Did You Know Using Perfume Can Be Dangerous and can cause Cancer

Did You Know Using Perfume Can Be Dangerous and can cause Cancer

Did You Know Using Perfume Can Be Dangerous and can cause Cancer

Perfume Can Be Dangerous and can cause Cancer- Most of us love to use perfumes whenever we are going for an outing or for some functions and meetings. This has become mandatory but do you know how harmful chemicals are present in these perfumes?

Today I am going to share 8 reasons why using perfume can be harmful to us and how to overcome this situation.

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  1. Avoid High Fragrance Perfumes:-

Sweaty smell is a common problem and using perfumes to overcome from this issue is a common thing but this can cause serious disease like cancer. Chemicals present in the perfumes or in deodorants are harmful to anyone’s health who is using perfumes regularly or even occasionally. It can cause allergy, asthma or skin related problems or it can be a skin cancer.

Study and researches already proved a long time back that perfumes are distributing the hormonal imbalance in our body and it can cause cancer too, so it is better to avoid or reduce the amount of deo and perfume especially those having high fragrance.

  1. Sweat is Natural:-

Perfumes for overcoming sweating problems can disturb/ stop natural occurring processes in our body which can result in accommodation of arsenic, cadmium lead and mercury like elements which are very injurious for health. You can use telecom powder instead of perfumes.

  1. Allergy:-

It is verified that perfumes affect glands which produce sweat and along with this, it has adverse effects on the toxic activity of the body. These can control the sweaty smell but causes allergy problems which are very harmful to our health and body.

  1. Dryness:-

Silica or silicon dioxide is a mixture of oxygen and silicon. This is used for building bricks and glass etc. So we can understand now that these chemicals can burn our skin which leads to allergy.

Moreover, those chemicals which are presented in perfumes can cause cancer. According to the International Academy for Research on Cancer, if perfume contains asbestiform fiber than it should be the reason for a dreadful disease like cancer.

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  1. A Threat to Pregnancy:-

You should avoid using perfumes or deodorants during the time of pregnancy. Strong fragrance can affect hormones of a baby in the womb can sometimes it can cause a very dangerous situation. Doctor’s also advised to avoid using perfumes pregnancy or it will harm.

  1. Harmful for Sensitive Skin:-

I am saying it again that those high fragrance perfumes and deodorants are very harmful to skin, especially for sensitive skin. If there is any reaction occurs on skin then wash the affected area with cold water and you can consult the dermatologist as soon as possible. Triclosan chemical is used to make perfumes antibacterial. This chemical is also present in many antibacterial soaps but this can harm good bacteria’s in our body.

America’s food and drugs department have called it a pesticide. This causes many skin related problems, even this is also showed that this chemical can also put a bad effect in the development of a child on the womb.

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  1. Inviting Many Types of Problems:-

I think there is no doubt left in your mind that perfume can be the reason behind so many problems. Propylene Glycol is a dangerous chemical which produces an allergic reaction in the body. This is just like neurotoxic chemical which damages kidneys. Stereath-2 is obtained from vegetables. This is not harmful till it remains in vegetables but when it is used in perfumes, creams or any other item then it can be very dangerous for body and health. Sometimes the excess amount of it can cause cancer too.

  1. Use Perfume Carefully:-

Keep some important things in mind while using perfumes. Don’t use this directly on the body, instead of applying to clothes. Use perfumes before wearing jewelry because this affects the shine of jewelry. Apply it 10-15 minutes before going for parties so that it sets properly.

I am sure now you know and understand the danger of using excessive perfumes and how to use perfume properly.

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