How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time

We are born, live and die. Time moves in its rows. But, history is a witness that the person has thought of twelve times that he would take the wheel of the time. Turn your eyes from the moment. Turn the trend of the time. Change the time. Slow down the clock cycle, or overtake it.

This dream of man has been shown in many science-fiction movies, from Forever Young to Sleeping Beauty.

In 1971, Joseph Huffel and Richard Keating placed four atomic clock aircraft. These planes revolted around the world twice. First from east side Then west side Now, if the world is around, then it is only a matter of time to get round about it. If there was a speed, then the time should have been as much as it should. But, when the Atomic Clock was seen, it was discovered that there was a difference.

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One thing is clear from this experience that the way the passing passes depends on the situation.

Katie Mac of the North Carolina State University of America says that ‘If you are traveling with the speed of light, and you are around the black hole, the time you feel in the journey of travel, spend it somewhere else. Time will be less. ‘

Slow Life of Astronauts

Astronauts living at the International Space Station slow down the age. Their life is slowed down for those living on earth.

American scientist Katie Mac says, “Astronauts are fast moving on the earth’s rotating space station, and their impact on the Earth’s gravitational power also decreases, so the speed of their age is slow.”

However, this stagnation of astronauts lives very modestly. It’s a few seconds. We have to distance ourselves from Earth with a very high speed in distance space to accommodate our age. This is impossible nowadays.

A science fiction comedy series ‘Red Dwarf’ has been speculated. There is a character in this series, Lister, whose life stops. It does not go around or around. He stays at that.

Regardless of the time, even if the theory of relativity runs. It means that even though the time passes according to some place, an environment, and a person, it is the foundation of our existence.

It’s easy to change our thinking over time. But it is a big challenge to stop the wheels of time.

Bad times may go too heavy. Good times, even if you jump and jump quickly, according to you, but what is the time, it passes away, will pass away.

But, the man did not give up. He is busy collecting the wheels of time.

USA’s Defence Sector Company, DARPA is currently researching on the timing of the wheel. Darpa is doing a research in which the speed of working of body parts of a wounded soldier can be slowed so that until he gets medical help, his wounds and no worse.

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This is called ‘biostasis’. It slows down the body parts of a person’s body. With this technique, we can stop the condition of sick people from deteriorating. In particular, these techniques can be very useful in helping the injured soldiers in the war.

Dr. Doctor Tristan McLure-Begley of the project in DARPA says that doing this is possible with the help of bio-engineering. With the manipulation of the proteins present in the body, we can slow down the functioning of the organs.

If this experiment of DARPA is effective, then many things can be taken from the biopsy to the medical world. Blood donation blood can be increased in the bank. We can keep such other biomedical things safe for a long time.

Dr. Tristan says that with the help of this technique, we can keep the vaccine, antibody, and enzymes for a long time. Right now they have to be stored, which is very expensive. ‘

At present, this biological condition is being used on the health front. In this case, we can get to learn from nature.

Biostasis in Animals

There are many creatures that save themselves from death through the help of biostasis such as the wild frog over the course of winter, all the biological processes of the frog’s body are almost exhausted. He gets frozen.

Similarly, the bears also go into the winter of hibernation in winter. The biological function of their body becomes very slow. After the winters have passed, they come out of this situation after several months. Let’s start the race of life again.

Humans also do such experiments in medical science. As a result of a heart attack or injury to the brain, many times, the artificial mechanism of the human being is slowed down so that the life of that person can be saved.

NASA is using such experiments for its Mars mission, which intends to slow the speed of the biological activities of astronauts so that they can spend far more time away from the Earth.

At the beginning of this process, with the help of medicine, the person will be stunted. Then it will be placed in that condition and if necessary then it will be brought back to the senses.

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John Bradford, who works for the company named SpaceWorks, says, “We are working on inventing drugs which can reduce the bad effects of stupid drugs and the speed of human biological activity without heavy dose To slow down. ‘

If the temperature of our body decreases to 5 degrees Celsius, then the speed of the activities running inside our body remains halfway. This can increase the age by to fifty percent.

Animals that pass through the process of cold sleep or hibernation, they live long days. John Bradford says that if you live in hibernation for six months, then your age can increase by up to three months. However, instead of raising the human being at present, the motive of the researchers is something else.

At the moment, for the people who are waiting for the Anganwadi and the victims of other diseases, they are working on the development of this technique.

Hoping to Freeze

It was a matter of slowing biological functioning We have seen in many films that the person has been frozen. Then he became active in the same condition after ten-twenty years when he was frozen. Like a movie named Forever Young.

Cryogenic is a technique to frighten anything into a severe cold. In this, the body is stored at -190 degree Celsius. The intention, to bring the patient back to life again.

But, it is not so easy to make such a situation so easy. For this, cleansing of the body from the body is completely removed and cryo-solution is inserted in the body. That is, they are not kept in the same condition. Rather, the solution deposited inside them is filled. Then the human body looks like frozen snow.

Cryonics techniques are used only after changing the heart with someone’s heart. He also hopes that in the future medical science will make such a move that the heart of that person will be repelled again.

In this hope, many people around the world have kept their families together with the help of cryonics. But we have not yet reached the success of the second phase of this experiment, namely that the body has been rejuvenated.

So far this miracle can only show appreciation. In 2001, Erica Norby, a 13-year-old girl from Edmonton, Canada, was resumed after being stopped for two hours. For two hours, his heartbeat was in the fierce winter. That is technically he was dead.

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Many people are hopeful that in the future, with the help of science we will be able to do this.

By the way, the foundation of our reality is at the moment. If we can slow or fast, we can not stop it.

Then, to slow down the momentum, it will have to go through such intriguing procedures that it does seem to be impossible at the moment.

It is to see that we will be able to dodge the time from bio-engineering or not?

Doctor Tristan says, ‘Maybe it is possible to do so, but do not make your nights sleep for it.’

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