The 11 Best Hangover Cures – Know How To Cure Hangover

The 11 Best Hangover Cures – Know How To Cure Hangover

The 11 Best Hangover Cures – Know How To Cure Hangover

Best Hangover Cures – You have gone out to drink and are enjoying with your friends, then suddenly you stumble and you start falling or speaking words in an unhealthy way. This gives you an idea that today you have probably drunk a little more. This is such a situation in which you find yourself often, and luckily there are so many ways that you can take your intoxication. By taking the necessary steps and avoiding the wrong methods, you will be able to withdraw your drunkenness very fast and avoid the hangover the next day. These ways can be a reason for you to maintain long-term addiction.

Method 1 – Taking the Necessary Steps to Sober Up

  1. Stop Drinking Immediately:

As soon as you realize that you are drinking more than you need, then do so, put whatever is in your hands, put it down.

It takes about an hour for your body to fully process any drink. So if you have taken two or three drinks within one hour, then in this way your body will take two to three hours to process it fully.

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  1. Drink Water:

Take a glass from the bartender and fill it with water from the water cooler itself. It is said that you should drink one cup (240 ml) of water for each drink. So before taking the next drink in your hands, drink a glass of water after the drink you took before.

Also, when you are lying down to sleep, before you lie down, drink another glass of water. Because even after going to the bathroom, the amount of salt in your body will decrease, so add a pinch of salt to the water glass.

  1. Eat Peanuts And Crackers:

Some bars offer snacks for free for their customers, which are kept on the counter. If you are sitting at a place where there are only such light snacks, then take advantage of this opportunity to put something in your stomach. If you drink a little bit of snack while drinking, it will not make you intoxicating as much as it should have been.

Avoid eating too much, oil-spiced, and much more, because it can make you sick.

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  1. Take a 30-minute Nap:

It is the only real treatment to take intoxication, it will be the best way to get rid of the hangover. When you add food and water to your body, then set a 30-minute alarm and take a nap.

Method 2 – Avoiding Flawed Tactics for Sobering Up

  1. Do Not Take A Shower Of Cold Water:

Due to bathing with cold water, you will start feeling more alert, but this will not reduce the effects of alcohol. On the contrary, if you are seriously intoxicated, then because of the cold water you will feel a jerk.

  1. Decrease The Amount Of Coffee Consumed:

A cup of coffee can make you more alert and can also cause your sleep. So, there is no defect in drinking one cup of coffee. However, as far as possible, avoid drinking too much coffee, because of this, you may have dehydration. Contrary to popular belief, coffee does not calm you down or reduces the level of alcohol in your blood.

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  1. Avoid Compelling Yourself To Vomit:

If you do not do this immediately after taking a drink, then this method will not work at all. As soon as the alcohol dissolves in your body, that means, when you start feeling drunk, then understand that it is delayed. If you try to do this at this time, then you will harm your body only because of vomiting, your body becomes weak and dehydration is also done.

If you have a desire to vomit, then do not try to stop yourself from vomiting. It’s the way to get rid of alcohol from your body.

From the point of view of safety, tell your friend, that if you get vomited, then he should stand with you so that he can save you from any type of injury due to falling and dizziness.

Method 3 – Preparing For a Night of Drinking

  1. Eat Foods Rich In Carbs:

Before you drink, you should eat such food, which has an abundance of carbs. When you start drinking, these carbs will absorb the excess amount of alcohol in your body. Foods that are rich in dairy products and natural fat are also good enough because they make a protective coating in your stomach. They reduce the amount of alcohol absorption in your system.

Foods used before the drink include pasta, a burger or sandwich, pizza or avocado.

  1. Limit Drinks:

Try to limit yourself to a certain number of drinks. In this way, you will save yourself from more drunk. One way to do this is to take very little money with you while you go to the bar. This way you will avoid buying too many drinks. If you want, you can also tell the bartender that they stop you from drinking more than a limited drink, or order some non-alcoholic drinks worth taking in the night.

If you want you can stop yourself and say to yourself, that you do not need to drink more than three or four drinks all night. Do this by taking 30-minute water brakes in between the drinks.

Ask the server or bartender, do not remove your empty glass from the front, and keep in mind the number of drinks you take in this way.

Before you drink, ask your friends, stop them after completing certain drinks, stop them.

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  1. Avoid Mixing Drinks:

Avoid mixing beer with alcohol, especially if you have already taken a beer. Along with this, avoid mixing other drinks such as vodka, rum, and whiskey. Instead, take a different beer, wine or dark liqueur.

In addition, clear liquor such as vodka and gin are better for your body than dark liqueurs such as whiskey and bourbon.

  1. Take Beer Only:

After drinking beer, it takes a lot of time to get drunk. This happens because it has a higher amount of fluid than other alcoholic drinks. If you want to be less drunk, then be committed to taking beer only in the evening.


  • Whenever you leave home to take a drink, then make sure one thing is that you have a good way to get home safely. To stay away from accidents due to drunken driving, take a driver with you and tell your bartender about it too.
  • If your life starts moving and/ or you find yourself separated from your environment, stop drinking immediately.
  • Take alcohol poisoning seriously, as it can also be quite harmful to your body. If you feel that someone present with you is experiencing alcohol poisoning, then immediately go to the emergency room in the hospital.
  • Due to drinking too much alcohol as well as drinking water, your bladder is completely full and you can have urinary retention. Do not forget to go to the bathroom again and again to avoid it.

Best Hangover Cures

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