Did You Know These Changes in Last Stage, Housework to Avoid and Eating Tips during Pregnancy

Did You Know These Changes in Last Stage, Housework to Avoid and Eating Tips during Pregnancy

Did You Know These Changes in Last Stage, Housework to Avoid and Eating Tips during Pregnancy


There are many changes in women’s body due to hormones in pregnancy (AVOID HOUSEWORK IN THIS TIME). Starting phase and end phase are the most important steps during pregnancy. In these phases, she experiences, most of the changes in her body.

During pregnancy, a woman has to go through many problems and suffers from various kind of pain such as false pain. This is the situation when she feels like labor pain before delivery time. But it’s normal and occurs usually 2 to 3 weeks before scheduled time.

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End Phase of Pregnancy:- At the last stage of pregnancy, woman faces many changes externally as well as internally. Generally, doctors tell them the delivery date but if she does not have labor pain even after one week of delivery date then she is asked to take some medicines for labor pain which are prescribed by experienced doctors only.

To avoid the operation, many doctors advise pregnant women’s to do yoga or light exercises (specially designed for pregnant ladies) so that they do not gain excess weight or does not feel labor pain around estimated date then this can lead to surgical operation delivery.

Symptoms During The Last Stage:- When a child is not ready to come out from the womb in the last stage of pregnancy then it can be dangerous for a baby’s health or life. As the baby grows inside then the lady can feel breathlessness, frequent urination, acidity, soreness in breast, insomnia, constipation etc. Mother’s weight increases in the last stage because of enlargement of the womb. Moreover, they feel tired. The blackness of nerves around breasts, leakage of yellow liquid from breasts, erectness in nipples, darkening of areolas, are some common symptoms of the last stage.

Sometimes pregnant ladies can feel itching or pain in pelvic areas, feet, swelling in hands or on a face, vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

Be Careful at Last Stage: Take proper rest and avoid stress otherwise, it can harm mother as well as a child. you can also go for a checkup and ask for a test so that you can know whether the baby is alright or not. You should keep regular contact doctor in the last stage. If there is any blood flow from the vagina during delivery or often delivery then you should consult a doctor immediately.

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Taking care of health and diet during pregnancy is the most important thing. A healthy diet is beneficial for both mother and her child, but the right food is just like a challenge in pregnancy. Because some women’s cannot take proper diet due to morning sickness or dehydration. On the other hand, some women’s suffer from large appetite and therefore they start gaining an excess of weight. This can cause gestational diabetes and this poses a threat of c-section and preeclampsia during delivery. So it,s important to be careful about your diet.

Pregnant women should know that what should she eat and when.

Baby develops in a slow process of 270 days i.e. 9 months of pregnancy. This development does not occur rapidly so increase your calories also slowly. Eat fruits and a vegetable at this time as a baby develops then bowl movement slows down and need for food increases. Therefore it is suggested eat something after short intervals.

Nutrients which are obtained from food get mixed with the blood of the mother and reaches to a child so take more and more nutrients from food after sometimes because in this way the glucose releases slowly which maintains the blood sugar level.

Excess of food can cause indigestion. Take heavy breakfast but eat some light food in the afternoon and night. Consume foods which are rich in fiber and it also prevents constipation. Drink at least 10-12 glass of water regular.


Avoid the below-written housework during pregnancy which causes a threat to the baby. Pregnancy is the most challenging and sensitive time for a woman. They have to take proper care of themselves so avoid heavy workouts. Let’s talk about those workouts which should be avoided.

Heavy Bags:- You must avoid picking or lifting heavy furniture or shopping bags. They put pressure on the stomach and back which can cause lower back injury.

Dusting:- There is a threat of serious slip and fall accidents. While dusting windows or doors. Don’t use chemicals during glass cleaning and also for washing utensils. This put bad impact on your skin; therefore always wear gloves to prevent allergic reaction while washing dishes.

Vacuuming:- Moving vacuum cleaner for sweeping can cause risk of back injury. Also while changing filters of vacuum, dust can enter into your eyes, hairs, lungs and in the nose too which is not good for you and your baby’s health. By doing this housework you can get pain in your back too.

Use of Chemicals:- Chemicals for cleaning dust on oven and toilet often releases harmful smoke which is dangerous for and your baby in the womb. Use lemon, vinegar or baking soda instead of these chemicals.

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Cleaning Fan:- You should not ever think about cleaning fan. It is wise not to climb on stools or ladders. Because you may risk a fall and that can very risky for the life of both of you. So it is good for you to avoid housework for a few days or weeks.

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