of time playing this game. And also, you just not had been spending time on playing but also watching others playing this game on youtube or on some streaming channel. I personally feel a kind of heaviness when I start playing this game because this game requires a lot of concentration. But, later on, this issue got resolved. I don’t know about other peoples, but I was attracted towards this games and start feeling disconnected with my other work as this is a hugely addictive game.

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You can read so much bad news about this game in newspaper and on news channels too. Where students were getting fewer marks in tests and papers. Children’s and youngsters behavior changes with their parents and other peoples. So many player visited and visiting psychiatrist for the treatment. Players feeling so much pain in the eyes and visiting eye specialist for a checkup.

You can read so many good and bad things about this game and other games too. What I found is playing any game is not bad. The thing required is playing in the limit. Spending more than an hour per day is not good at all for your health. So play games in limit and start living life with your friends and family members in reality. In the when you need someone is not coming from this game. Only peoples those are surrounded will come for you.

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