18 Natural home remedies for overcoming problem of frozen shoulder

18 Natural home remedies for overcoming problem of frozen shoulder

18 Natural home remedies for overcoming problem of frozen shoulder

The pain of frozen shoulder starts slowly and suddenly increases with time and finally blocks the movement of the shoulder. If you are also suffering from frozen shoulder problem then you should read this health article completely and choose any of the below written natural home remedies which can help you to overcome the problem of frozen shoulder.

What are the symptoms of frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is paining continuously and increases in the night. In some cases, shoulder movement gets restricted. This problem occurs mostly in the people of age between 40 years to 60 years of age.

There are the three stages of the frozen shoulder:-

A.      Painful Stage.

B.      Frozen Stage.

C.      Thawing Stage.

So, from how to come out of this problem and their stage, read the below written 18 natural home remedies:-

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Frozen Shoulder Problem:-

In our busy and advances lifestyle, ignorance towards health, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain are happening due to no exercise and this has become a common problem. Frozen shoulder is also one of these problems. The main reason for frozen shoulder is an excessive use of computer, mobile, laptop and also not doing exercise and stretching if body.

Sitting in the same posture for a long time or for a whole day at work starts blocking our joints and nerves. It creates difficulty in moving bones of the shoulder in the problem of frozen shoulder.

In medical terms, it is called adhesive capsulitis. There is a capsule outside every joint of our body. In frozen shoulder, this capsule gets harder and stiffed. It creates an immense pain suddenly and completely blocks the shoulder.

1.     Exercise or Yoga:-

You should do a regular exercise of yoga to get rid of frozen shoulder and stiffness in joints. It helps in reducing stress and stiffness in shoulder joints. It is better to consult your doctor about exercises or yoga, as your doctor knows better that which exercise or yoga is better in this problem. 

2.     Proper and Healthy Diet:-

Eating spicy, fried and junk food can increase the problem of frozen shoulder. Avoid eating which is having lot fat and sodium is at can make problem worst. Therefore, it is better to eat fresh fruits and vegetables only till you not recover from this problem. Use some good quality oil to make food as it increases lubrication in your shoulder and helps it recovering quickly. 

3.     Heat and Cold Therapy:-

You can give hot and cold therapy to your shoulder and choose the best one from both and do it on regular basis. I am sure it will help in reducing the pain, as I also use this and I found both works on me, so for 15 days I did ice pack therapy and after that, I did heat therapy for 15 days. Do these therapies for 15 minutes twice a day.

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4.     Acupuncture or Physiotherapy:-

You can take acupuncture treatment for immediate relief from the pain of frozen shoulder. Physiotherapy is an effective way of treating frozen shoulder too. By taking physiotherapy treatment, it allows the movement of the shoulder and helps in stretching too. Different points of the shoulder can come in normal position by acupuncture treatment or physiotherapy treatment regularly till you not recover. 

5.     Oil Massages:-

Doing regular massage with oil relief the pain and also increase the movement in the shoulder, this is very necessary for frozen shoulder. Give slight heat to oil and do massage on the affected and nearby area to get relief from pain. My personal experience says “you can add 2-4 cloves of garlic in heated oil better results”. 

6.     Epsom Salt:-

Epsom salt is made up from magnesium sulfate that can help in reducing the shoulder pain. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes the stressed shoulder muscles. Epsom salt also helps to relieve stress from your entire body. 

How to use Epsom Salt:-

First, fill your bathtub with warm water or with tolerable hot water.

After that, add 2 to 4 spoons (around 50-100 grams) of epsom salt and mix it in water properly.

Then soak your injured shoulder which gives you pain, in this water for 20 to 30 minutes time frame.

You can do this 2 to 3 times a week.

It helps in reducing or removing the entire shoulder pain (or body pain).

7.     Massage:-

Massage is one of the best ways to reduce shoulder pain. Slight gentle massage on the shoulder will help in releasing tension and stress from muscles. It will also help in improving your blood circulation and helps in reducing stiffness and swelling. 

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet

Try to take massage from good massager who can help you to reduce the pain of your shoulder. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil or sesame oil for massaging. 

How to do oil massage:-

First, take some oil in the pan do it slightly warm and then apply it on the shoulder.

Squeeze shoulder muscle gently and apply light pressure to relieve the pain, it also encourages the blood flow.

Do massage for 10-15 minutes and after that cover the affected area with the warm towel for good results.

You can do this oil massage for 10-15 days or till you want to do, as it has no side effect so you can do oil massage occasionally on your various parts of the body.

Note:- Do not press it hard, as it may injure your muscles as can increase the pain.

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8.     Mustard Oil:-

Mustard oil is very effective and helpful in the treatment of frozen shoulder. This Mustard oil has a natural composition which is very effective and useful in increasing the strength of shoulder muscles. His is the reason anyone who is suffering from frozen shoulder gets immense relief from mustard oil. It also helps in reducing the swelling and pain in the shoulder. You can gentle oil massage twice a day. 

9.     Garlic Oil:-

Garlic is used in so many vegetables and it does not just make vegetables taste strong, but it also helps in regain the health. Garlic has anti-inflammatory nature which helps to control the inflammation, swelling and pain occur in the shoulder muscles. So it is highly advisable to do massage with garlic oil on the affected area or on shoulder area to get quick relief. You can do this garlic oil massage for several days to get proper relief.  

10.Willow Bark:-

Willow bark is very useful and effective to get relief from a frozen shoulder problem. It has a good amount of analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory which provides immense relief from inflammation and pain. Boil a couple of stick in water and then let it cold and then use on the affected area to get relief. 

11.Coconut Oil:-

Coconut oil is one of the oil who providing the relief to affected pain area because of the presence of numerous useful nutrients in it. This coconut oil has nourishing properties that aid the shoulder muscles and helps in increasing the strength. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating the swelling, pain, and inflammation in the affected shoulder area. Massage your shoulder gently to get relief from pain. 

12.Turmeric Paste:-

Turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory compound named curcumin which is very effective in reducing the pain, swelling, and inflammation to provide you relief from pain. Turmeric powder or mix turmeric in warm water and make a paste of it and use it on affected frozen shoulder. It will help you to get a quick recovery from the pain. Turmeric also helps in strengthening the shoulder muscles; just use it regularly on the affected area. 

If you are injured from inside your body than add half spoon of turmeric in warm milk and drink for several days.  It will help you to come out from inner injury. 


Ginger does not just makes your food taste stronger, but it also has inflammatory fighting properties which can easily give from immense relief from frozen shoulder pain. Using ginger oil on the frozen shoulder or drinking ginger tea regularly can help you to come out of this problem easily.

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14.Sesame Seeds:-

Sesame seeds have warm nature and it helps in providing warmth to body muscles and gives relief in frozen shoulder and other body pain affected parts. The warmth of sesame seeds helps in the recovery of affected shoulder tissues and ligaments. Sesame seeds also very helpful and effective and treats inflammation and pain. Just soak some handful amount of sesame seeds in water and consume it daily to get relief from pain.  

15.Horsetail Tea:-

Horsetail oil is a very effective product because it is filled with silicic acid which helps in the treatment of frozen shoulder. Consume 2 spoons of horsetail regularly to get relief from the problem of pain. 


Pineapple is very delicious, sweet and healthy fruit which is rich in an enzyme named bromelain. This enzyme is anti-inflammatory in nature which helps and cures the problem of swelling and pain in the shoulder. Add it in your fruit diet, especially in lunch time. 

17.Apple Cider Vinegar:-

Apple cider vinegar has a nature of anti-inflammatory which is very effective in the treatment of pain, swelling, and inflammation. Consume apple cider vinegar daily to get relief from any type of pain and also from a frozen shoulder problem. you can also apply the apple cider vinegar solution straight to the affected area of the body and on the shoulder to several times a week to get relief from this problem.  

18.Camphor Oil:-

Camphor or camphor oil both are very useful and effective in the treatment of swelling in the ligaments of the shoulder. It gives immense relief to this problem. do slight massage on your shoulder with the camphor oil regularly to get relief from the shoulder pain.


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